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  • The hidden key to ecommerce personalization

    Know your own products

  • You dont need usto tell you

    Informatica PIM

  • is the next big innovation wave in ecommerce.


    Everyones been saying it for a decade but now its really happening.

    Informatica PIM

  • And personalization is the ultimate form of targeting.

    Because targeted marketing is more effective

    than non-targeted marketing.

    Informatica PIM

  • Informatica PIM

    In every channel, intelligent personalization out-performs one-size-fits-all commerce.

    on websites in email

    on mobile apps and sites

    in call centers

    in social media

  • Personalization is better.

    Segmentation is good.

  • Make no mistake.The retailers who understand this will rip huge chunks of market share from the flanks of retailers who dont.

    Informatica PIM

  • In the mad rush to catch up, retailers everywhere are scrambling to capture and integrate their customer data.

    Informatica PIM

  • You need to use everything you know about each customer so you can market and sell to them more effectively in every channel.

    The idea is simple and sound:

    Informatica PIM

  • Informatica PIM

    to intelligent personalization and customer insight is only one of them.

    But heres the thing.There are


  • Informatica PIM

    As a retailer you need to know:1


    All about your customersTheir profiles, preferences, histories and behaviors across all channels.

    All about your productsSo you can map that personal insight to the things each customer is most likely to buy.

  • Informatica PIM

    Most retailers would see that statement and think

    Theyre our products.

    Well of course we know all about our products.

  • WrongWrongWrong

    But most retailers would be

    Informatica PIM

  • WrongWrongWrong

    Because most retailers dont manage their product information as the critical business asset that it is.

    Informatica PIM

    Most retailers dont know their own products very well at all.

  • That was kind of okay in the old mass-market world. In the new, personalized, omnichannel world, its utterly unsustainable.

    Informatica PIM

  • The problems that plague product information are


    Informatica PIM

  • Informatica PIM

    so shoppers arent sure and click away.

    with different images or descriptions in different channels.

    because it takes so long to update each channel.

    relying on generic data instead of on-brand descriptions, images and video.

    Its incomplete Its out-of-date

    Its inconsistent Its boring

  • Informatica PIM

    so all of the above isnt likely to change.

    causing shelf lag that eats up sales and margin.

    Its stuck in silos Its takes ages toget to market

    Its managed manually

    so the mobile team has a different database from the web team and the store team and the...

  • If your product information suffers from any or all of the above afflictions, how can you deliver on the promise of the personalized customer experience?

    Think about this

    Informatica PIM

  • You might know your customers

    Informatica PIM

    but youre not really able to recommend and promote the exact products that theyre most likely to buy.


  • Informatica PIM

    The worse the


    The more

    you sell.PRODUCTS

    The more

    you sell them.PLACES

    So if youre pursuing an endless aisle assortment or an omnichannel strategy (or both), its a really, really good idea to get your product information management sorted out now.

  • about this.

    Nobody Talks

    Informatica PIM

  • Nobody Talks

    (the Single View of the Customer), only a few retailers have realized the power and potential of product information (the Single View of all Products).

    While everyone chases the customer insight part of the equation

    Informatica PIM

  • Informatica PIM

    Thats an opportunity for you.

  • If youre serious about personalization;

    If you want to sell everywhere your customers are;

    If you want to sell more products and get them to market faster;

    You need a new acronym in your life

    Informatica PIM

  • Product Information Management


    Informatica PIM

  • Informatica PIM

    This isnt the time or place to walk you through the many glories that add up to next-generation PIM. You can hit up our website for that.But we do want to leave you with one thought. Or one beautiful vision

  • you had a centralized Product Information Management platform.

    Informatica PIM

  • Informatica PIM

    And that all your suppliers could go in and update their information for you to approve and publish.

    And that it fed your product pages in every channel: web, mobile, social, call center, in-store, customer service everywhere.

    And heres the kicker that it fed your personalization system, too. Making it intelligent instead of blind.

  • (And if PIM matters to you we really should be talking.)

    If personalization matters to you,

    PIM should matter to you.

    Bottom line

    Informatica PIM

  • Were Informatica.Our PIM solution helps some of the worlds smartest, most successful multi-channel retailers get to market faster, delight more customers, make more money and streamline back-end processes.

    We also help combine PIM with other data like CRM profiles, transactions or ERP to get even more out of it.

    And we can do it for you.

    Informatica PIM

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