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Transcript of Zalando Brand Engagement Survey

  • ZalandoBrand Engagement Survey

  • I learned of Zalando through word of mouth

    How common is this? Can it be used?

  • 80 people ages 18-34 were polled across Europe.

    Heres what they said.

  • 60% accessed Zalando in 2016

    73% learned of Zalando from their friends

  • 54% seek the opinion of others before making an online purchase

  • 44% discuss online purchases with friends

  • The Zalando brand is being negotiated by social interactions out of its control


  • Respondent InsightsSOCIAL INTERACTIONS

  • 62% reside in a European country different

    from where most of their friends live

  • Friends are the 3rd most popular style influence behind People in the Street and Store Displays

  • 70% have never purchased clothes for others online


    People seek out style influencesaway from their social networks

  • CONNECTING WITH USERSRespondent Insights

  • 4 out of 5 would rather see Zalando campaign ads on social media than anywhere else online

  • 85% of respondents are most likely to follow Zalando on Facebook or Instagram

  • How would respondents prefer to contact Zalando directly?



    9% 7%via Email via Phone via Facebook via Twitter


    Most people prefer the same brand touchpoints

  • Brand Parameter & Tactic Recommendations


  • Consumers want to connect to a brand in similar ways. Create a media presence that makes people come to you.

    1 Get VisceralFashion influence is exerted through observation. Put your brand in the streets so it can be experienced.

    2 Let & LearnBuyer affirmation is a social interaction out of your control. Know the purchase discourse and hone your game.

    3 Be Approachable



    Create branding campaigns that have calendar continuity across European markets yet offer content on locally relevant style preferences.

    Same Channel, Different Dialogue


    Digital is only a piece of the pie. High streets and evening strolls are important parts of all European cultures.

    Offer integrated experiences that engage every aspect of the European love of mobility.

    Get Physical


    External online content about Zalando centers on e-commerce and not brand value.

    Focus on earning media that showcases Zalando as a hub for fashion.

    Its Not You, Its the Clothes

  • Lets get people talking

    Justin Acevedo