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1000 Watts Magazine is New England's premier publication serving the medical marijuana community,strongly advocating for cannabis rights. 1000 Watts gives a fresh, local, uncensored perspective on the issues that matter most to New Englanders.

Transcript of 1000watts April2011

  • ContentsFrom the Editor:

    Cannabis Re-Enculturation ......pg 6Cannabis Tourism..................... pg 5Caregiver of the Month ...........pg 6Letter to Rep ........................... pg 12Strain Review: Casey Jones ......................... pg 12Proposed Amendments.......... pg 12Mischief in Maine ................... pg 15Cooking with Cannabis: Mediterranean Salad ........ pg 16

    Dispensary Raids ................... pg 17

    Upcoming Events ................... pg 17

    Cannabis Transdermals ......... pg 19

    Cannabis Tourism................... pg 20

    1000 Watts DIY....................... pg 21

    The Real Economic Drain .......pg 22

    Editors Pick .............................pg 22

    The Grassieds ........................pg 25

    A Word From Us ......................pg 26

    Cover Design by:

    Merry Jane

    Huge thanks to Merry Jane for volunteering to do this fantastic cover for us! Merry Jane is afreelancer, designer & painter.

    Were always looking for artists! Email Mandolin@1000Watts.info for more information.

    APRIL 2011

    To our beloved MM Community members:

    We would love to take this opportunity to thank the following:



    Caregiver of the MonthPeek inside the life of Jim D.,a passionate caregiver forthe RI MM Community......PG 7

    Proposed Amendments

    What they mean for the MM community...PG 12

    Hemp & HumanityHelping hemp help

    humanity..........PG 4







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  • Health trends are on the rise in America today. Taking care of your body is taking an overwhelming precedence in the lives of millions of Americans. With the publics realization that healthy eating results in a higher quality of life, hemp is being cast as a super food that contains many ben-ecial components.

    Hemp foods are naturally high in protein, ber, amino acids, and essen-tial fatty acids (good fats), but they will not get you high. Manufacturers en-sure that hemp foods contain minimal amounts of THC, so you cannot fail a drug test from eating hemp. Hemp seeds contain several vital minerals in-cluding phosphorous, potassium, mag-nesium, calcium, iron and zinc. They are also a source of Vitamin E and car-otene, a pre-cursor form of Vitamin A. Guess this makes the lore of Buddha subsisting on hemp seed a little more believable!

    Hemp seed is gluten free and there have been no reported allergies to hemp. This is especially important considering that more and more peo-ple are allergic to peanuts or have lac-

    tose intolerance.A very important characteristic of

    hemp foods are the Omega 3 & 6 essen-tial fatty acids (EFAs). EFAs are build-ing blocks of our cells and they help a number of ailments including arthri-tis, bromyalgia, high blood pressure and diabetes. More and more studies are highlight the need to increase our intake of EFAs. Most suggest solutions including upping the intake (salmon in particular). However, hemp is a great green and more humane alternative.

    GREAT WAYS TO ENJOY HEMP FOODt)FNQQSPUFJOCBSTBSFBHSFBUXBZto get your hemp on the go.t)VMMFEIFNQTFFEBMTPDBMMFEIFNQhearts or hemp nut, give you that great hemp taste with out the crunchy outer shell. Eat it straight of the bag, sprinkle it on yogurt, cereal and sal-ads, or add it to dishes like oatmeal, also or vindaloo to give them a jolt of protein and nutritiont)FNQQSPUFJOQPXEFSTBSFBHSFBU

    way to get the benets of hemp in liquid form. Mix them with juice or avored hemp shake.t)FNQNJMLDPOUBJOTMFTTDBMPSJFTperserving than skim milk and comes in multiple avors, including choco-late and vanilla.t)FNQTFFECVUUFSUBTUFTHSFBUBOEgoes well with crackers, sliced veg-etables or preserves.

    4 April 2011

    by John Dvorrakwww.hempology.org



    Located in Texas, Hippie Butter has a little bit of everything when it comes to hemp needs (hippie and non-hippie alike). The site is loaded with hemp FAQs & hints. Decently priced too!

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    MMPDiscountwith ID

  • Name/AKA: Jim D

    Whereabouts: Northern Rhode Island

    Years growing experience: 3 Years

    Organic Growing? Yes

    Number of Patients: Condential

    Q: Do you prefer hydro or soil? I prefer soil, better control over

    growing conditions.

    Q: What chemicals do you use? I use Fox Farm Soil and Fertilizers.

    Soil: Ocean Forest. Fertilizer: Big Bloom,

    Grow Big, Tiger bloom, Open Sesame,

    Beastie Bloomz, Cha Ching. I also use oth-

    er products like PH Up, Azamax, Clonex,

    and Aquashield.

    Q: What strains have your grown? Flying Dutchmen: Power Skunk

    Dinafem Seeds: Power Kush

    Nirvana Seeds: White Rhino

    DNA Genetics: 60 Day Wonder

    Green House Seeds: Super Lemon Haze

    Green House Seeds: Kings Kush

    Baraeys Farm: LSD

    Sativa Seeds: Blackberry

    Flying Dutchmen: Blueberry Skunk

    G13 Labs: Pineapple Express

    Reserva Privada: OG Kush #18

    Dinafem Seeds: White Siberian

    DNA Genetics: Sour Cream

    Green House Seeds: Bubba Kush

    Reserva Privada: Cole Train

    Dinafem Seeds: Super Critical Haze

    Barneys Farm: Utopia Haze

    DNA Genetics: Sharksbreath

    6 April 2011


    Jim D provided us with photos (below, and right page) to show off his latest crop results.

  • Q: Your favorite strains? Nirvana Seeds, White Rhino,

    Dinafem Seeds, White Siberian

    G13 Labs, Pineapple Express,

    Flying Dutchmen, Blueberry

    Skunk, Green House Seeds, and

    Super Lemon Haze.

    Q: Do you ush? Always. I ush between major fertilizer

    transitions, before owering, and

    for 10 days prior to harvest. Also,

    if a plant looks unhappy ushing

    is the rst thing I do.

    Q: What was the best piece of equipment you pur-

    chased? A cloning machine. It

    really makes cloning so simple. They are relatively inex-

    pensive as well, so Id recommend them.

    Q: What type of lighting: T-5 for clones and early

    veg. Sodium 1000w for late veg

    and flower.

    Q: Do you prefer Indica or aSativa? It depends on the

    symptoms/treatment. For daytime

    use to remain functional I would

    say Sativa strains are best, for night

    time relaxing or for before bed I

    would recommend Indica strains.

    Q: How do you feel about the new Compassion Cen-

    ters? I think its great that they

    nally passed. When patients need

    medicine between their personal

    harvests its a great solution. Working for one of the Com-

    passion Centers would be a dream job!


    I read multiple magazines,

    books, and watched hours

    of videos to increase my un-

    derstanding of these unique

    plants. But like most things, you

    gain most of your knowledge

    through rsthand experience.g p

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  • 8 April 2011

    F or nearly a century, Americans have been bombarded with messages that have rmly established marijuana as a risky drug favored by hippies, burnouts, and the occasional tweedy professor. While Americans overwhelmingly sup-port a patients right to choose cannabis, most still think of the herb as an alternative substance for alternative people.

    Californians may be leading the way toward restoring our right to choose this plant, but their love for sticky buds and a good toke has given Middle America the impression that cannabis is about joints, bongs and vapor bags lled with something that looks like smoke. In New England, weed is viewed as a drug of the lesser classes; ne for prep school and vacations at sea, but if youre a 50-something profes-sional with teens in the house, well, youd better just keep quiet about it.

    This cultural and social separation is reinforced in