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  • 1. How to Do It? 11 Useful Direct Marketing Tips Direct Marketing Tips by Mediapost Hit Mail #8
  • 2. 1. Dont underestimate it under Direct marketing is not as fancy as TV. Thats why people treat it not so seriously. However, it is quite hard not to pay attention to something that comes through your door with your name on it. And if it's persuasive enough it makes people do something. And, you know what? It is measurable.
  • 3. 2. When renting databases, always test them first. You will save a lot of money. You may already know this, but its worth repeating it, because usually obvious is overlooked. Which leads to...
  • 4. 3. Always do tests Always have in mind that small changes could bring significant results. Moreover, small changes are almost invariably free or very cheap. Keep monitoring your test results and they will guide you through the road to success. And, what is also important, they will provide you with a back-up alternative when results go down. Because sooner or later they will.
  • 5. 4. What do you know? Use the information that you have about your customers or prospects when contacting them. Dont keep if for yourself - personalized letters, e- mails or any other promotional materials could significantly boost your results. And by using the data you have wisely, you will speak to the right people, at the right time, with the most relevant proposal.
  • 6. 5. Give something Try incentives related to some actions: registration, opt-in, enquiry, early buying, telling a friend (and prove it), buying more etc. But never give something for nothing - it wont pay for itself. Organize sweepstakes or contests, send collectible gifts, but ask people to react.
  • 7. 6. Dont be clever You dont need to blind your customers with knowledge or creativity when the only thing they might need is a relevant product or service. Say what you have to say in a way it will convince them to buy. If you want to entertain them - good, but dont be funny about serious things (money, loans, insurances etc.).
  • 8. 7. Explain in details Tests reveal that long copy almost always beats short copy. You might think that brevity is good, but when you are sending direct mail you dont expect everybody to react - only those who are interested in your proposal. Use the letter or the e-mail you are sending to explain every reason to buy, answer possible questions and retain objections. Offer clean and strong benefits. Describe clearly what you are offering. Ask people to reply and to do something. Space is what you need to have a complete and convincing story.
  • 9. 8. Prove what youre saying If you think that people will believe what you say just because you are saying it, you will be in trouble. Use everything that you could use to prove your statements - testimonials, research results and statistics, reports, newspaper or magazine articles. Offer guarantees. Your money back if you are not satisfied usually will bring you amazing results.
  • 10. 9. Value of a name A customer that you got for just 3 BGN is leaving in your pocket 50 BGN over one year. Another one that you got for 20 BGN is spending 2000 BGN. Which one is better? Dont forget to check what the quality of the database you are gathering is. Usually banners build weak databases while direct mail or flyers gather top- quality names. But you never know before testing it, dont you?
  • 11. 10. What people hear? Its not important what do you say - it is what your customers or prospects hear. Here are several ways of saying the same thing. The green one is often working best, but dont forget to test it. 1. 20 % off! 2. Save 20%! 3. Save 10 leva! 4. Pay 20% less! 5. Buy four, get one FREE! 6. Time-limited discount!
  • 12. 11. What people read? We live in terrible times: everyone is writing, but nobody is reading. (Oscar Wilde) This is true even nowadays - people read what they want to read, not what it is written. So be precise and instantly clear. Dont leave it obscure or confusing.
  • 13. More to come: 1. Why Do You Need Your Own Database? 2. How to Build a Database? 3. How to Manage Your Database? 4. How to Segment your Customers? 5. Tests - How to Run and Analyze Them? 6. The Deliverability Problem 7. Personalization 8. Online & SMS Promotions 9. Useful Direct Marketing Tips 10. How to Launch Your CRM Program? 11. The Advantages of Direct Marketing (Summary)
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  • 16. Hello, We are very close to the end of the Direct Marketing Tips series. Dont forget that we would be glad to know your opinion on it. Please drop us an e-mail at office@mediaposthitmail.bg, or call us at +359 885 360 715. You will get FREE all the presentations, in case youve missed some of them. Thanks! Hristo Radichev Country Manager, Mediapost Hit Mail P.S. Do you know someone that would be interested in our services? Or probably you want to know more about direct marketing? Why dont you give us a try - we wont charge you for the test if your results are better than ours for two out of three attempts. You dont lose anything if you try. A good deal, isnt it?