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    EQUILIBRIUS Quarterly NewsletterYang FAMILY Tai Chi Chuan

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    EQUILIBRIUS NewsletterYang family Tai Chi Chuan


    First, I wish you all a happy and prosperous 2017, chinese year4714 the year of the Fire Rooster. As done in previous years,we are organizing and preparing many Courses, Events and activi-

    ties for all our students and the general public.

    Our goal is to always create and deliver opportunities for people

    to learn and evolve in a healthy and balanced way, having the teach-

    ings of the great Masters and the abundant philosophy and culture

    of the east as our foundation.

    In 2017, were organizing TWO GREAT EVENTS:

    First, we are gathering a group that will take a Trip to China in

    March, to participate in the Opening Ceremonies of the Interna-

    tional Yang Family Tai Chi Chuan Associations Asian Headquar-

    ters and the Cultural Tour; it will be an historical landmark event

    for the Yang Family Tai Chi Chuan.

    Second, we are preparing the 3rd International Workshop of Thera-

    peutic Chi Kung with Master Helen Wu in Ribeiro Preto. She will

    teach us two Therapeutic Chi Kung traditional sequences and share

    several teachings that will help prevent health issues, following

    the ways of natural healing.

    The EQUILIBRIUSs team will continue working ceaselessly to

    promote Tai Chi Chuan, Chi Kung, Meditation, Acupuncture, Yoga

    and the wisdom of the great Masters, with the main purpose of

    helping people to conquer a healthier and balanced lifestyle.

    I believe that the greatest goal in our lives is to become better

    people and evolve spiritually, and so being, we should nourish our

    virtues and higher qualities so as to acquire more consciousness

    and wisdom, putting aside all negative thoughts.

    We should stimulate and cultivate what is good, whats truly

    healthy and useful, so we can live in a better way, in harmony with

    others and all living beings. Health and Wisdom to all!

    Prof. Fernando De Lazzari

    within Ribeiro Preto - SP

    3rd International Workshopof Therapeutic Chi Kung &The Way of Natural Healing



    60 participants only.Register now!

    For detailed information,read Newsletter n 13

    (feb 2017), and visit the link:

    AUGUST11TH 13TH, 2017





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    Be a part of our group!

    For detailed information,read Newsletter n 12

    (nov 2016), and visit the link:


    This is a quarterly electronic publication by

    EQUILIBRIUS Centro de Tai Chi Chuan, Acupuntura e Cultura OrientalYANG CHENGFU TAI CHI CHUAN CENTER BRAZIL

    R. Cerqueira Csar, 1825 - Jd. Sumar - Ribeiro Preto - SP - CEP 14025-120Phone/Fax: (16) 3911-1236 E-Mail: taichichuan@taichichuan.com.br

    DIRECTORS: Fernando De Lazzari and Dra. Cenira Braga BarrosGRAPHIC DESIGN AND TRANSLATIONS: Cyntia S. Levy / EDITING: Cyntia S. Levy and Fernando De Lazzari

    SUPPORT: RTBC (Tai Chi Brasil Magazine) - www.RevistaTaiChiBrasil.com.br

    This publication and its contents may not be utilized or reproduced, in any form (electronic or mechanical), without the Editors prior permission.


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    EQUILIBRIUS has won the first place in the TOP ofMIND Class A Awards, from 2011 to 2016.

    For the sixth consecutive year, EQUILIBRIUS was themost remembered company and brand in RibeiroPreto in the ACUPUNCTURE category.

    On March 25th, the GrandOpening Celebration ofthe Associations new Head-

    quarters will take place in

    Kunming, Yunnan Province

    in China.

    This center will also be

    our Associations first office,

    as well as a training base in

    Chinas southwest area the

    first step in developing and

    promoting our International

    Association in Tai Chi Chuans

    homeland. Along with the

    Grand Opening Celebration,

    the Association organized a

    Cultural Tour, as well as a

    Seminar with Master Yang

    Jun. (read more in Newsletter

    n 12 nov 2017, pgs. 3-4)

    In a recent interview to

    the Associations Newsletter,

    Master Fang Hong tells us

    about this new phase in the

    development of Tai Chi

    Chuan in China:

    Master Yang and I

    wanted to choose a place

    where Tai Chi is not too popu-

    lar. We could have put it in

    Taiyuan where we were

    born and raised, and it is very

    familiar for us.

    But lots of people teach

    Tai Chi there, so we wanted

    to move somewhere new to

    develop Tai Chi.

    Yunnan province has lots

    of people from ethnic mi-

    norities. The other nice thing

    is the weather is very good

    in Kunming its called a

    spring city. Its not too cold,

    not too hot, and not too

    much rain like in Seattle.

    The center in Kunming is

    really three things. It is a Yang

    Chengfu Center. It is also a

    Training Base. It is also our

    Associations Asian headquar-

    ters, just like we have Associa-

    tion headquarters or branches

    in Europe and South America.

    All of these headquar-

    ters are part of the Interna-

    tional Yang Family Tai Chi

    Chuan Association. (read full

    interview in the Associations

    Newsletter n 39)


    es: A





    ivesThe new

    instalations of theAsian Headquarters,

    to be inauguratedon March 25th

    EQUILIBRIUS NewsletterYang FAMILY Tai Chi ChuanInternational Yang Family

    Tai Chi Chuan AssociationNew Asian Headquartersin Kunming

    International Yang FamilyTai Chi Chuan AssociationNew Asian Headquartersin Kunming

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    3rd International Workshopof Therapeutic Chi Kung &The Way of Natural Healingwith

    in Ribeiro Preto SP BrazilMASTER H E L E N W U

    AUGUST 11th 13th, 2017

    MASTER HELEN XIAO-RONG WU was bornin Shanghai China, in 1956. When shewas 3-years old, she began training and study-

    ing Martial Arts with her grandfather, Zi-Ping

    Wang legendary Martial Artist and Tradi-

    tional Chinese Medicine Doctor.

    She also studied with her mother Ju-

    Rong Wang, the first female person to become

    a Martial Arts Teacher in China.

    Master Helen Wu gathered expertise in

    several different Kung Fu and Tai Chi Chuan

    styles, and graduated in Physical Education at

    the University of Shangai in 1982. She wrote

    five books about Tai Chi Chuan, Wushu, trau-

    matology and sports medicine.

    Nowadays, Master Helen Wu teaches Tai

    Chi Chuan and Chi Kung at the School of Ki-

    nesiology and Health Science of York Univer-

    sity in Canada, where she lives since 1989.

    For the third time, EQUILIBRIUS is proud to bringMaster Helen Wu to Brazil. This year, she willteach the 24 Postures Therapeutic Chi Kungs com-

    plete sequence (Wu Yi Jie He), the Five Animals Chi

    Kung sequence (Wu Qin Xi) and Self-Acupressure

    techniques for health improvement.

    She will also share her knowledge about Chi

    energy development, the energy meridians and

    oriental philosophy concerning the way of natu-

    ral healing and prevention of illnesses.

    Any person, regardless of age, can attend this

    Workshop. No experience in Chi Kung, Tai Chi Chuan

    and Oriental Arts is required.

    The sequences were created as a way of dimin-

    ishing chronic pains, preventing health problems,

    reducing tensions and stress, regulating physiologic

    functions, improve circulation, boost the immune

    system, thus resulting in mental wellness.

    View detailed information about MasterHelen Wu, about the Chi Kung sequences,the schedule, prices, payment options andregistration in the website:



    es: M


    r H



    s pe


    al a



    EQUILIBRIUS NewsletterYang family Tai Chi Chuan

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    The year of the Rooster issometimes known as theyear of the Phoenix or

    Chicken. The Rooster from

    the Chinese astrology corre-

    sponds with the sign of Virgo,

    and is associated with the

    Sun, since it crows at dawn.

    Those born in the year of

    the Rooster are observant,

    hardworking, courageous

    and talented; always active,

    talkative, outspoken, frank,

    honest and loyal.

    Roosters are happiest

    when they are surrounded by

    others. They are drawn to re-

    ligious and spiritual studies,

    especially regarding healing.

    Problem solving is your spe-

    cial talent.

    Predictions for the Yearof the Rooster 2017It will be a year when it is

    better to do less, but do it

    perfectly. It will be oriented

    towards progress, honor and

    maximum integrity.

    The year of the Rooster

    teaches us about order, scru-

    tiny and strategic planning.