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Una ricerca sulle abitudini d'acquisto dei clienti di Zalando nel corso del 2012, condotta in quattro diverse città: Roma, Milano, Firenze, Palermo.

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  • 1.Italy according to ZalandoHow do Italians buy?4/8/20131

2. What Italian city has more Zalando customers?Number of customers#Rome has the biggestamount of35.028 Zalando customers28.27535.0287.844 6.738RomeMilano Florence Palermo4/8/20132 3. What Italian city has more Zalando customers? (relative)Share of customers% of total population in the city Milano and Florence have the biggest share of customers / population 2,1 2,1 1,31,0 1,3 Rome Milano Florence Palermo4/8/20133 4. What Italian city brings more visits to Zalando?Daily visits% of total traffic Rome bringsthe highest number of 19.5%visits toZalando15.3%0.9% 0.6% Rome Milano Florence Palermo4/8/20134 5. What Italian city is the biggest spender and who is the cheapest?Average item selling priceEURMilanohighestItalian averageRome MilanoFlorence Palermo4/8/20135 6. What Italian city is the most stylish, i.e. buys the most premiumitems?Premium items sharePercent1.5%Milano1.2% moststylish1.0% 0.6%RomeMilanoFlorencePalermo4/8/20136 7. What Italian city is the fashion capital, i.e. bought the highestnumber of different brands?Total brands sold and brands per customer# 1.4981.4951.070 83414 125 4Rome Milano Florence Palermo4/8/2013Number of different brands sold 7Avg. # of different brands sold per customer 8. What Italian city is the sunniest and warmest, i.e. buys more sunglasses and Flip Flops?Share of items soldSun glassesPercentFli FlopsPalermo is the warmest andsunniest 1,7 1,71,51,30,4 0,3 0,30,3 Rome Milano FlorencePalermo4/8/2013 8 9. What are the most common shoe sizes in Italy?Female based on # of sold items Rome MilanoFlorence Palermo384039363741424/8/2013 9 10. What are the most common shoe sizes in Italy?Male based on # of sold items RomeMilano FlorencePalermo43 43 43 4342 42 42 4244 44 44 4441 41 41 4145 45 45 4540 40 40 4046 46 46 464/8/201310 11. What Italian city is more interested in Social Media?Facebook likes in the last 90 days#8.821,0 6.620,02.251,0 1.351,0 RomeMilanoFlorence Palermo4/8/201311 12. In what city does it rain the most, i.e. who bought the most rubberboots? (pair per customer)Share of rubber boots sold out of total items soldPercent1,031,01 0,89 0,47 Rome Milano Florence Palermo4/8/201312 13. What Italian city is the most fit, i.e. bought the most sport items?Share of Sport items soldPercent 12.05%10.51% 9.90%8.39% Rome MilanoFlorence Palermo4/8/2013 13 14. What Italian city is crazier about football, i.e. bought the mostfootball items?Share of Football items soldPercent1,91,1 1,11,0 RomeMilano FlorencePalermo4/8/201314 15. What Italian city spoils their children the most, i.e. bought mostchildren clothing?Share of Kids items sold 9,4Percent 9,08,88,7 RomeMilanoFlorencePalermo4/8/2013 15 16. What colors are the most popular in Italy depending on theseason? Based on # of sold itemsSS12FW12grey white11%10%light blue blue black10%13% 35%grey 11% 53% black17%light blue 16%24%bluewhite4/8/2013 16 17. What Italian city gets the best sleep, i.e. buys most pajamas?Share of Pajamas soldPercent Milano is the best sleeper 0,40 0,27 0,250,07RomeMilano FlorencePalermo4/8/2013 17 18. What Italian city is the best swim athletes, i.e. bought mostswimsuits?Share of Swimsuits soldPercentRome has the bestswimmers1,261,22 1,161,14 RomeMilanoFlorence Palermo4/8/201318 19. What Italian city is the coldest, i.e. bought the most hats?Share of hats soldPercent 1,461,27 1,231,04RomeMilanoFlorence Palermo4/8/2013 19 20. What underwear do Italian Men wear in the different cities?(RATIO)Share of Men underwear soldPercent 85 84Slipboxer 706931 30 15 16Rome Milano Florence Palermo4/8/201320 21. What underwear do Italian Women wear in the different cities?(RATIO)Share of Women underwear soldPercent tanga Slip 77 7569 67 333125 22Rome Milano Florence Palermo4/8/2013 21 22. What Italian city gets the most traffic from mobile/tabletsShare of visitsPercent Computer Mobile 94 93 918812 97 6 Rome MilanoFlorencePalermo4/8/201322