Useful Tips For Campers

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Transcript of Useful Tips For Campers

  • CampersI N O R D E R T O H A V E A H A S S L E F R E E C A M P I N G E X P E R I E N C E


  • Fill up a bottle with hotwater before going to bed. It

    will act like a hot water-bottle for you.

  • Before lighting up a campfire, make sure that there is

    no fire restriction sign inthat area.

  • In order to experience a safe andhassle free camping trip with your

    loved ones, ensure to takeappropriate precautions while

    packing the luggages.

  • Before setting up a tent, ensure that theplace is located far away from any kind

    of water disturbances such as waterlogging issues due to heavy rain, or other

    natural calamities.

  • If your kids are travelling withyou, then pack some entertaining

    indoor games to keep themengrossed.

  • If you have prepared tocamp in winter, then make

    sure to pack synthetic orwoolen clothes in order to

    ensure full comfort.

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