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Useful Tips for Everyday Life. By : 京都留学生 OB ・ OG 会 Indonesian Students Association. Contents. 1. Housing 2. Garbage Disposal 3. Information Network for Foreigners 4. Flight Tickets & International Phone Cards 5. Bargain Supermarkets 6. Home Appliances 7 . Emergency Situations - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Transcript of Useful Tips for Everyday Life

  • Useful Tips for Everyday Life

    ByOBOGIndonesian Students Association

  • ContentsHousingGarbage DisposalInformation Network for ForeignersFlight Tickets & International Phone CardsBargain SupermarketsHome Appliances7Emergency Situations8. How to Find (Part-time) Work

  • -Housing Information

    Co-op & Foreign Students Section, in each University.House Navi (Kyoto International Community House)Elitz Real Estate Agent ()If needed, OBOG can provide

    Other Real Estate Agents

  • -2Housing InformationSearch for an apartment in thedesired areaArrange meetingwith the managingAgent/OwnerHave a look If OK, arrange the contract

  • SourcesInternet, message boards, HousingFairs, magazine, Real Estate Agents, etc.

    Point Always compare pricesPoint In February, March, August, September, room availability changes very fastPoint Always consult with an experienced person (friends, etc.)-3Housing Information

  • InsuranceThe Real Estate AgentThe Consortium of Universities in Kyoto Students basic monthly rent-(kyouekihi) shared utilities charge-(reikin) courtesy/key money-(shikikin) / (hoshoukin) deposit-(chuukaitesuuryou) agency feeExpect to pay everything 1 month before moving-3Housing Information

  • -4Housing Types

    University-owned housing international house, dormitory, etc.Low priceNear campusSelection is usually strict

    For more info, contact the Foreign Students Division in your university

  • -4 Housing Types

    Foreigner/Foreign Students HousingMedium to Low priceMany chance for inter- national socializationSelection is sometimes strictEx. /Kyoto International Student House.

  • -4 Housing Types

    (shiei jyuutaku) Public HousingMedium to Low priceGood for familySelection is sometimes strict

    More info

  • -4Housing Types

    Real Estate agentsmany selections availablecomparable pricesagency fee ()

  • -1Garbage Disposal


  • In Kyoto, garbage disposal methods: depend on the type of garbage use a special designated bag picked up only on specific days and places

    For specifics, please consult your real estate agent, building owner/landlord, neighbors, Japanese friend, school advisor, or older classmate.

  • Household Garbage TypesKitchen garbagePlasticsbesides containersPaperGlass, etc. Beverage/Food cansBeverage/Food bottlesShoyu/Sauce pet bottles. Small metal objects, Spray cans.Paper packageDry cell batteriesUsed tempura oilReturnable bottlesFluorescent lights.NewspaperMagazineCardboard.Large-sized wasteOne-time high volume garbage.Small home electronics.

  • -Garbage Disposal Kitchen garbage, Plastics besides containersPaperGlass, etc. 2x / Week

    Beverage/Food cansBeverage/Food bottlesShoyu/Sauce pet bottles. 1x / Week

    The special garbage bags can be purchased at: Supermarkets, Convenience Stores, etc.

  • -Garbage Disposal Paper packageDry cell batteriesUsed tempura oilReturnable bottlesFluorescent lights.NewspaperMagazineCardboard.Large-sized wasteOne-time high volume garbage.Small metal objects, Spray cans.1x / Month

  • Information Network for ForeignersKyoto International Community House Message Board, etc. Foreign Student Division in each university

  • Flight Tickets and International Phone CardsCo-opFlight Tickets Tickets & Intl. Phone CardsContact(Kan)TEL06-6634-7739FAX06-6536-8963Mobile090-8538-6479

  • Bargain Supermarkets/gyoumu supermarket vegetables, frozen goods, seasoningsLocations: Food Supplies/Jupiter Kyoto StationSupermarket Meidi-ya (Kyoto Sanjou, Supermarket) / JapanEveryday Supplies

  • Home AppliancesHome CenterOther foreigners (sayonara sale, etc.)Kyoto International Community House message board Flea Market. City Flea Market.

  • Emergency SituationsLearn, Discuss, Prepare. It is recommended to visit & learn at the Kyoto City Disaster Center (Kyoto Kujo, south of Kyoto Station)

  • EarthquakesBefore earthquakes occur, prepare yourself with necessary supplies. Identification, supplies, food, water, etc.In the event of an earthquake, calmly assess the situation and react accordingly. Evacuate or find cover under a desk, etc.

  • AccidentsMake sure any injured people are in a safe place.Call 110.Until help arrives, perform first-aid. When help arrives, give complete description of the event. Act according to the instructions of the Police.

  • Fires in your homeDont panic, and quickly call 119.Quickly try to douse the flame. Use fire extinguishers, buckets of water, dirt, or sand, Help others fill water as well.Dont force yourself. In the case of fire from oil, dont use water. It will explode and cause injury. Quickly escape If fire already reaches the ceiling, escape as fast as you can. Dont panic, and cover your mouth with a wet handkerchief/towel. Keep a low position while escaping, and try not to inhale smoke. Once outside, do not go back inside.

  • Fires outside your homeIf inside a department store, listen to the announcements, and evacuate calmly while following instructions from store employees. During hotel stays, always check for 2 or more evacuation routes. Smoke is more dangerous than fire. Stay low to the ground, and cover your nose & mouth with a wet handkerchief/towel. If inside a high-rise building/apartment, evacuate to the ground floor using the stairs. Elevators are stopped, so please refrain from using it. If smoke prevents going to the lower floors, evacuate to the roof and wait for rescue. Always evacuate calmly.Once you have evacuated outside, dont go inside.

  • How to Find (Part-time) WorkUniversity students Part-time job posting Career guidance counselingHello Work ( Foreign language assistance (Eng/Spa/Por)( Forum Net ( (Nikkei job, Rikunavi, )

  • How to Find (Part-time) WorkHello Work

    520-0043 13:0017:004-6-52TEL077-522-3773525-0027 13:0017:00171TEL077-562-3720600-8235 13:0017:00893TEL075-341-8609612-8058 13:0017:00232TEL075-602-8609530-0001 10:0016:001-2-218:00215 13:0018:00TEL06-63441135 13:0018:00 13:0018:00590-00282413:0017:00152813:0017:00TEL072-222-504913 13:0017:00 13:0017:002

  • How to Find (Part-time) WorkKokoka message board

  • How to Find (Part-time) WorkKokokaRyugakusei Netonly for students

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