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  • Agenda

    Who we are Editorial Added value Special Features Demographics Advertising Opportunities Our Proposal GQxKeurig Results Questions


  • Who We Are Premier Mens Style & Culture Magazine

    Owned by Cond Nast

    Global brand with 8 world editions

    Editor-in-chief: Jim Nelson

    Publisher: Howard Mittman


  • Editorial Sections GQ Report

    Gives subscribers and readers reports of the people, parties, and latest styles

    GQHQ (GQ HeadQuarters) About the contributors of and readers responses to GQ

    Manual- Look Sharp, Live Smart Committed to bring the most drool-worthy gear, gadgets,

    style and goodies (ex. best stuff of the year, gift guide) GQ Intelligence

    Facts that cover the most trending topics (ex. gay marriage) and information readers may be interested in (ex. technology, infamous people, women of the year)

    GQXX Interviews of famous people that are currently hot topics

    (ex. Barack Obama, Steph Curry, Donald Trump)


  • More Than Just a Magazine is Refreshed, Refined and Rebooted


  • More Than Just a Magazine


    2.2 Million Followers

    1.8 Million Likes

    773 Thousand Followers

  • Special Features


    The Gentlemans BallMen of the Year Awards GQ Gift Guide

  • Demographics

    Gender: Male/Female 72% / 28%

    Median Age 36

    Median Household Income


    College Education 80%

    Employment Status- Professional / Managerial


    Marital Status- Married / Single

    65% / 35% 8

  • The GQ Reader vs. The Keurig Drinker

    High- Incomers Tech Savvy Eager to be the first on

    current trends Young to middle aged males Heavy consumers of

    alcoholic beverages

    High- Incomers Tech Savvy & Innovative Early adopters Frequent travelers Avid social media users Heavy consumers of cold



  • Brand Positioning



    High income

    Low income

  • Circulation

    2015 Rate Base: 925,000 Paid Subscriptions: 860,019 Single Copy: 93,301 Total Circulation: 953,320 Total Audience: 7,000,000 Official Instagram Account

    Followers: 2.2 M Official Twitter Account

    Followers: 773 K


  • Strong Digital Edition


  • Advertising Opportunities

    We offer several dimensions for advertisers wanting to partner with us. The following are some specific rates for specific dimensions.


  • Our Proposal

    Branded Content- Lets place Keurig Kold in a context where it is relevant

    1. Sweepstake- Win a Keurig Kold2. Reportage- Advertorial written by our journalists3. Digital on Video demonstration of

    the product 4. Strategically Placed Ads- We offer several relevant

    sections for Keurig Kold


  • Our Proposal

    1. 20 Days of giveaway with #GQxKeurig- A contest will be held each day 20 days before

    christmas by using #GQxKeurig on Instagram- The winner receives a Keurig Kold- Goal: Generate Buzz


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  • Our Proposal

    2. Ad

    - A print ad will be strategically placed e.g. by our gadget section, our gift guide or intelligence section

    - Goal: To link all promotions together and have people get interested in what we advertise (have them go to and for more information)


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  • Our Proposal

    3. Advertorial- How to Entertain Like a Man with Keurig Kold

    - Fold out ad showing how Keurig Kold can assist you in making the perfect cocktail

    - Incorporate GQ profiles- Goal: Create a need and a want for the product


  • Our Proposal

    4. Digital Content- Tutorial using Keurig Kold

    - A How To video posted on - Feature celebrity spokesperson- Created by using GQs resources- Goal: Brand Keurig Kold with GQs coveted style


  • Pricing Bundle


    $175,000Print Ads in November, December, & January Issues

    Fold Out Ad in December Issue

    Keurig Kold Giveaway & Promotional Video

  • Future With

    Sponsorship opportunities with events such as GQ Gentlemens Ball and Men of the Year Awards

    Gentlemans Manual Continued Advertorials Coupon inserts


  • Executive summary

    GQ is the leading media platform for influential (gentle)men that are most likely to buy gadgets and technology to impress others

    Keurig will reach an audience of 7MM GQ offers an unmatched opportunity to

    position Keurig Kold in a sophisticated way GQ is one of the leading media vehicle to

    drive blogger influence for gadgets


  • Questions?

    Look Sharp,Live Smart Drink Kold.


  • Contact Information

    Sarah Yunhye Park / 217-552-8021

    Caitlin Stachura / 815-474-2232

    Grace Cody / 708-250-6249

    Mary Licata / 170-8267-1309

    Malcolm Hill / 618-580-333

    Josefina Welin / 872-202-0656



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