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    feature destination: Hilton Head Island

    fall 2009

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  • Flanked by the historic cities of Charleston to the north and Savannah to the south, theLowcountry of South Carolina offers an abundance of destinations that will make youglad that you came, and never want to leave. If you are thinking about where you mightwant to retire, or are interested in investing in a second home for vacation getaways, or ifyou are just looking for a great place for your next vacation, we have the ideal destinationfor you.

    On the following pages, you will find a selection of exceptional resort and residentialcommunities that provide the utmost in luxury and amenities located in natures mostbeautiful and inspirational settings. Youll also find information about shopping, diningand all sorts of activities.

    Whether youre searching for the perfect beach, the perfect place to play golf, or theperfect place to live, youll find it here. We invite you to come and stay for awhile. Wereconfident that once you come for a visit, youll come back to stay for good.

    Photos provided by the Charleston Convention & Visitors Bureau, Hilton Head Island-Bluffton Chamber of Commerce, Savannah Area Chamber and Beaufort Regional Chamber of Commerce.

    Coastal Destinations

    The South Carolina LowcountryLowcountryHilton Head Island Bluffton Beaufort Daufuskie Island

  • Coastal Destinations

    Hilton Head IslandBluffton - BeaufortDaufuskie Island

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  • Coastal Destinations

    Whether you are looking for the ideal place for your next vacation or the perfect placeto live, South Carolinas Lowcountry is the place for you. Surrounded by breathtakingnatural beauty and blessed with a mild year-round climate, the Lowcountry offers anabundance of great things to see and do. Miles of dazzling white sand beaches, brilliantgreen salt marshes and rivers, and stately maritime forests under a canopy of brightCarolina-blue skies provide a perfect environment for an unbeatable lifestyle. Againstnatures spectacular backdrop, you will enjoy the hospitality and charm of the Southcombined with the rich diversity of friendly people who come from all over the world tomake the Lowcountry home.

    From the historic cities of Charleston to the north and Savannah to the south, theLowcountry has a rich history and heritage. Native Americans, English, Spanish, andFrench colonists, pirates, African-Americans, and soldiers have all left their footprints onthe sands of the region. Evidence of early residents dates back to 1450 B.C. with theIndian Shell Ring in the Sea Pines Forest Preserve on Hilton Head Island. In 1663, SirWilliam Hilton lent his name to the island while searching for the entrance to Port

    A Rich Heritageand History

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  • Heritage and History

  • Coastal Destinations

  • Heritage and History

    Royal. His glowing report of the ideal farming conditions promoted British colonization. The historic town of Beaufort was discovered by the Spanish in 1514 and chartered

    by the British in 1711. The city enjoyed great prosperity as indigo, cotton, and riceplantations thrived prior to the Civil War, and wealthy plantation owners built theirlarge second homes overlooking the river. Today, Beauforts graceful past can still beenjoyed with more than 90 historic structures and the entire downtown listed on thenational register.

    Hilton Head Island, Bluffton, and Daufuskie Island have all played important roles inAmerican history from the American Revolution through the Civil War and theReconstruction, and up to the present time where the famed Parris Island Marine baselocated near Beaufort trains new recruits.

    The Gullah culture and language is a living legacy of African-American history in theregion. Gullah is a word used for both the native islanders and the language they speak.These islanders, former slaves from the West African coastal countries of Senegal andSierra Leone came with their own traditions, beliefs and skills, which they were able tomaintain given the relative isolation that came with living on the islands. They have livedhere for generations, and their unique culture remains largely intact. Today, the Gullahculture can be seen at a number of locations throughout the region.

    Flanked by the beautiful and historic cities of Charleston to the north and Savannah tothe south, South Carolinas Lowcountry is a wonderful place for history buffs.

  • Here, where the marshes, rivers, and forests compete with the ocean in daily beautycontests, youll understand why so many people are drawn to the Lowcountry. With itsmaritime forests, salt marsh and ocean, the Lowcountry is home to an astonishing varietyof birds, fish, and land animals.

    Walking or bicycling on the many trails is the best way to quietly eavesdrop on ourwilder residents. See alligators and turtles sun themselves on the banks of lagoons, or walkalong the beach and watch dolphins glide gracefully through the water while pelicans andseagulls dive for fish. One of the benefits of living in natures paradise is our beautiful andexotic birds.

    The foliage is, quite simply, spectacular in any season. Majestic seapines share thelandscape with redbuds, gum trees, Chinese tallow trees, and ancient live oaks drippingwith Spanish moss. Marsh grasses, ferns, orchids, water lilies, cattails, swamp potatoes,and flowers of every color, shape, and aroma will fill your senses. Like the loggerheadturtles that toddle to the sea from their nests, youll be drawn to the ocean and the flat,smooth beaches. Give in to the daily cycles of sunrises, sunsets, and the ebbing and flowingof the tide, and youll find how easy it is to relax to natures rhythms.

    Natures Bounty

    Coastal Destinations

    Background Photograph by Geoff Hobbs

  • Natures Bounty

  • Coastal Destinations

    In addition to sports and outdoor activities, the Lowcountry offers a wide array ofcultural activities including theater, museums, galleries, festivals, concerts and liveentertainment virtually everyday and night of the week. Hilton Head offers a world-classArts Center that welcomes Broadway-caliber performances to the stage and the superbHilton Head Orchestra continually features some of the most talented musicians in theworld. During summer months, Shelter Cove Harbour on Hilton Head entertains withweekly fireworks displays.

    Bluffton and Beaufort feature thriving art galleries and craft shops filled with the workof local artists inspired by the Lowcountrys scenery and spirit. Intriguing exhibits rotatefrequently in the various galleries. The Beaufort Orchestra performs concerts at theUniversity of South Carolina Beauforts Performing Arts Center.

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  • Coastal Destinations

    Named after English Captain William Hilton, who sighted the high bluffs of the islandwhile exploring the Port Royal Sound in 1663, Hilton Head Island is the largest island inthe southeast. For most of the next three centuries following Hiltons discovery, HiltonHead Island remained isolated and accessible only by boat. Its plantations produced rice,indigo, and cotton.

    Then, in the nineteen-fifties, Georgia businessmen Joseph Fraser and Fred Hackpurchased 19,000 of the Islands 25,000 acres for its timber. It was Joseph Frasers son,Charles, who brought about the early growth of Hilton Head Island into a resortcommunity when in 1957 he broke ground for Sea Pines, a new resort located on theIslands south-end. Sea Pines represented a whole new approach to land development. Byfocusing on preserving the natural environment, Charles Fraser brought a system of landuse that became the prototype of many other successful developments throughout thesoutheast and all over the world. Soon, other developments, such as Hilton HeadPlantation, Palmetto Dunes Plantation, Shipyard Plantation, and Port Royal Plantationfollowed, imitating Sea Pines architecture and landscape.

    When Fraser started planning Sea Pines Plantation, Hilton Head Island was an isolatedplace, but Sea Pines extraordinary success changed all of that. Today, Hilton Head is oneof the premier resort destinations in the world where over 2.3 million visitors a year cometo relax, reconnect and rejuvenate in a lush and pristine beach-side environment. HiltonHead offers a unique combination of scenic beauty, clean sandy beaches along with world-class golf, a wide variety of outdoor activities, plus museums and cultural events, shoppingand more than 200 restaurants for every imaginable taste. It provides a vacation experiencethat will long be remembered.

    Hilton Head Island

  • Hilton Head Island

  • Coastal Destinations

    Hilton Heads Beaches

  • Hilton Head Island

    One of Hilton Heads primary attractions for both visitors and residents is the islands12 miles of pristine beaches. Whether youre enjoying a pleasant walk, basking in the surf,reading a good book, or in search of that perfect South Carolina tan, Hilton Head Islandsbeaches offer a charm and grace you wont find anywhere else in the world.

    Hilton Heads beaches are broad and flat with long tidal pools, making for hours ofrecreational hunting for shells and dawdling fun for children. At low tide the hard-packedsand is perfect for bike riding, jogging, Frisbee or a game of bocce.

    The beaches