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  • Customer magazineNo. 1 | April 2011


    Production with high resource efficiency

    SustainabilityVisitors Wipf welcomes Japanese delegation

    Package better with WICOSEAL Your product in the limelight

    2nd wipf day Unique industry event in Switzerland

  • Flash | No. 1 | April 2011 Editorial 2

    Dear reader

    In the last issue of Flash (No. 2 / August 2010), we talked about the situation on the polyester market. The trend reveals the fact that the flows of goods are rapidly globalizing and even small changes in the commodity market can have a significant impact on the film market. It turns out that shifts in demand, even in remote markets, can have a sizeable influence on availability and pricing all over the world.

    Due to the economic rebound in the late summer of 2010, oil prices continued to rise. The current political unrest in the Arab world has buoyed this renewed oil price uptrend. What does this mean for the polymer market? The forecast is simple. We expect that polymer prices will rise further in the coming months as well. This increase is accompanied by higher metal prices and the economic recovery in the BRIC countries. For us, as converters of polymers and aluminium foil, this means a continued, intensive involvement with the spread between purchase and sales prices. To minimize these cost effects, the ongoing optimization of production and planning processes is indispensable.

    We also have good news. Let our portfolio of packaging ideas inspire you. Why go far afield when solutions are so near our classic, the stand-up pouch, is always good for a surprise. We also want to demonstrate that for us, sustainability is more than just a word. For years, we have been ac-tively contributing to the protection of our environment and of nature. Our measures are regularly assessed by Swiss Energy Agency (EnAW) under an annual monitoring system. We are committed to an approach that involves constant technological refinement and the ongoing improvement of how we manage natural resources.

    Have you registered yet? Let me cordially invite you to attend our second wipf day on 11 May 2011 the event for professionals that takes the pulse of our industry. I would be delighted to welcome you personally at Wipf and give you an impression of our operations. The programme is highly diversified and certainly leaves room for you to engage in many interesting discussions.

    With kind regards,

    Hansruedi SchaffltzelCEO


    Publisherwipf Ag, industriestrasse 29, 8604 Volketswil switzerlandPhone +41 (0)44 947 22 11 fax +41 (0)44 947 22 89info@wipf.ch www.wipf.ch

    Responsible for contentKarin weidmann, Marketing Manager, karin.weidmann@wipf.chEditorial staffwipf Ag, MarketingGraphic Design ConceptFBM Communications AG, Zrich

    Photoswipf Ag copyright by wipf Ag, March 2011 All rights, especially distribution rights, reserved. reproduction of text and images, translations into foreign languages and duplication are prohibited.

    Published twice a year / downloadable as a Pdf from www.wipf.ch

  • Wipf strengthens export business

    Shortlist 3

    In this edition2 Editorial

    3 Shortlist Japanese delegation visits Wipf / Wipf strengthens export business /

    Evelyne Binsack tackles Antarctic cold

    4 Sustainability Acting responsibly Production with high resource efficiency

    6 ProductsPackage better with WICOSEAL Present your product in the best light

    7 Marketing & Communication2nd wipf day Unique industry event in Switzerlandthe future concerns us all. thats why sustainability is more than just a word for us. in our daily business,

    we are responsible for the future, for the next generation. / Page 4

    in november 2010, we hosted a delegation from toyoBo PPs inc., a leading Japa-nese provider of specialty chemicals, films, and fibres. the purpose of the visit was to get acquainted with wipf. the guests were accompanied by christian wipf and coo oliver fankhauser. they unreserv-edly complimented our production facili-ties. what impressed them most was our latest-generation equipment, efficient or-ganization, cleanliness, and superior prod-uct quality. the tour gave them hands-on insights in our production environment. general Manager dr. Keiji Mori expressed his appreciation for our hospitality and said he was sure that the participants of his group would be returning home with many positive inspirations.

    evelyne Binsack accomplished a feat that in our era seems unimaginable: she is the first person to single-handedly trek to the south Pole in 484 days. her book describes endless days on a bicycle, highlights on majestic peaks in the Andes 8 at five thousand and 3 at six thousand meters above sea level and finally the decisive leg on foot through Antarctica: unsup-ported and unassisted, she mastered the 1180 kilometres from hercules inlet to the pole in 47 days. having reached the limits of her physical and mental stamina, and despite several skirmishes with death, evelyne Binsack ultimately arrived at her destination.in expedition Antarctica to the end of the world in 484 days, she shares her ob-servations of a world that at the beginning of the last century was still as unknown as the dark side of the moon.we would like to give you the unique op-portunity of meeting evelyne Binsack in person.More about this topic on page 7.

    Evelyne Binsack tackles Antarctic cold

    Japanese delegation visits Wipf

    wipf Ag is working hard to intensify its in-ternational presence in the packaging industry. with this objective in mind, cross-border business activities are being expanded. James finlay sr and James finlay Jr, two iconic packaging profes-sionals, will now represent wipf Ag in great Britain. James finlay sr has many years of packaging industry experience. Among others, he developed the pharma and medical segments for tobepal (later Amcor). in the coming months, they will begin to market our laminates line in Brit-ain, especially our high-barrier films and the wicoseAL pouch range for food, medical, and non-food applications. we are looking forward to a successful future with the finlays.

  • Sustainability 4

    Acting resPonsiBLy

    Production with high resource efficiency

    Flash | No. 1 | April 2011

    in late 2010, swiss energy Agency (enAw) commended wipf Ag for its successful co2 reduction campaign.

    our environmental footprint is attributable to power and fuel consumption in produc-tion and distribution. within the scope of our co2 strategy and collaboration with swiss energy Agency (enAw), wipf Ag has achieved the following milestones: in the past years, wipf has reduced co2 emissions per value chain unit by over 50%. in late 2010, the swiss energy Agency notified us that with respect to co2 intensity, we are right on track and have accomplished the objectives de-fined in the target agreement as sched-uled.

    the spectrum of crucial measures in-volved the optimization of coolant pumps, the expansion of the north production building, the replacement of the boiler as a component of our heating system, the rehabilitation of the lighting system in the production bay, and the commissioning of a regenerative exhaust air purification system (see photo).

    to further reduce our co2 emissions, we have already planned new measures with the objective of achieving a 15% decrease in the next three years.

    Sustainability is a topic that concerns us all. The top priority is on covering current needs without jeopardising those of future generations. For the past five years, Wipf AG has been the packaging industry leader as regards sustainability, demonstrating that economic growth and long-term business success are com-patible with ecological soundness and social stewardship.

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    Sustainability 5

    Target attainment for CO2 intensity

    Heating oil consump-tion at Wipf AG Long-term trend 2003 2010

    Power consumption at Wipf AGLong-term trend 2003 2010

    regenerative exhaust air purification system

    Shortlist of actions already implemented

    2010 Reduction of cooling pump duty cyclesthe enlargement of the cold-water basin im-proves load management and allows the cooling water pumps of two machines to be switched off on weekends and holidays. this action saves 25 500 kwh of electricity.

    2010 Expansion of production building NORTHthe production hall was extended by 7.5 metres at the north end. the windowed front was re-newed with tripe glazing that exceeds the mini-mal energy efficiency requirements of the canton of Zrich. in comparison with the old windows, the new ones save several thousand litres of heating oil per year.

    2009 Heater boiler replacementthe old boiler was replaced with two smaller modulating heating oil boilers with burners. with virtually no changes to the hVAc systems, heating oil consumption was reduced by about 30 000 litres.

    2007 Lighting upgrade the entire production hall lighting system was replaced by a new energy-saving, fracture-proof illumination concept which saves electricity.

    2005 New exhaust air purification system the new exhaust air purification system with heat recovery for thermal oil and hot water con-sumes much less energy than the old system

    2003 Joined the Swiss E