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  • 1. Chapter 9: Life in Early TexasSection 1: Texas Fever

2. Gone to Texas During the 1820s-30s the population of Texas surged Some settlers from Europe and other parts of Mexico 3. Gone to TexasMost early settlersin Texas werefarmers from the United States. 4. Gone to Texas Pull factors: Cheap land Easy payments 5. Gone to Texas Push factors: Debts from the Panic of 1819 andresulting depression Inability of U.S. officials tocollect debts or get fugitives inTexas 6. Gone to Texas Word spreads that Texas is a place filled with outlaws and undesirable people 7. Gone to Texas G.T.T. Gone to Texasa phrase that often meant that someone disappeared 8. The People of Texas By 1834 a Mexican official estimated that Texas population was 21,000: 15,000 from the U.S.most were English, Irish, or Scottish ancestry Squatters: people who do not legally own the land on which they live 9. The People of Texas 1834: Tejano population was about 4,000 Most lived around Nacogdoches or San Antonio Most Tejanos welcome Americans saw them as a boost to economy and protection against Indians 10. The People of Texas Europeans: primarily of British, German, French, or Italian background African Americans 2000 slave 150 free 11. Getting to Texas and Choosing Land 1835: an estimated 1,000 settlers entering Texas each month Coming to Texas: Wagon trains Horseback Walked Water 12. Getting to Texas and Choosing Land Flatboatsmeans of transportation for many settlers 13. Getting to Texas and Choosing Land Usually settled around rivers and streams Fertile soil and mild climate attracted many U.S. settlers to the Gulf Coast Plain and Piney Woods Avoided Apache & Comanche lands 14. Why U.S. Setters Came: How They Traveled: G. T. T.