A Rob/Romo B-Romo-ance

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A Rob/Romo B-Romo-ance A trade proposal for the coach and GM of the VAN DAMN TIMECOPS

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A Rob/Romo B-Romo-ance

A trade proposal for the coach and GM of the VAN DAMN TIMECOPS

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Your situation

• After a rough 0-2 start, and despite a brutal loss to Rick Mirer’s Revenge in Week 7, the VAN DAMN TIMECOPs have been surging back into Grandview League contention.

• Some smart trades (Calvin Johnson!) have helped make the TIMECOPS one of the favorites for the championship.

• But in Week 10, disaster struck. Team SeaWords came out of hibernation to drop you to 5-5, and you lost your starting QB.

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Carson Palmer out for season

Is this the end of the VAN DAMN TIMECOPs championship push?

It doesn’t have to be!

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True, you don’t have any other QBs.

True, there’s nothing worthwhile on the waiver wire.

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But all you really need …

…. is a HERO.

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Tony Romo is underrated in fantasy, but he’s a stud who can

lead the VAN DAMN TIMECOPs to the playoffs.

• Carson Palmer: 131 fantasy points this year (24.8 average, not counting games he missed or left due to injury)

• Tony Romo: 188 fantasy points this year (23.5 average, not counting games he missed or left due to injury)

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Isn’t he injured? Can he still be effective?• He has a fractured process, not vertebra, and other players to have

this have missed only one game.• Romo already sat out a game to get healthy.• He just flew to England and rang up 27 fantasy points (246 yards, 3

TDs) despite sitting out the fourth quarter because he performed so well it turned into a blowout.

• His late-season matchup is magic.– Week 12 vs. NYG (porous secondary)– Week 13 vs. PHI (porous secondary)– Week 14 vs. CHI (collapsing, porous secondary)– Week 15 vs. PHI (still a porous

secondary)– Week 16 vs. IND (okay secondary)

• All of these games will likely be high-scoring shootouts.

“I’m fine, bro!”- Tony Romo

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Okay, smart guy, if Romo is so great,

why do you want to trade him?• One reason, and one

reason only – the disturbing but highly effective phenomenon known as Philip Rivers.

• But I believe in Romo so much I’d be willing to trade Rivers for the right package and roll with Romo myself.

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Tony Romo wants YOU!

He’s an American hero and can help your team.

Page 10: A Rob/Romo B-Romo-ance

So Romo’s great, but at what cost?

• Your team is asset poor at QB …• … but it’s asset rich at WR.• You are choked with top WR talent, you

can’t possibly play everybody, and trading one away won’t hurt you at all.

• In fact, I’ll give you back a pretty good WR just because Rick Mirer is an upstanding team owner who believes that trades should be win-win.

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You have so many great WRs, you literally can’t play them all.

Starters:• WR1: Calvin Johnson (avg. 16.1 FPs)• WR2: Jeremy Maclin (avg. 20.2 FPs)• FLEX: Randall Cobb (avg. 19.4 FPs)Completely wasted:• BENCH: Julio Jones (avg. 19.0 FPs)• BENCH: Mike Evans (avg. 16.1 FPs)You don’t even have any future byes that would

require this depth.

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You have assets you can’t use.

Don’t waste your assets when you have a position of need on your team.

That makes Benjamin Franklin angry.

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So wait – Romo for a stud WR?

• No, I know Romo isn’t worth Megatron, or Maclin, or Cobb. I get it. He’s not.

• But what if ...

• What if you were able to fill this injury hole with a pretty damn great fill-in in Romo …. for the small cost of taking a small step down in only one of your four stud WR positions?

• Remember, you can only play a max of three anyway.

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What I’d offer:

• Romo, obviously. We’ve already established he’s just what you need.

• Any of my non-Antonio Brown WRs• You see, I also have a lot of WRs, and while

none of them (outside of Brown) is as good as your top four, they’re still very good, and I’m flexible in terms of which I’d trade.

• My WR per-game averages compare pretty well.• Remember, this would still leave you with three

stud WRs, plus Evans, plus the WR I’d trade you, plus Romo.

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Percy Harvin• Getting worked rapidly into the NYJ

offense after the trade

• 26 fantasy points on 13 targets in Week 9

• 30+ rushing yards (!) in Week 10

• 11.0 FP average in games he’s played, dragged down by his Seattle games.

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Julian Edelman• Tom Brady’s favorite receiver

• A monster in PPR

• 29 points in his last game, vs. DEN

• Average of 14.1 FP/game in games he’s played

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Odell Beckham Jr.• Top WR for NYG already

as a rookie, with freakish athleticism and ability

• In his last game, scored 21 points against the Seattle secondary

• Has only one single-digit game in his short career

• Average of 17.0 fantasy points/game

Page 18: A Rob/Romo B-Romo-ance

Brandon LaFell• Emerging WR1 for the Patriots

• Has been explosive; last two games have been 32 and 17 fantasy points

• Average of 17.1 fantasy points/game

Page 19: A Rob/Romo B-Romo-ance

Martavis Bryant• Huge rookie red zone target, benefits from

Antonio Brown’s attention• 27 fantasy points this week vs. NYJ• Last three games have been 25, 19, 27 fantasy

points; only one career game not in double digits

• Average of 20.75 fantasy points/game

Page 20: A Rob/Romo B-Romo-ance

Other pieces to consider:

• On my side: Jordan Cameron? Darren McFadden?

• On your side: Fred Jackson? Montee Ball?

• The upshot - we have plenty of pieces and options here to tweak the value right for both sides.

• Let’s start with what interests you, and we can go from there.

Page 21: A Rob/Romo B-Romo-ance

Deal Summary• I send you:

– Tony Romo, QB extraordinaire/American hero– One of Harvin/Edelman/Beckham/LaFell/Bryant

• You send me:– One of Megatron/Maclin/Cobb/Jones

• You downgrade one excellent WR who wouldn’t play anyway, for a very good WR from me and a strong replacement for your missing QB. You resume your march to the playoffs without missing a beat.

• Exact players to be negotiated, but there are enough variables I bet we could find a deal.

• Just send me an offer. All I can say is no.

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But Remember:Tony Romo wants YOU!

Playoffs? He can deliver them to you.