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Transcript of X CHRONICLE, GQ

| The setting I
hed sh Ducks
“ple ads ane: Which of yau are im a
te of us, and to become of venturrs an explanation that
plics Tyo-thirds of @ hustand to each
Pessa But ones ry @ Gt one sannet marry
of unbound t its ayThe Prosentation (by
Mr. It. Carte) of this
comic opera by ith e
d “Amateur Operatic and Society at the
oid, " at ha:
Pinafore, ali plates ani ta theirne 4H Gon
ar Tuesday a very ee
audience, anelu dine pohe
Porat both i Known 4
omer ann the thhe wie Veneuian a they from, amon th of and) respectively:Vittoria, Giub ens t their fellow
merrily away to Lhe
and Ganeenpe r
a The twoteh fy separated (herr | by the Grand fnauisitor, aud, sent of
to reign jointly ie der wh
ayahrey, with their wmioh of Them is really the King.
Ta |
from Yeote
The for tier lick
sents, and reseats ta the a toh ee Chery wae mupric Lin hy
Mind that he her parental here
Seat in ta Bie het
be at they
r Tain and are bate
crew Mier
lied “ta dees
et the shuts ty) ms, mathe Baeble ise any, Sus Gate for nav the
1 Jos the twa oe int ave by oot
© onl the pings are pla
and he ts iva
Plaza Tote, tas glares and thar
aflend by Lada is!
Wad ta be iv ie to
persistent ‘The, Grand shee. and. Mack eit
ir bes, He u
Let ts “take i TL comes,” were the in the
pom doubt whatever.” Maidens und men join ina happy telody, and dhea
Tees ansttres her lover
Lae in thi nassane.| 1
| _
ines ‘char eee? tromKe
a fast Pig hea
ile lar raved a
Maree ange inthe and Mami and th kingly.
Meir lovara ‘the yay atte, rik 10 thee |
onte natural
whon all thei
a me ee
and i
changing of the babies, ow wsilda hy
nce, is followed by the marry.
aeon am; admirably suried to the po: and lordly ot the
Duke of Plaza Toro, ina hae definite idea
cl is
of Slurco {Mrs Leonard pind Gu
seppe (alr, Cecil Bockingh way both excel in the exacting requirements of their
majestic’ carve rho
profound: st ull int ononr af art, yat sas
ont of ving.
“hak the ass
Speotel re, eo in tue fo Lhe whioh ix Well, balance. and equal all
technical ‘he arch. extral music is one of tho and Mr. G. BE. Bower, URAL, ALR the
hon. musical director of the Seecicly, who
withda (he baton, had to achnowladge re
peated approbation, Mr. Bower alsy sper. vied the rehearsing the
K. Wanneley, a Mn V. Priew
Smith, Mr A. G, Fal (vidloneeliols . Le Fouvrn
double bass}; the Hey. Blower A, Ve W Beeston
Messrs. und J. Wright (cla
onets); Messrs. W. 2 FB, and 3. T. (trombones); Mr. A. Ale
Commack «rums); Mr. Lawrence Hey {ad the
Mir. i. G. Brown etliviently carried ont
ities of scenory Jn the su-
pervision of the office, pregraim me sellers, and stewards, Mr, DP.
stance of an enthusiastic body
al workers, iucluding Mesdames P. Bu
ad, and A. Clardon, the Misses and’ L. i 2. Cs Gunner.
and Me A, BLY . T. Bradridge, C. Cor,
P. D. Holder, Toftreys,
_ J. Jones, M.6.. C. Ling, &.
Martin, Star Ward. and Ey
Wright, Mr. ¢. West and. his helpers did as-fu’ service in connection with the
jug eficels, and Mr. with the stage effets and the seating arrange-
Part of the net proceeds are to be de
voted to the benefit of charit : ¥or the convenience of those living in
the country districis a special _matinée is
being given by the Society on Saturday at 0 p.m., to which children under 44 will
admittea at
Gendolicrs, of which such excel- |
+ lent performances are being giv.
Chelasterd this week, ig ws being the last of that uubroken scries of popular
tus. in Which the genius of
wud Sulivan found complere alli was the Sorcerer, then cate
Pinafore, followed in turn by the Piraces
jof Patience, Tolanthe, Prince ida. the Miicado, Rudligore, the Yeom in ,O the Guard, and + ‘These
have ken as
ving fur adaptations of treuch opera buuffe a genuinely English product, hamorous
‘apd delightiul, without a tinge of vulgar. | yily er commanplace.” After
ly or After the Gon.
(ters a happened ora and Sullivaa, and Sullivan’s next
phera, which was Haddon Hall. had a by ydney Grundy, Gilbert, and
ul wan «ime togethor in two ue a, Limited and theake, but these did not attain the
efi sre! the great eyele whieh began with
Liers Tete to te in imagine c
suited to cach atheae
if of the words is wedded tc the
ie the music, and each is te Mets predact in itcelf "sole
story anallyhas there been an enmally colt. a
ment vf ars, horation, in any deparé-
| Bohind the
Sree, pome more | loy Cooper Basan the mumeal conductar), E.G, on,
tind Hutchard then
by Mr IG. Beer Grho plased the part |
of Annibale). Mr, Boor voiced the hi
nes I in which Str, i
The baues bad dren “braked up or eile motilern and el’ ches bal tie
Wes and Ht tas event fram (he torests of the Nociety al heart.
thst at the Gf the Sorrell fearponter) and C, West (electric.
world provide auy recompense: to were presented at the hands of Mr
Che cach for ther mes. Chet runbhe Shoobridge with boxes of cigarettes.
work pt the whole ef the si
would be giro In ENJOYABLE DANCE. . af the ontetandmg . :
worm (wion and demanded, rin- ib
and chems joined woole beartelly eajoyable dance. ot “he Hall
jan this Ket resolve to give of eet the members of the cast ng dancing sane in the sucond act wore their stage costumes. Bateman’s
Thon was a filting finale on
fo Uwe ut rate ail Beamatio
‘had a speaally aad the artette lied the music.
wuil-nigh Denes for the cenit. were ie to the inevitable, won Query & comprising Mors, Cubti
yee again, Songs also were potainen ly Miss Ward, Mr. G Last, and Mr. BE
fe creed,
j Shon up wept the ha outburst a
ing. Chorus girls sked ta ther]
Ininahes of about which shey be and throw them smong tte unite
lu return paper were sont ly
the stage. and bing o
for the mnamont. ‘there
Prodacer, producer,” ard in
“yz novelty in artis
tic window dressing can be seen in the window of Messrs. Fred, Spalding
Sons, 7
} i studi show! vari-
lndgment Mr," TL Astley Cooper moiestty orn Ot peeped round one of the wings, and wis as wail as a clever | greeted with an ovation, in which oll tue Bers" 3 “miniature theatre, in embers ot the east joined. ‘Then cane a, statuettes of all the
remarkably fong succession of und} rincipal characters are posed in front other gitts for the performers. Phew tho chorus, amid appropriate scenery,
up umid scenes oi much ex 2 the popular hon. musical ec:
_G, Bower, LAM.
Very son the leading ladies were practi- cally hidden bebind x profusion cf flowers. ‘Pho men, “oo, were not. forgotten. Both ili Duke of Plaza Toro (Ar. ‘Tom Bollamy)
and (fe. Cecil Bocking) retired honewred recipients of alfotim.nat produce:
wt pale blue ribbon. Other adaurers ot the
Duke sent him ukmg a boltlo of toast
drinking cheer, quite a chic-lookiug powder- yatl, and a bos with a don’t-open-it-until-
sort of appearance, The Grand,
Ingaisitor (ALY. Jef Shoebridge) becoming Wignily on cocaiving a boy” hat, whiell he at ance donned with effusive: (aanks Lo somes parson or pemmuns
unknown, Oe. ‘Tom Dart) came in for a miniature ad Mares for a
Phe Mayor (Ald tO, OBE. JEP. who was present with (he Mayore t
went on the stage lo voice the thanks of Lhe
Rovivty ty gil who bad supported them, and or the to Che ancribers of the
To wag a real fo ave these they
know ce well working their Lardest. to
ach and evenings,
hand alsy fo lenelit which were su likowrving, Now th the seciely bad ha
sweh ge splendid start, let them all help to .
make it one of the pest of iis kind, that Povey refer to it as their with a
pride, Tle te
vyon the will, aid going on frum |
Lane tu Mir, Bower, in response to a de-
wand, said hy the
expressod by the Mayor, A se- withoul support was useless, und bo {
vainust, say that the public had
thera in it that rely made’ far the
success whiel: hoe hoped they had achieved.
tA Mel of ibe Natioanl Anthem ~
brought tho wust successtul proceedings to