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Transcript of TX History Ch 14.1

  • 1. Chapter 14:Texas Faces Foreign Challenges Section 1:Foreign Recognition of Texas

2. Bellwork

  • Why might a new nation want to establish relations with other nations?

3. Establishing Diplomatic Ties

  • Foreign Relations official dealings with other nations
  • Texas most wantedMexicoto recognize its independence

4. Establishing Diplomatic Ties

  • Why recognition?
    • Mexico might then recognize independence
    • Immigration to Texas
    • Foreign trade & loans
    • Could lead to U.S. annexation

5. Establishing Diplomatic Ties

  • Annexation Issue:
    • War with Mexico
    • Slavery

U.S. Flag 1837-1845 6. Establishing Diplomatic Ties

  • 1836: Andrew Jackson sends Henry Morfit to Texas
  • Submits a negative report
  • Jacksondoubtfulthat Republic could survive

Andrew Jackson 7. Establishing Diplomatic Ties

  • Republic's problems:
    • Population too small
    • Too much debt
    • Powerful enemy

8. Foreign Recognition

  • William H. Wharton sent to U.S.
  • Reports reach U.S. that Mexico is in chaos
  • U.S. recognizes Texas

William H. Wharton 9. Foreign Recognition

  • Alc e Louis La Branche U.S. representative sent to Texas in 1837
  • Memucan Hunt sent to Washington D.C.

Memucan Hunt 10. Foreign Recognition

  • Oct 1838:withdraw request for annexation
  • James Pinckney Henderson Texas diplomat sent to Europe in 1837

James Pinckney Henderson 11. Foreign Recognition

  • European nations wanted Texasto stay independentto prevent U.S. expansion
  • Sept 1837:France recognizes Texas

French Legation 12. Foreign Recognition

  • Great Britain, Belgium, and the Netherlands recognize Texas
  • Mexico continues to refuse to recognize Texas

13. Foreign Recognition Why Important United States: Europe: Mexico: How Successful