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Wikis and Blogs. RESA V. Deena Young. Wikis (or in our case, google sites…. a wiki on steroids!). History of Wikis. Wiki Wiki Bus at Honolulu International Airport. So What is a Wiki?. A wiki is software that allows registered users or anyone - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Transcript of Wikis and Blogs

  • Wikis and BlogsDeena YoungRESA V

  • History of WikisWiki Wiki Bus at Honolulu International Airport

  • So What is a Wiki?

    A wiki is software that allows registered users or anyone to collaboratively create, edit, link, and organize the content of a website

  • Wikis in Plain English

  • Why Bring a Wiki to the Classroom?

    Great motivator for studentsEasy to monitorAllows for creativity and innovationEncourages participation of all studentsPromotes communication between students, teachers, and parentsA new, interesting way to learn

  • How Can I Use a Wiki in My Classroom?

    Simple websitesPeer-reviewed projectsGroup projectsManage school and classroom documents Classroom discussion and debateTeacher collaborationPost classroom assignmentsCollaborate with an international classroom

  • Educational Wikis

  • Lets Create Our Own Wiki

    Go to: User ID (email address) and PasswordBe sure to write it down

  • Lets Create Our Own Wiki

    Go to: new siteBe sure to write it down!

  • Creating Site

    Site Name be careful!Site Description - optionalMature Content better not check it if you want to keep your job!Share With your choiceSite Theme your choiceType Code hope you can read itCREATE SITE

  • Deenas Demo Site

  • Blogs

  • What is the difference between a blog and a wiki?In a wiki, you can invite collaborators to make edits.In a blog, people only respond to your editing.

  • Examples of Classroom Blogs

  • Lets Create a Blog

    Go to: a blogStep OneBlog TitleBlog Address (check availability)Word Verification (again)Continue

  • Lets Create a Blog

    Step TwoChoose a templateYour blog has been created!Start blogging!

  • Demo Blog