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  • 1. Wikis, Blogs And Web Publishing MCIU Summer 2014 By Steve Finegan

2. Which tool have you found most useful? It will be much easier to answer this question once the first few months of school are completed. I envision using my wiki page as a tool for students to have interactive blog discussions. It will also be a support system for all students to find assignments, due dates, links to social studies content and more. I think this has the most potential to be a powerful way to engage students and improve student learning. 3. What were some successes and challenges? Successes Love RSS and will use it every day since current events are part of the curriculum. Also a great way to stay professionally informed. I enjoyed writing my blog and will continue to write. Wiki is now complete and ready to use with my classes. Challenges Building my wiki page was very time consuming, using trial and error to set it up how I wanted it to look. Wikispaces was a little more difficult than I thought it would be. There are so many exciting Web 2.0 applications I want to try and it can be overwhelming. 4. The Moodle Experience This is not my first time using Moodle. I have taken classes online classes through Chester and Berks counties in the past and have a good understanding of Moodle. It is easy to navigate and the course guidelines and assignments are set up in an organized fashion. The use of a Moodle for online learning is a natural fit and a great tool for students. Additionally, you can access information from classes taken in the past at each IU, which I did this past year to help with Google Docs applications. 5. My Wiki Made using wiki spaces Will use with all of my classes Students will respond online to discussion topics every week. Homework and classwork assignments as well as calendar of with due dates will be accessible to students Copies of completed class notes can be downloaded by students Links for students to help with class content Unit pages that include videos, pictures and other cool information for use in and out of class. 6. Used Topic is Outside the classroom, which chronicles what kids can learn when they are not in school. I used my own family for the things we did this summer and plan to keep up with things we do during weekends and holidays throughout the year. Would like others to comment or follow to hear about their experiences. I plan to share this with my colleagues. 7. RSS stands for Rich Site Summary It is a collection of self selected websites and blogs that change their content frequently. These sites syndicate their content. The benefit is that all your favorite news websites and blogs are found in one place. RSS Feeders can be organized into categories such as News, Education, Technology, Sports, Health, etc. Allows you to stay up to date on sites you follow with a glance at the feeder. My class content is partially based on current events, so this will allow me to quickly scan for news stories of interest. I used Bloglines as my RSS Feeder. 8. Web 2.0 is called the second generation of the world wide web because is has web based platforms for programs. It allows people to easily collaborate and share ideas and content Examples include wikis, blogs, Wordle, Animoto, Prezi and thousands more! I chose to do a Prezi. Prezi is like PowerPoint on steroids. It is a web-based presentation tool that uses a canvas and lets you to zoom to certain places to highlight details of a main idea. It follows an order set by the Prezi creator. Allows for creativity and is an alternative to traditional presentation software.