Blogs, RSS, and Wikis

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Blogs, RSS, and Wikis. Overview. Blogs Definition, history Impact, examples RSS Definition, history How it works, examples Wikis Definition, history History, uses What does all of this have in common, and why does it matter? Definition, impact What does this have to do with IA?. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Blogs, RSS, and Wikis

OverviewBlogsDefinition, historyImpact, examplesRSSDefinition, historyHow it works, examplesWikisDefinition, historyHistory, usesWhat does all of this have in common, and why does it matter?Definition, impact What does this have to do with IA?

BlogsDefinitionHistoryPre 1998Blog hosting servicesProliferationImpactTrent LottThe trend continues

RSS DefinitionHistoryHow it worksExamples (RSS file and software)

WikisDefinitionHistoryVannevar Bush: the MemexWard CunninghamUsesUser-Generated ContentDefinitionImpactPackaged Goods media to Conversational mediaPassive audiences to active audiencesWhat does this have to do with IA?Creating a semantic structure to harness collective intelligenceMicroformats, RDFOngoing issuesRoles for IAs

11The challenge for the next generation of the Social and Semantic Webs is to find the right match between what is put online and methods for doing useful reasoning with the data. -Tom Gruber

Leuf, B., and W. Cunningham.The wiki way, quick collaboration on the web. Addison-Wesley Professional, 2001.Heath, T., and C. Bizer.Linked data, evolving the web into a global data space. Morgan & Claypool Publishers, 2011.Bush, Vannevar. As We May Think, The Atlantic Monthly, 176(1):101-108, July 1945.

Gruber, Tom. Collective Knowledge Systems: Where the Social Web Meets the Semantic Web, Semantic Web and Web 2.0, 176(1):4-13, December 2007