WordPress Media in a post-Koop Universe

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Presentation from WordCamp NYC 2014

Transcript of WordPress Media in a post-Koop Universe

  • WordPress Media In a post-Koop Universe
  • Scott Taylor Core Committer Sr. Software Engineer, The New York Times @wonderboymusic I like music I like Mexican food
  • How I got started with WordPress
  • How I got started contributing
  • How I got started with Backbone
  • How I got started with MEDIA
  • MEDIA! WordPress 3.5
  • WordPress 3.9 MORE MEDIA!
  • Backbone/Underscore Views Models Collections Frames Regions States
  • Underscore Utility belt Does not require jQuery Smells like Ruby List iterators
  • Backbone Un-opinionated MVC Ruby-like Hard to know what you are doing right/wrong
  • MediaElement Facade layer for HTML5 media Cross-browser compatibility It just works
  • [audio], [video], [playlist]
  • Shortcodes Containers for data Placeholders Forward-compatible Shortcode API
  • Use what exists Galleries are playlists Video is audio Video playlists are audio playlists Things are collections Embed are media
  • $( .thing ).mediaelementplayer();
  • Front End JS Needs to automagically work for every possible use-case Needs to not be overly bloated
  • Admin TinyMCE view JS version of PHP code Iframe sandboxes WYSIWYG
  • wp.media.audio = { // click the view edit: { . . . }, ! // shortcode returned to the editor shortcode: { . . . }, // default props } wp.mce.views.register( audio, . . . )