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  • 1. Wikis, Blogs, & Web Publishing
    Final Presentation by Susan Naples

2. My first Wiki Experience
This was my first real experience with creating and using a wiki.I wasnt sure that I would really use it in my classroom since I do useMoodle already.Then I went to the wiki Perk Up Your Projects and I changed my mind.
Before I could even get my wikifinished, I found that I wasenrolling my students, so anxious to share my new tool.
I am looking forward to how it will enable my students to share their 4thquarter projects.I think the Wiki will also allow them to connect to the course.
3. What was challenging about a Wiki?
Making a wiki is not as user-friendly in some ways as Moodle.Yet, I doremember that I was frustrated with Moodle when it was new to me last fall.Each have some things to learn in order to be able to use them.
I also found myself trying other new programs because I wanted my wiki to be even better.So then I learned about added some wordle creations.
My wiki address is
4. What about Blogs?
This was a completely new experience for me, though I had tried the use of forums in Moodle.I feel as though using a blog in the classroom gives me yet another tool to engage students in the 21st century.
The students have enjoyed what weve done so far and I see very real potential for the use of a blog over the course of a year.Like anything, some students took to the experience more easily than others.
Blog address is:
5. Which was my favorite tool?
It is giving me more control over the information that I want from the internet.I think I will begin each year with my students creating an iGoogle account.
I have already worked with other people, like my eleven-year old and my husband, to set theirs up.They love it.I think it is easy to use and it has a lot of fun widgets.
6. What about Moodle?
This is my first year using Moodle at school.For me , it was a big departure from a structured notebook that I usually required in my classes.I have learned a lot through the assistance of our tech person, Beth Hampton.I feel very comfortable using Moodle now.
This courseusing a Moodle was a great experience for me.I enjoyed having time to work at my own pace.It is interesting to look at all the fine ideas that have been shared by my classmates.
Overall, the course was challenging though because I was new to most of the content.I felt overwhelmed at times, but I survived!
7. What about other Web Publishing Tools?
Short of money and time, I was feeling as though web publishing was not going to happen for my cake business of 18 years.
Through the use ofMixbook, I was able to accomplish something that would give brides access to my cake designs.There are still some things that I would like to improve about it, but I am on my way.The best part is that I did itwith, of course, the help and advice from Beth Hampton.
Myweb publishing address is:
8. What was my personal experience in this course?
I have been teaching 34 years and so I have seen many changes in education over this time period.I am lucky to have been given the opportunity to learn and grow into using more technology.Sometimes I must be honest that it wasnt always comfortable or easy.
I was very upset when I was short Act 48 hours and that I needed to take a course.However, now I realize how muchthis course has changed my teaching.I am not the same person.It was a wonderful experience.