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Transcript of STREAMLINE ENGLISH 3 - DESTINATIONS - . streamlineenglish 3 - destinations...  Web viewSo now for...




A: Excuse me... Mr. Ward?

B: Yes?

A: I'm Charles Archer, from Continental Computers. How do you do?

B: How do you do? Thank you for coming to meet us.

A: Not at all. Did you have a good trip?

B; Yes, thank you. Oh, I'd like you to meet Philip Mason. He's our sales manager.

A: How do you do?

A: Xin li (I)... ng l ng Ward phi khng ?

B: Vng, chnh ti. ng cn g?

A; Ti l Charles Archer thuc Cng ty My tnh Continental Xin cho ng

B: Cho ng. Cm n ng n n chng ti.

A: Khng c g.(2) Cuc hnh trnh ca ng c tt p khng?

B: Tt, cm n ng. , xin gii thiu ng Philip Mason, gim c thng v ca chng ti.

A: Xin cho ng.

A: Oh, may I introduce John Benson? He's our financial director.

B: How do you do?

C: Sarah!

D: Hi.

C: Hi. I haven't seen you for ages. How's things?

D: All right. And you?

C: Fine. How's work?

D: OK. Do you fancy a coffee?

C: Oh, yes, I'd love one.

E: Hello, Dorothy.

F: Hello, Margaret. How are you?

E: Very well, thanks, and you?

F: Oh, I'm fine. How's the family?

E: They're all fine. My car's just out side the station. Shall I take one of your bags?

F: Oh, yes... thank you.

E: Hello, Dorothy.

F: Hello, Margaret. How are you?

E: Very well, thanks, and you?

F: Oh, I'm fine. How's the family?

E: They're all fine. My car's just out side the station. Shall I take one of your bags?

F: Oh, yes... thank you.

A: Xin php gii thiu ng Jonh Benson, gim c ti chnh ca chng ti.

C: Sarah!

D: Cho bn.

C: Cho bn. Lu lm khng gp bn. Do ny ra sao?

D: Cng c. Cn bn?

C: Vn khe. Cng vic ra sao?

D: n thi. Ung c ph nh?

C: vng. Tuyt qu.

E: Cho Dorothy

F: Cho Magaret. Ch khe khng?

E: Rt khe. Cm n. Cn ch?

F: ti khe. Gia nh ch ra sao?

E: Mi ngi u khe. Xe ca ti ngay trc ga. Ti xch dm ch mt ti nh.

F: vng..Cm n ch.

G: Cho ng.

H: Cho ng.

G: Vui lng bn cho ti v mt lt i Exeter

H: Vng, xin ng cho 14,70 bng Anh.

G: D tin y. Cm n ng... , chuyn xe la ti chy lc my gi?

H: 10 gi 25.

G: Cm n.

I: Hello, there?

J: I beg your pardon?.

I: Hello? How are you getting on?

J: Fine, thank you... sorry... do I know you?

I: Yes, it's me, Nick Fowler!

J: Sorry, I don't think I know you.

I: Aren't you Harry Shiner?

J: Er, no... I'm afraid not.

I: Oh, I'm terribly sorry, I thought you were someone else!

I: Cho bn!

J: Xin li?

I: Cho bn. Lc ny ra sao?

J: Khe. Cm n... Xin li... khng bit ti c quen ng khng?

I: Ti y ny, Nick Fowler!

J: Xin li. Ti khng ngh rng ti quen ng.

I: ng bn khng phi Harry Shiner sao?

J: Khng phi. Ti e rng khng phi.

I: ti ht sc xin li ng. Ti lm ng vi ngi khc.

Ghi ch:

(1) Excuse me Xin li (trc khi yu cu iu g)

Th d Excuse me. Could you tell me how to get to the zoo from here? (Xin li, Anh c th ch cho ti ng t y ti vn th khng?)

I am sorry hay Sorry Xin li (sau khi lm li)

Th d I'm sorry to be so late (Xin li ti ti mun):

I beg your pardon?


Pardon me?


Pardon? Xin li? (khi nghe cha r)

(2) Not at all = You're welcome Khng c g (Khng c chi) (dng khi ngi ta cm n mnh)

(3) That's all right. Khng sao (dng khi ngi ta xin li mnh)

(4) Here you are. Ty ni dung cu chuyn m c th c ngha l

- Bn ti ch bn mun ri y.

- y ny, ly i.

Here we are. Chng ta ti ri.

Here they are. H li ka.

nh I:

Ladies Phng v sinh n

Reservations Ni ng k ch trc

Area Manager Gim c khu vc

Underground Xe in ngm

Lost luggage Ni gi hnh l b b qun

Information Ni hng dn


" This is Your Life" is one of the most popular programmes on British and American television. Every week a famous person is invited to a television studio, without knowing that he or she will be the subject of the programme.

The compre meets the person outside the studio and says "This is your life?".

The person then meets friends and relatives from his or her past and present studio 4 ts where the programme is recorded. Thc programme begins at eight o'clock. It's 6.45 now and the director is checking the preparations with his new production assistant. The subject of tonight's show will be an actor, Jason

Douglas. The compere, as usual, will be Terry Donovan.

Mi th sn sng cha?

"y l cuc i ca bn" l mt trong nhng chng trnh c a chung nht trn truyn hnh Anh v M. Mi tun mt nhn vt ni ting c mi n i truyn hnh m khng hay bit mnh s l nhn vt chnh ca chng trnh. Ngi iu khin chng trnh s gp nhn vt bn ngoi phng thu hnh v ni "y l cuc i ca bn". Nhn vt ny s gp bn b, thn nhn trc y hay hin nay ca mnh. Phng thu hnh s 4 l ni chng trnh c quay. Chng trnh bt u lc 8 gi. By gi l 6 gi 45 v o din ang kim tra li cc cng vic chun b vi ph t sn xut mi ca mnh. Nhn vt chnh ca bui trnh din ti nay l nam din vin Jason Douglas. Ngi iu khin, theo thng l, s l Terry Donovan.

Director Let's just check the arrangements. We're bringing Jason Douglas here in a studio car - he thinks he's coming to a discussion programme! The driver has been told to arrive at exactly 7.55. Now, the programme begins at eight o'clock. At that time Jason will be walking to the studio. Terry Donovan will start his introduction at 8.01, and Jason will arrive at 8.02. Telry will meet him at the studio etltrance... Camera 4 will be there. Then he'll take him to that seat. It'll be on Camera 3. Jason will be sitting there during the whole prngramme. For most of the show Terry will be standing in the middle, and he'll be on Camera 2. The gucsts will come through that door, talk to Terry and Jason... and then sit over there.

o din Chng ta hy kim tra li phn sp xp i... Chng ta ang ch Jason Douglas li y bng xe ca i. Anh ta ngh rng mnh n y d chng trnh tho lun. Ti x c dn ti ng 7 gi 55. Chng trnh bt u lc 8 gi. Lc Jason s ang i ti phng thu, Terry Donovan s bt u gii thiu lc 8 gi 01 v Jason 02. Jason s gp anh ta ca phng thu... My thu s 4 s . Ri Terry s dn anh ta n ch ngi kia. My thu s 3 s hng v . Jason s ngi trong sut chng trnh. Terry s ng gia trong phn ln thi gian ca chng trnh v c thu bi my s 2. Khch mi s vo qua ca , ni chuyn vi Terry v Jason... ri ngi ng kia.

Director: Now, is that all clear?

Productlon Assistant: Yes... there's just one thing.

Director: Well, what is it?

PA: Who's going to look after the guests during the show?

Director: Paulinc is.

PA: And where will they be waiting during the show?

Director: in Room 401, as usual. Pauline will be waiting with them, and she'll be watching the show on the monitor. She'll tell them two minutes before they enter.

PA: I think that's everything.

o din: By gi, tt c r cha?

Ph t sn xut: Ri... ch cn mt vn .

d: Sao. chuyn g th?

Pt: Ai s ph trch v khch mi trong bui trnh din?

d: C Pauline.

Pt: V khi chng trnh tin hnh h s ch u?

d: phng 401 nh thng l, Paulinc ngi ch vi h v c y s theo di chng trnh qua my theo di. C y s bo cho h bit 2 pht trc khi h vo.


Chng trnh: y l cuc i ca bn. Nhn vt chnh: Jacson Douglas.

Ngy: 3 thng 11 Ngi iu khin: Terry Donovan

Phng thu: s 4 o din: Chris Price

Northern T.V.

Programe: This is your life

Date 3rd Nov

Studio 4

Subject Jason Douglass

Compere Terry Donovan

Director Chris Price


Running order


7.00 Admit studio audience

7.30 "Warm- up" (Comedian tells jokes to studio audience.}

7.55 Studio car arrives. (7 minute walk to studio.)


8.00 Start videotape, titles and music.

8.01 Terry introduce show.

8.02 Jason errives Terry greets him.


8.03 Jason's sister from Austrslia.

8.05 His schoolteacher.

8 08 Maria Montrose. actress.

8.10 Father

8.13 Mother

8.15 Charles Orson, film director.

8.18 His first girlfriend.

8.20 Steve Newman. actor (his best friend)

8.22 Norma Phillips. fifm critic.

8.25 - 8.28 Show videotape extract from jason's latest film.

8.29 His brothers and sisters.

8.30 Show ends. Start videotape. credits and music.


8.30-8.45 Studio audience leaves.

8.45 Champagne party for jason and guests

Th t xut hin:

-Trc chng trnh:

7:00 cho khn gi ca phng thu hnh vo.

7:30 "gip vui khn gi chun b" (cy hi k chuyn vui cho khn gi trong phng thu hnh nghe).

7:55 Xe ca i ti (7pht i vo phng thu).

-Trong trng trnh:

8:00 M bng video bt u thu, ta v m nhc.

8:01 Terry gii thiu chng trnh.

8:02 Jason ti- Terry n cho anh ta.

Khch mi:

8:03 Ch ca jason t c ti.

8:05 Thy gio ca anh ta.

8:08 N din vin Maria Montrose.

8:10 B.

8:13 M.

8: 15 o din phim Charles Orson.

8:18 Ngi bn gi u tin ca jason.

8:20 Ti t Steve Newman (bn thn nht caJason)

8:22 Nh ph bnh phim Norma Phillips.

8:25 - 8:28 Chiu cc on video trch trong phim mi nht ca Jason.

8:29 Cc anh chi em ca Jason.

8:30 Chm dt chng trnh Bt u bng video: Danh sch nhn vin thc hin chng trnh v nhc

Sau chng trnh.

8:30 - 8:45 Khn gi phng thu hnh ra v.

8:45 Tic ru champagne