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    2014 - 2015AnnualReport

  • University of Nairobi

    2 UNIVERSITY OF NAIROBI ISO 9001:2008 certified ANNUAL REPORT 2014-2015

    OUR CORE VALUES freedom of thought and expression;

    innovativeness and creativity;

    good governance and integrity;

    team spirit and teamwork;


    quality customer service;

    responsible citizenship;

    national cohesion and inclusiveness.

    OUR VISION A world-class university committed to

    scholarly excellence.

    OUR MISSION To provide quality university education and training and

    to embody the aspirations of the Kenyan people and the

    global community through the creation, preservation,

    integration, transmission and utilization of knowledge.

  • Student Population 79, 000PhD 124Masters 3,477Bachelors 8,109Diplomas 2,063Post Graduate Diploma 102Other Awards 18

    Graduation Statistics 2014

    2014 - 2015AnnualReport


  • University of Nairobi

    4 UNIVERSITY OF NAIROBI ISO 9001:2008 certified ANNUAL REPORT 2014-2015

    C O N T E N T SForeword 05

    Vice-chancellors Mess age 06

    chancellor and Top ManageMenT 07

    deans and direcTors 08

    1. cenTral adMin i sTraT ion 10

    2. college oF agr iculTure and VeTer inar y sc iences 25

    9. college oF archiTecTure and engineer ing 39

    4. college oF Biologic al and phys ic al sc iences 50

    5. college oF educ aT ion and exTernal sTudies 65

    7. college oF healTh sc iences 76

    8. college oF huManiT ies and social sc iences 89

    10. F inanc ial sTaTeMenT 129

  • 5 UNIVERSITY OF NAIROBI ISO 9001:2008 certified ANNUAL REPORT 2014-2015

    ForewordThe 2014 University of Nairobi Annual Report captures the main activities of the academic departments and administrative units in the year. The report gives details of the teaching programmes on offer, admission statistics, graduation statistics, research papers presented at international meetings and conferences, publications, corporate social responsibility functions and the years financial statement.

    In this report, the University accounts for itself within its stated mandate of Teaching and Learning, Research, Consultancy and Community service to its various stakeholders. The report also highlights the infrastructural position of the University, including ICT infrastructure plus details of the staffing levels in various units. The financial situation in the University during the period is also highlighted.

    We hope that this Annual Report has captured pertinent issues of interest to our stakeholders. We shall appreciate your feedback.

    Published byOffice of the Vice-ChancellorPublic Relations DepartmentUniversity of NairobiP.O. Box 30197 - 00100 NairobiTel: 020 - 020-3318262 Ext 28263Telefax: 020 2246369Email: pr@uonbi.ac.kewww.uonbi.ac.ke

    CoPyrightUniversity of Nairobi, 2015All rights reserved

  • University of Nairobi

    6 UNIVERSITY OF NAIROBI ISO 9001:2008 certified ANNUAL REPORT 2014-2015

    Vice-chancellor's Message

    Prof. Peter Mbithi, Vice-Chancellor

    The 2014 Annual Report is a statement of the status of the University during the year, detailing issues of research, publications, staff postings and physical infrastructure. The University has continued to discharge its core mandate as guided by the 2013-2018 Strategic Plan, in pursuit of its vision of A World Class University committed to scholarly Excellence.

    As the premier institution of higher learning in Kenya, the University has continued to offer quality education and training that meets the expectations of industry and the general populace. This is evident from the huge array of programmes on offer, which are built within curricula that is prepared in consultation with Industry. The University has also risen to the challenge of Kenyas Vision 2030 in terms of offering Kenyans greater opportunities for transiting to University, and ultimately, making a significant contribution in turning Kenya into a middle income economy.

    The report also details the Universitys financial performance during the year, which show a financial state of good health. The good performance of the University is attributed to the commitment and dedication of staff who worked tirelessly to support management in achieving University objectives. Within the year a lot of support, direct and in kind, was received from the government, donors, sponsors, alumni and other stakeholders.

    2014 was also the year of transition as we bid goodbye to the outgoing Vice-Chancellor, Prof. George Magoha and welcome the seventh Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Peter Mbithi in January 2015.

    Kindly give us feedback not only on the issues dealt herein, but on others which we can cover next time. This will assist us in improving service delivery to our clients, customers and the public.


    Dr. Idle Omar FarahChairman, University Council

    Prof. Henry W. MutoroDeputy Vice-Chancellor

    Academic Affairs

    Prof. Lucy W. IrunguDeputy Vice-Chancellor, Research,

    Production and Extention

    Prof. Bernard AdudaPrincipal, CBPS

    Prof. Agnes W. Mwangombe Principal, CAVS

    Prof. Enos H.NjeruPrincipal, CHSS

    Prof. Horace OchandaDeputy Principal, Kenya Science (Ag)

    Prof. Bernard N.K. NjorogeAdministration & Finance

    Prof. Peter NgauPrincipal, CAE

    Prof. Isaac KibwagePrincipal, CHS

    Prof. Peter M.F. MbithiVice-Chancellor

    Dr.Vijoo RattansiChancellor

    Prof.Isaac M. MbecheDeputy Vice-Chancellor, Student Affairs

    Prof. Isaac O. JumbaPrincipal, CEES (Ag)

    Prof. Peter KObonyoDeputy Principal, CHSS

    As at December 2015


    Prof. J.W. KimenjuDean, Faculty of Agriculture

    DR. M. KinyuaDirector, School of the Arts &


    Prof. W. OkelloDirector, School of

    Computing & Informatics

    Prof. W.J. AkalaDean, School of Education

    Prof. A.GuantaiDean, School of Pharmacy

    Prof. C. MuleiDean, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine

    Prof. Mwangi MbuthiaDean, School of Engineering

    Dr. G. ObieroCoordinator, Centre for

    Biotechnology & Bioinformatics

    Prof. H. Kidombo Dean, School of Continuing & Distance Education (Ag.)

    Dr. D. Ongore, Director, School of Public Health

    Prof. S. Kiama, Director,Wangari Maathai Institute

    Prof. Robert RukwarooDean, School of the Built Environment

    D. M. MainaDirector,Institute of

    Nuclear Science & Technology

    Prof. P.G.O. WekeDirector, School of Mathematics

    Prof. L. Gacheca Dean, School of Dental Sciences

    Prof. C. NyamaiDean, School of Physical Sciences


    Prof. P. N. NdegwaDirector, School of Biological


    Prof. F.N. WereDean, School of Medicine

    Dr. G.M. OmoniDirector, School of Nursing

    Sciences (Ag.)

    Prof. J.M. MImunya Director, UNITID

    Mr. J. OdumbeCoordinator, Open and

    Distance Learning Center

    As at December 2015


    Prof. J. Mariara, Director, School of Economics

    Prof. M. NzomoDirector, Institute of Diplomacy

    International Studies

    Prof. P. WasambaDean, Faculty of Arts

    Dr. W. Kiai, Director,School of Journalism and

    Mass Communication

    Dr. C. M. OlungaDirector, Institute of Anthropology,

    Gender and African Studies

    Mr. I. Otieno Director, Information,

    Communication & Technology Center

    Prof. N. Oguge Coordinator, Centre for

    Advanced Studies in Environmental Law & Policy

    Dr. J. AdudaDean, School of Business

    Prof. W. Mitulla, Director, Institute for Development Studies

    Dr. Sophia KaaneDirector, Library and Information


    Prof L. NjengaDirector, Board of

    Postgraduate Studies

    Prof. J.Midiwo, Director, Board of Common

    Undergraduate Courses

    Prof. P. Kameri-Mbote Dean, School of Law

    Prof. G. MuriukiSpecial Students Advisor

    Prof. J. W. MwangiCordinator, Intellectual

    Property Office

    Prof. W. Ogara, Director, Centre for International

    Programmes and Linkages

    Dr.(Fr) D. WamugundaDean of Students.

    Mr. R. LugweDirector, Students Welfare


    Dr. M.R.B OtienoChief Medical Officer (Ag)

    Mrs. P.W. KhaoyeRegistrar, Student Affairs


    Mrs. B. Wanjala Registrar, Research, Production

    and Extention (Ag)

    Mr. P. BusieneiFinance Officer

    Mr. B. M. WaweruAcademic Registrar (Ag)

    Dr. D. M. Bulinda Registrar, Administration (Ag)

    Mr. B.D NjugunaPlanning Registrar (Ag)

    Prof. M. KimaniDirector, Population Studies

    Research Institute

    Prof. Wanjiku KabiraDirector, Africa Womens

    As at December 2015

  • University of Nairobi

    10 UNIVERSITY OF NAIROBI ISO 9001:2008 certified ANNUAL REPORT 2014-2015

    1.1 Administration DepartmentThe Administration department is the human resource department of the university and is comprised of three sections namely: Administration; Personnel; Recruitment and training.

    The key functions of the department can broadly be described into two areas of general administration and human resource functions for recruitment and training and retention of employees.

    StaffIn 2014, the department had 53 members of staff.

    Achievements In 2014, the department recruited 171 members of staff into service of the university, in various cadres. In the same year, 97 members of staff exited from service as follows: