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1. GQ evaluation 2. My task was to recreate the GQ cover of James Franco using the program Quark express. I looked at the GQ front cover and tried to exactly replicate it, copying each of the features included on the cover. The GQ cover My own version 3. 1. The first thing I did was draw guidelines to mark out where everything was going to go. I did this by dragging my mouse from the ruler at the top or side of the page. This then gave me a green line where I placed where I wanted. 4. 2. I then inserted the GQ logo by clicking on this icon here. This then let me draw a box to show where my image would go. Then I right clicked inside the box and found the option import. Then I simply found the photo and inserted it. I repeated this process when inserting the central image of James Franco. 3. The next thing I did was inserting the text on the page. I did this by using the text box tool. I clicked on this icon and then drew a box. I then needed to change the colours and the size of the fonts which I did by using the tool boxes at the side and bottom of the page. For example I had to space and compress some of the text and I did this by using these icons here. On one section when creating the cover I had to change the colour to red. And I did this by creating my own colour. What I had to do was click on this icon here and it would bring up another box... 5. then this let you create your own colour, and for me meant I could create the colour red. I think my magazine was successful as it looked quite similar to the official magazine cover. I mainly focused on making sure everything matched the layout of the magazine. The one thing I could have improved on was using the exact same font as GQ used, as for my cover I couldnt find the same font. I think one thing to take into consideration when creating my music magazine is making sure everything is aligned correctly and spaced out evenly because it makes your magazine look neat and professional. Conclusion: