Tradional Dental HVE and SE Valve comparison to NEW Disposable HVE and SE DOVE Brand Valves

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Why your Dental Office should consider Disposable HVE and SE Evacuation Valves

Transcript of Tradional Dental HVE and SE Valve comparison to NEW Disposable HVE and SE DOVE Brand Valves

  • 1. Cost Effective Disposables For Patient SafetyStoma Dental Why Consider DOVE Disposable HVE and SE Valves1

2. Current HVE/SE Valves Existing HVE and SE Valves are metal. Existing Tips for HVE and SE Valves are disposable (Saliva Ejector and Aspirator Tips). Dental Protocol requires Valve exteriors to be wiped down between patients. Dependent on office, Valves are flushed at the end of the day, 1 time per week or sporadically. Reprocessing/Autoclaving does not guarantee 100% clean or sterile. The HVE and SE Valves sit approximately 3-4 from each patients mouth. Valves assist in the removal of dental materials (blood, debris, etc) and serve as the open/close function of the vacuum2 3. Current HVE/SE ValvesHave you faced this situation at your dentist office? Backflow occurs about 21% when patients close their lips around the saliva ejector tip to evacuate their mouth. A study concluded that a sudden drop in vacuum line pressure can cause the backflow of fluids in the saliva ejector tip.3 4. Backflow of Valves Valve InteriorRed Area NOT Wiped This image is a Valve after a procedure, blood and debris residue is evident. Current protocol requires valve exteriors must be wiped down between patients. The image on the right displays the area that is NOT wiped down between patients. Considering the previous slide backflow study, does this concern you? 4 5. Stoma Dental DOVE (Disposable Oral Valve Evacuation) HVE ValveSE Valve DOVE Disposable Oral Valve Evacuation system is a low-cost, precisiondesigned, easy-to-use HVE and SE Valve evacuation system. Worlds First Disposable, Single-use HVE and SE Valves. The tapered elongated extension end of the DOVE SE and the DOVE HVE attaches and quick disconnects into the standard tailpiece vacuum hose connectors. They are infused with an antimicrobial that provides inhibitory activity against a wide range of microorganisms. Every patient receives a NEW Valve 5 6. Maintenance Comparison Metal Valves To routinely maintain & sterilize the METAL HVE and SE (saliva ejector) valves after disconnecting from the vacuum: 1. Turn off the vacuum or open the control valve before disconnecting the HVE or saliva ejector. 2. Remove the vacuum tip from the HVE or saliva ejector. Discard disposable vacuum tips. 3. Remove the HVE or SE valve body assembly from the vacuum line by pulling it away from the tubing. 4. Disassemble the valve body assembly by pushing the control valve out of the HVE or saliva ejector valve body. This step involves in upwards of multiple small components. 5. Inspect the O-rings. Remove and discard if damaged. Routine lubrication of O-rings. 6. Clean undamaged O-rings with a soft brush and a health authority approved detergent. O-rings may be cleaned in place or removed and cleaned at the discretion of the user. 7. Clean all exterior & interior surfaces of the valve body and control valve using a approved detergent & brushes. Lumens or channels of the valve body must be cleaned with a brush of the proper length/diameter. 8. Rinse thoroughly with water. Sterilize and test instrument when placed back at chairside.HVE Metal Valve Parts - Photo is from Yaeger Dental 7. Maintenance Comparison DOVE Disposable DOVE instructions: 1. Remove and discard used HVE or SE by pulling it away from the tubing. 2. (Optional) Place Tailcap on the Vacuum line to stop flow 3. Replace with a NEW Valve by pushing the HVE or SE Valve onto the Tailpiece 8. Conclusion Why consider Disposable DOVE Valves? DOVE Valves adapt to any suction line DOVE Valves are disposable and clean for every patient DOVE Valves reduce the risk of patient backflow DOVE Valves save time and do not require maintenance8 9. Thank You For Your Time Slide 3 reference: Please visit for more information Phone inquiries 1-800-855-DOVE9