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Ve-Mentoring Presentation TAFE Qld web conferencing

Transcript of Ve mentoring april2011

  • 1. TAFE Qld iConnectWeb Conferencing2011 - opportunities by superkimbo
  • 2. CollaborationCommunicationCreation
  • 3. TAFE Qld iConnect broadcast video-stream
  • 4. iConnect:
  • 5. Right now, there are 6,249 TAFE staff inQueensland
  • 6. Less than 1% of TAFE staff havecompleted the iConnect webconference moderator trainingprogram ! go!! to % 99
  • 7. In 2011 TAFE Queensland has 19,671 computersLess than 300 computersacross TAFE Qld haveaccessed a webconference session
  • 8. Less than 1% of the TAFE Computers have used this web conference tool. mputersTh ats 19,371 co otentialthat are missing p orationconne ctions/collab ing! using W eb Conferenc
  • 9. Institute/industry co-delivery Team meetings/Planning Collaboration across campuses Teaching and learning network planningX Institute deliveryand assessment
  • 10. Industry liaison Team meetings across campuses Moderation/Course Communication reviewMarketing/advertising/showcasing Guest speakers International? Teaching and learning network meetings
  • 11. Extend client base and delivery strategies Recordings for use by others CreationX Institute PDoptions Innovative collaborative learning optionsRPLassessmentswith rural andremote clients
  • 12. iConnect Information anduseful documents
  • 13. l1. My.TAFE website2. Institute iConnect Contact Officers3. Colleen Hodgins TAFE Qld iConnect Project manager4. iConnect broadcast5. iConnect video- stream6. iConnect moderator training program information7. iConnect April information sessions8. iConnect newsletter9. iConnect Institute moderators
  • 14. Wherecanyoufindoutmore? My.TAFE site
  • 15. ers c t offic ute ContaInstit Tropical North Queensland Ian Southall Barrier Reef Julie Woodlock Co-ordinate Mount Isa Len Farren iConnect moderator Central Queensland Kaylene Grewar training EOIs Wide Bay Paul Cate Provide updated Sunshine Coast Kathryn Rodney information The Learning Network Peter McDonald Brisbane North Peter Rutherford The Bremer Jay Mair Queensland VET Development Centre Noela Dillon Skills Tech Australia Bojan Blatnik Southbank Brad Jones Metropolitan South Annette Rae Gold Coast Carolyn Collins Southern Queensland Dianne Canning
  • 16. d en slan E Que rojectTAF nect P iCon ger a Ma n Colleen Hodgins Learning Management Services Queensland VET Development Centre 1 Cordelia Street South Brisbane Ph: 0408744357 iConnectWebConference.TAFEQLD
  • 17. nd e nsla ast E Que roadcTAF nect B iCon iConnect is the Departments web conference platform that uses Elluminate software. This web conferencing tool provides enhanced online collaboration possibilities and opportunities to explore and develop learning and assessment options for use with your students, industry networks, clients and colleagues. So.If you are interested in: delivering innovative and creative learning experiences for your students and clients exploring iConnect web conferencing and its potential for collaboration with your TAFE colleagues, saving time and travel costs Click here to access a 4 minute iConnect video-stream. Simply log into and click on the Staff Support site to read all about this iConnect web conference tool.
  • 18. am ing progr tor train ct m odera eiConn 7 week online iConnect training intakes in 2011 will facilitated training be offered on the following dates: program March 7th - April 21st May 3rd - June 17th July 4th - August 19th August 29th - October 14th November 1st - December 9th
  • 19. s ses sion a tion rm ct infoiC onne 11 20 A pril Click on the following link 5 April - 12:00pm - 1:00pm n_meeting.html?meetingId=1270 6 April - 8:00am - 9:00am 599062368 Password is tafe 7 April - 12:00pm - 1:00pm 8 April - 2:00pm - 3:00pm 11 April - 12:00pm - 1:00pm 13 April - 12:00pm - 1:00pm 14 April - 4:00pm - 5:00pm 15 April - 12:00pm - 1:00pm 18 April - 12:00pm - 1:00pm
  • 20. TAFE Qld iConnect Project in 2011. Our aim 500TAFE Staff experiencing web conferencing and exploring its potential .