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summer 2015

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  • Geraldine Quek+65 9106

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  • 001 social fodder (2015)prototypologies*Sustainable Design Option Studio 1 (Carlos Ban)Spring 2015

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  • Growing architecture that creates spaces to feed the social realm for the future highly urbanized community. By merging and diverging towers of different programmed networks, we form unexpected adjacencies of fluid spaces, while the building structure encloses the various social activities.

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  • 002 dbs bank space (2015)Capstone Project (Team)DBS Bank Space Design@ SUTD East Coast CampusSpring - Summer 2015

  • 9Our proposal for an easy, joyful and convenient banking experience in a university campus is a transformable branch design. In an 24/7 setting, we wanted to inspire customers through ever-changing spaces and content, creating an unexpected experience in every visit.

  • In line with SUTDs culture of flexible use of spaces, the small bank space can be transformed into different configurations for exhibition space, seminars and meetings. After opening hours, the bank space remains accessible as the main box floats up, becoming an installation piece.

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  • 003 the mediating roof (2015)Living FactoriesSustainable Design Option Studio 2 (Calvin Chua)Summer 2015

  • 13

    Exploring the roof as a mediator of light, varied lighting conditions to define flexible and configurable programmatic spaces in the below working space are created by establishing a dialectic relationship between living and working spaces through voids and translucent courtyards.

  • Stripping light to its basic function of supporting the circadian rhythm in the human body, the visual connection from the private living units to the working spaces is cut off, creating an environment similar to a blank canvas for contemplation and resting with different degrees of privacy with a shared courtyard configuration.

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  • 004 singapore 50 museum (2014)Architecture Core Studio 2Studio 5 (Pauline Ang)Spring 2014




  • 17

    The play of changing apertures creates an illusionary effect, and the play of sectional slopes/ramps creates a dynamic pace/rhythm of walking for different spaces. Corridors open up to well compartmentalized exhibition spaces after a series of gently inclined platforms. The exhibition route becomes a fluid experience about a central core, allowing strategic openings to frame views towards the CBD and Marina Bay area, making the city a live exhibit itself.

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  • 005 urban living (2014)Architecture Core Studio 3Studio 5 (Jackson Tan)Fall 2014

  • 19

    Inspired by the urban context, the concept of permeability attempts to permeate through the various aspects of design considerations of high density urban housing, such as visual connections, circulation, wind flow and daylighting. The logic of using a simple rectangular block to derive a form that is permeable is also apparent in the facade design, while the interaction of light with intimate human spaces was inspired by the filtering of daylight onto the site by the existing canopy of trees.

  • 006 singapore visitor centre (2014)Architecture Core Studio 2Studio 5 (Pauline Ang)Spring 2014

  • 21

    A tropical living room in the city in the busy shopping belt of Orchard Road, hosting guests (tourists) in a comfortable and cozy setting inspired by tropical architectural elements.

  • 007 plug-in space (2013)Architecture Core Studio 1Studio 5 (Andres Sevtsuk)Fall 2013

  • 23

    In an interstitial space, this design aims to seamlessly integrate an exhibition space and performance theatre through an interlocking of two building forms. Maximizing views towards the east-west direction, the theatre stage features the sunset as its backdrop. Daylighting is welcomed into the exhibition and seminar spaces through bay windows and a lifted roof, overlooking the courtyard landscape.

  • 008 sports complex (2014)Structural and Enclosure Design (Stefan Schaefer)Term Project (Team)Spring 2014

  • 25

    Using the natural deflection curve of an arched structure to design its supporting structure and bracing, and the enclosure designed to expose and showcase the structure on the exterior, we proposed a grand indoor sports gym, with facilities suitable for both recreation and competitions. Daylight permeates through openings facing north, creating a usable playfield with minimum energy consumption.

  • 009 bloks (2013)Architecture Science and Technology (Stefan Schaefer)Team Project (Team)Fall 2013

  • 27

    A student residential project consisting of shipping containers as the main building element, it is to house 130 students. The structure is intended to be the carrier support for the containers as flexible drawers being substituted every 10 or 12 years. In our design, we wanted students to have their personal space, that also connects to communal space, resulting in a basic module of two containers displaced from each other.

  • 010 di-verge (2015)Advanced Topics in Performative Design: Daylight and Electric Lighting (John Alstan Jakubiec)Collaboration: Teri LimSpring 2015

  • 29

    Taking inspiration from the circular skylights from Corbusiers La Tourette, this museum lighting concept adapted for Singapores climate was developed. Using a few parameters, such as the height of the light shafts and distance between the light shafts, we optimized the design for museum lighting requirements.

  • 011 rest (2015)Advanced Topics in Performative Design: Daylight and Electric Lighting (John Alstan Jakubiec)Collaboration: Teri LimSpring 2015

    Winning entry, DIVA Day Student Competition 2015

  • Designed for the busy humans we are, the luminaire serves as a reminder to take rests. Relating light to musical tones and rhythm, we manipulate the inherent characteristics of corrugated cardboard to form a glowing effect on two sides (to represent the tonal values of light) and an abstraction of the musical notation of half and whole rests on the other two sides with cuts radiating from the core.


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  • 012 parktor bench (2014)Bench DesignSpringleaf Nature Park, SingaporeCPG Consultants (On internship)Carpenter: Bill TohSummer 2014

  • Made using wood from salvaged Senegal Mahogany (Khaya senegalensis) trees, we reduce the need for fresh lumber while giving a new purpose to salvaged wood. Respecting the natural geometry of this piece of wood and retaining its beautiful eye, we carve out a void that flows into its cross section, as though to invite visitors to sit, stay and complete the frame.


  • 013 mud, body and scripts (2014)Experimental 10-day WorkshopLyon AA Visiting SchoolSummer 2014

  • Using mud as a material, we explored digital and physical techniques to create large, medium and small scale structures. Although it seems contradictory to use technology together with earth, that is viewed as vernacular, interesting possibilities of forms emerge as we observe the materiality in the digital and physical realm. Layer by layer, we applied mud in different mixes to let dry.


  • 014 structure of space (2013)Introduction to Design Computation (Sawako Kaijima)Term Project (Team)Fall 2013

  • 37

    Our design concept is the play of two materials - chain and string. Both are similar in terms of hanging capability yet different in textual qualities, allowing for several layers of perception. The proposed structure hangs from the lights on site. Using Grasshopper to parametrically control our algorithm and produce fabrication instructions, the structure becomes a entrance centrepiece of the SUTD-MIT International Design Centre.

  • 015 minimal surface (2014)Digital Design and Fabrication (Stylianos Dritsas)Term Project (Team)Spring 2014

  • 39

    Based on chosen anchor points on a site we chose, we created a minimal surface that excites the otherwise mundane space at the lift lobby, without obstructing views. By triangulating the surface, we could connect the vertices of our basic component and finally prepare all the annotated components for fabrication. As the eyelet could not accommodate more than 4 components at one time, we wove the components in an alternating fashion, using 2 eyelets at those vertices. This also created some tolerance for the surface.

  • 016 make your mark (2012-2013)Interactive Installation and WorkshopArchifest Fringe EventFall 2012 - Spring 2013

  • 41

    An interactive installation project at Archifest 2012, as one of the major fringe events at the pavilion, later spun into a workshop for potential students at the SUTD Open House 2013. Visitors are invited to redesign the streets of Singapore, including that of the main central business district, conserved districts and the typical neighborhood residential street.

  • 017 our city! (2013)Participatory Design and Urban PrototypingMacPherson, SingaporeArchifest Fringe EventSummer-Fall 2013