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June 9, 2013 - Semi-monthly publication of Oak Hill United Methodist Church

Transcript of The Cornerstone

  • Volume 35.11 June 09, 2013

    Oak Hill United Methodist ChurchWhere everyone is a minister

    7815 Highway 290 W. Austin, Texas 78736 512-288-3836 Pastors Jim Roberts, Pam Sheffield & Stella Burkhalter

    Sunday, June 98:45, 10:00 & 11:15

    Worship ServicesUMM Sunday

    Don Roets, SpeakerDiscipleship/Serving Others

    John 13:34-35

    Lay-Led Worship & Communion - 6:15 p.m.

    June 12 - Speaker: (youth)June 18 - Speaker: Hannah Roberts

    Sunday, June 168:45, 10:00 & 11:15 Worship Services

    Pastor Jim RobertsThe Prodigal Father Luke 15:1-3, 11-32

    Oak Hill UMC Vacation Bible School

    June 10-14, 2013

    June 10-14 the church campus will be filled with the fun and excitement of a worlds fair as we celebrate Gods welcoming love for everyone. It is Vacation Bible School week and 175 children and

    almost 100 youth and adult volunteers will be here to experience the love of Jesus through bible stories, arts and crafts, missions, science,

    music, recreation, snacks, and more!

    On Sunday, June 16, the children will be sharing some of the songs they learned at

    VBS with us at the 11:15 a.m. worship service. Many thanks to the church family for all the love and support that makes this awesome week of

    ministry with children possible.

    Small Group Launch Team Formation Sunday, June 9, at 11:15 in room A206

    Join Maria Longley, our Adult Ministries and Small Group Director for the first meeting of the Small Group Launch Team, Sunday, June 9th, at 11:15 in Room A206. Learn about plans for off-site, monthly dinner groups slated to start this fall. We need team captains, eager to host; those willing to help coordinate sign-ups; and cheerleaders to assist with promoting this exciting fellowship opportunity across the church campus. Jesus said, where two or three of you are together because of me, you can be sure Ill be there. Matthew 18:20, The Message. Lets get the party started!

    Everywhere Fun Fair takes children to a global celebration with the look and feel of a worlds fair. Children will make friends with neighbors around the world and discover that Gods love can be found everywhere, including their own neighbor-hoods. Children will discover that we are all neighbors and all children of God.

  • Our PrayersTo see the full prayer list, please go to the church website

    Our Gifts May 26, 2013General Fund $10,884Childrens Bldg Fund 1,019

    The Oak Hill United Methodist Church

    EndowmEnt FUndConsider making a gift to our church Endowment Fund.

    All contacts are confidential.Contact Doug Beckley,

    Endowment Chairperson, at 461-5269.

    June 02, 2013General Fund $20,705Childrens Bldg Fund $2,900UMCOR Tornado Relief 2,410

    Road Work SignsYou may have noticed the orange road work signs as you enter and leave Oak Hill UMC. The signs likely will be there for approximately the next 18 months as TXDOT upgrades six Highway 290 intersections from RM 1826 to Joe Tanner Lane. Specific improvements in front of the church include a new set of traffic signals and widening of Highway 290 to construct a paved 8-foot shoul-der and a middle turn lane going east. There is a middle turn lane from the Oak Hill UMC/ACC intersection going west to RM 1826. Additionally TXDOT will bore under Highway 290 to install a new waterline for the church. The new waterline will connect the waterline at the fire hydrant on the north side of Highway 290 with the churchs back flow-preventer. Finally, the new Oak Hill UMC sign must go into storage until the work in front of the Church is completed.

    Michael Stewart, Dave & Tracy Stewarts sonLoren RayNiko Ramirez, Rebecca Fontenots sisters sons friendJudi Hoghen, Lisa Wilsons motherFran BatchAmy ScottGlenda, Mother of Donna BrobergMarsha HughesValerie & Alexandra, daughter and granddaughter of Keith & Sybil MomiiAll who serve in the militaryPeace and stability in the Middle EastThe unemployed, the homeless, and our countrys leaders


    to give $10 to the Moore, Oklahoma recovery

    effort.The United Methodist Committee on Relief

    ((UMCOR) will use 100% of the donations for the

    recovery effort. Thats possible because churches like ours support UMCORs administrative costs all year long.

    This striking picture by Tom McNally shows the moon shining down on the Oak Hill UMC steeple and cross with its new lighting and paint. Wow!

    YOUR TRUSTEES AT WORkTexas Electric and Light, LLC installed four LED lights on the roof of the Sanctuary to light the cross. The LED lights are directed to the four sides of the cross and effectively light the cross while highlighting the steeple. See the photo. The LED bulbs require 96 watts versus watts for the two 400-watt bulbs that they replaced, for a savings of about $160 per year.

    In addition Texas Electric and Light, LLC painted the cross metallic silver and caulked around the windows in the steeple. The windows are the originals from when the Sanctuary was constructed, and there was some deteriora-tion of the glazing that held the weather stripping. Also crows were observed pulling on the weather stripping. The caulking and reattachment of the weather stripping will safeguard against leakage from rain for the next several years, possibly longer if drought conditions continue.

  • United Methodist Women

    The first OHUMC regional mission trip is scheduled for Galveston, Texas from June 19 to June 23 (Wednesday-Sunday morning). We are anticipating work planned by the full-time Mission Coordinator with the Moody UMC in Galveston. We will have sleeping rooms/facilities/kitchen/meeting areas at the Moody UMC campus. Our usual plan of operation includes: OHUMC van transportation plus individual autos and trucks for volunteer transportation to and from Galveston and on work sites; we need volunteers in charge of music, spiritual inspiration, meals, clean-up, tool-equipment-supplies transportation with OHUMC trailer, and assignments to work teams. We need YOU as volunteersone-day to three days. Please contact regional Mission Coordinator Wally Vog at 797-8958 or [email protected] for questions and more information by email.

    OHUMC Mission ToGalveston

    June 19-232013 UMW Book Club

    Our selection for June is This Will Be Remembered of Her: Stories of Women Reshaping the World by Megan McKenna. This book weaves together stories of women from the Bible and contemporary women from different parts of the world. Our next meeting will be on Thursday morn-ing, June 27, 10:00 at Panera Bread on William Cannon. Please contact Diana Goodloe at 906-1931 or [email protected] if you have questions.

    Habitat for Humanity Methodist Build The Methodist Build for 2013 is complete and was a rousing success! The house was dedicated on June 1st and received by a very grateful Sanchez family. The photos show what a great house we built. Thanks to everyone for your donations, your hard work on the site, your lunches, and your prayers.

    To my sisters in Christ,My name is Daniel and I am deployed

    from Spangdahlem, Germany to Kandahar, Afghanistan. I just began my deployment about

    three weeks ago and now I have just under six months remaining. I have a wife and son back home in America and my dog, my buddy, is being taken care of and waiting for my return in Germany. My wife is working hard and finishing up her degree of Worship Leadership. I miss them so much. My wife left Germany to complete her degree a few months ago so we will have been separated for a total of 12 months this year. We just got married on March 31st of last year. We have spent more time apart than together. So you can only imagine how many hours of Skype dates her and I have had. I had my first day off today after working for about twenty days straight, averaging about sixteen hours of work each day. After resting for the majority of my day off, I began to explore the base here and found a chapel. When I walked in, I found in the vestibule many free Bibles and Christian books. But what stood out to me was a clear con-tainer that had many ziplock bags with neck coolers/heaters in them. I read the special, printed note inside saying We want you to have this HUG from home. There is someone who made this just for you and who wishes that they could give you a real hug. With the separation from my family and the type of environment here in the midst of war, this gift from your ministry not only assured me of the love that came from complete strangers in Austin, Texas, but it assured me that Gods love was just a present here as it is back home. I believe that the return of our King is approaching very soon and we must be ready. I believe that we must continue to share His uncondi-tional love with all people no matter the cost. The same love that you sent me with this neck cooler is the same love that you must represent to all people; to your family, to the cashier at WalMart, to that really slow driver in front of you, to your worst enemy. Though I have never met any of you, I want to say that I love you all so very much. And as I use this neck cooler during these dreadfully hot summer days, I will carry each of you in my heart. One day, whether it be here on earth or when we all go to be with the Lord on heavens side, I want to give each of you a real hug.God bless you all. Bless and be blessed. God strong, DanielP.S. 1 Thessalonions 5:14-23

    Letter From Afghanistan

  • Corner

    Joey Comeys school was collecting funds to donate to the Red Cross to aid victims of the Oklahoma tornadoes. The campaign is called Nickels for Neighbors. He put up a lemonade stand and raised $60.50!What a