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Made by 2012 First Year Students

Transcript of 2012 UON VISCOM Summer Zine

  • ZINE.indd 1 26/02/2013 11:18:57 AM

  • BUYING STUFF -ONE notebook, Its VISUAL communica-tion, the first year courses are not heavy on notes. Get a mutli-divide A4 and youll be set.

    -Sketch books. Youll use plenty so go for quantity over quality

    -Text books? No way! Wait and see how the course goes before get-ting one. Even then you can buy used.

    -Supplies! Pens etc can be bought on the fly. Buddy up with an-yone for the gauche needed in drawing class -

    itll be cheaper, and you may never use it again!

    -Always remember THE INTERNET!Ebay = savings = beer!

    Yo, welcome to VisCom. This is a zine made by previous first years, created over the holidays as a guide to anyone starting out in the degree in 2013.

    Gooooodluck! Hope the year goes well, and remember to ask as many questions and help to your lecturers and tutors, itll do you good.

    It may, or may not, contain helpful hints and tricks, guides and works weve done in 2012, and is also a collaboration of works, with each page showcasing each students style and artistic flare.

    ZINE.indd 2-3 26/02/2013 11:19:00 AM

  • START BY; opening your goddamn mouth and saying Hello. I know how unpleasant social niceties are, but theyre not going away, so suck it up and make some companions.

    SHOW YOUR WORK. Your brain immediately turns into a whiney little bitch going along the lines of Its not good enough, that girls is better, Im just going to go home and admire it in the half light of my desk lamp. GROW THE HELL UP. Your work is how people know what youre good at and will end up being how you make a name for yourself amongst your peers and tutors.

    ALWAYS BE OPEN TO FEEDBACK*. Listen to every opinion you get about your work, idiot or otherwise. Upload your work to the interweb full of your fellow comrades, generally every chump online that should be doing something else (all of them) will give you an endless flow of knowledgable (Ha!) design advice. *The one exception to this rule is the people that raised you. Either theyre stupid pricks that think comic sans is the best thing since fairy bread or theyre soft and coddling and any feedback will consist of Wow! Thats amazing honey or Looks great!... No.

    JOIN DESIGN CLUB. If youre reading this, youre already ahead when it comes to this. Design club provides a chance for you to do all of the things above without having to do them separately. On top of that they run festive events throughout your school year that some find enjoyable. The fact that these events usually include copious amounts of alcohol means that I am amongst that crowd. But more than all that, the elbow grease you put in throughout the year for the club comes back in your favour at the end of the year in the form of a shining reference from one of your expert tutors.


    Here comes the speech that youre going to be hearing for the next few years of your artsy fartsy little degree. At the end of it you will be expected to be able to quote it word for word. Your success is based upon this ability. So listen up.

    Have a look around you. These children walking around playing

    with wacom tablets and calling themselves designers are your

    future life lines, your connections, your favours, your I know a guys. This applies not only during your time here, but also throughout your entire life. While youre going to come out

    a highly trained specialist of your craft, there will always be people

    that are better at different parts of that craft than you.

    You dont know everything and you cant do everything on a giant project.

    Acknowledge this now instead of later, it will save you a hell of a lot of scotch. The chumps around you are in your

    position too, meaning theyre your potential income.

    So now youre wondering how youre going to

    go about using this gift

    Ive given you?

    -Swanson out.

    ZINE.indd 4-5 26/02/2013 11:19:00 AM


    Make new friends. You cant rely on your mate Greg studying Engineering to help you out when theres a pop quiz and you have forgotten what kerning

    and justification mean.

    Learn what kerning and justification mean. In fact, make yourself a little cheat sheet of design words, it will make you sound more professional.

    Dont leave assignments to the last second, it will stress you out and youll get a bad mark. I know that one is kind of obvious but honestly, your tutors

    and lecturers will know if you have left it too late, they are psychic or wizards from the netherworld or something.

    Mee Goreng, seriously, stock up on it. Its cheap and it fuels your mind for whenyou left that website design assignment to 4am the night before its due,

    (I told younot to procrastinate).

    Get a cat. Buy one, find one, steal one, Im not judging you just get a cat and cuddle the shit out of it. You need some sort of escape when youre getting a bit

    stressed so find a cat and share your feelings with it. Or get some friends, whichever has you less likely to be mauled.

    Actually have a social life, do things, go outside, and get off Tumblr for a little bit. 9 times out of 10 the best ideas for your assignments come when youre not

    thinking about them so get out there and have fun, youll enjoy your degree far morewhen youre calm and having fun!

    And no Comic Sans. Please.

    ZINE.indd 6-7 26/02/2013 11:19:00 AM

  • underway

    Sam is cool (4.23)Chris and Carl are too but not as much (1.45)

    Underway delivers the original sounds of Loxx, one of the newest and most sought-after bands from Newcastle, Australia.

    For the latest on performance times and album releases

    visit www.localbands.org.au.

    2012 Loxx. All rights reserved. Unauthorised copying, public performance, broadcasting, hiring or rental of this product is strictly prohibited.

    Student Works

    Anna Thomas - Self Portraits

    Tim Moad - Photographs

    Kent Spencer - Album Cover Robyn Roach - Gig Ticket, Posters

    ZINE.indd 8-9 26/02/2013 11:19:07 AM

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  • Library Diaries The only time visom students go to the library is when the macs are malfunction-ing but in the off chance you find yourself sheltering from the rain, its worth checking out NEWCAT the uni database for both physical and electronic journals.

    Theyre a blend of coffee table type books and relevant research articles that far surpass a google images search, keyword inspiring.

    With names such as eye, they are found in the Huxley Library basement on the hunter side. Just browsing categorised J745 can keep you going when

    youve got 40 self portraits to finish in 4 hours.Its easy to borrow by creating a pin on your student card and go all high tech using a self serve checkout if you like.

    If you have time to spare there are always regular library tours for those keen few.by Emily Frame

    ZINE.indd 12-13 26/02/2013 11:19:07 AM

  • Apparently not.

    ZINE.indd 14-15 26/02/2013 11:19:07 AM

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  • Nic Fields. February 2013. Zine Advertisement.

    WELCOME NEW FIRST YEARSPick up your copy of the SURVIVAL GUIDE for an insight

    to the rst year of Visual Communication Design.

    Deigned by last years rst years.

    Join & dowload a copy @ Follow & be inspired @

    f facebook.Summer Zine Project t. tumblr.@summerzine2012.tumblr.com

    Did someone miss out on a copy of this zine? Dont worry, you can view it online!


    Designed by last years first years!

    ZINE.indd 18-19 26/02/2013 11:19:11 AM

  • Page Contributors1 - Kent Spencer2 - Eddy Dew

    3 & 4 - Tim Moad4 & 5 - Zoe Nowak9 & 10 - Meg Clarke

    11 & 12 - Emily Frame13 & 14 - Tanner Johnson

    17 - Nicholas Fields 15, 16, 18 -Robyn Roach

    Design Elementspointline



    Design Principalsscale


    Thankyou also toZoe Thorn, Lachlan Jordan, Maccas Zinebot,

    and Design Club for their logo use.

    ZINE.indd 20 26/02/2013 11:19:12 AM