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  • 1 Destination MICE July 2016

    July 2016

    The EmergingMICE DestinationsThe EmergingMICE Destinations

    The Business Events Effect

  • 2 Destination MICE July 2016

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  • 3 Destination MICE July 2016



    With just over two months to go to the Lilizela Tourism Awards provincial events and three months to go to the national event, the countrys most prestigious tour-ism awards judges have been announced. Thirty-nine people from the larger tourism industry have been appointed to serve as judges for the 2016 edition of the Lilizela Tourism Awards.

    In its fourth year, the Lilizela Tourism Awards continues to recognise the best of business operators and service provid-ers and plays a pivotal role in elevating the countrys reputation as a destination of excellence underpinned by a variety of quality-assured experiences and accom-modation types.

    Earlier this year, South African Tourism invited members of tourism industry to form part of the Lilizela Tourism Awards adjudication panel. This invitation was well-received, with the cream of the indus-try offering to do service on the panel of judges.

    Collaborations and partnerships are vital in ensuring the growth of the South African tourism industry. We are therefore thrilled with the overwhelming response we received from the broader South Af-rican tourism industry. This can only be interpreted as a vote of confidence in the

    reviews from actual consumers. Grant Thornton, which is one the largest

    audit firms in South Africa, was appointed to oversee the awards.

    These judges roles and the Tourism Analytics Programme give us the con-fidence of knowing every entry will be judged by people whose commitment to excellence in tourism is absolute. We are also confident that these awards will be given to business owners who exceed customer satisfaction and con-tinue to make South Africa a world class destination.

    The Provincial Awards Ceremonies will take place in September, during Tourism Month while the National Lilizela Tourism Awards winners will be announced on the 16th of October 2016 at the Sandton Con-vention Centre, in Johannesburg.

    Lilizela Tourism Awards. The judges are a combination of experts who specialise in different areas of the tourism industry and are therefore well suited to recognise products and services that offer high qual-ity of service excellence, says Darryl Er-asmus, Chief Quality Assurance Officer at Tourism Grading Council of South Africa (TGCSA), a business unit of South African Tourism.

    Along with this expertise, the judges are now able to consult with the Tourism Analytics Programme, which is a platform that consolidates all consumer reviews for all properties that have an online pres-ence. This platform, owned by TGCSA, is used to equip Accredited Assessors and graded properties with information on their online ratings and is key in the identifying of improvement, based on

    Announcement of the 2016 Lilizela Tourism Awards Judges

    tourism awards

    The judges are a combination of experts who specialise in different areas in the tourism industry and are therefore best suited to recognise products and

    services that offer high quality of service excellence

  • 4 Destination MICE July 2016

    The world started with a micro atom...multiplied to be an organ and hence evo-lution shaped into multiple species of organisms. The human species gradu-ally evolved as premium level and small groups of population formed civilisations. People living in such groups had differ-ent expertise for serving their needs. The want to be more comfortable and con-venient further lead to the emergence of trade practices giving birth to the concept of fairs among civilisations. When they evolved more, the trade practices began to increase their economic size leading to exchange of goods between two different civilisations in fairs of those times and that is how! it all evolved into the exhibi-tion and conferences system that is prac-ticed all across the globe.

    The economics since that era saw the transformation of barters to currency, civilisations to countries, needs to wants and from fairs to exhibitions. When the industry of exhibitions was taking shape there was a prime need for the intellectu-als to carve the sculpture with curves of policies and procedures. The framework to innovation and evolutionary practices was lead by the opinion leaders of that time in big meetings that eventually evolved into

    The EmergingMICE Destinations

    being accepted as the best and most cost-effective tool for marketing and business development. The western countries on the globe like UK and North America along with China in the Far East were the foremost emerged destinations for exhibitions and conferences witnessing some of the oldest and the biggest inter-national mlanges in the past decades. The countries lying under these regions were epicenters of global trade practices. But the unavoidable concept of incon-stant prevailed and the markets in the other side of the world were exposed to traders as destinations for meeting buy-ers and sellers. This scenario got a break through with East Asian, Asia Pacific, Middle East and Africa being invaded by the traders as land for opportunities and business development. The traders in the west looked for prosperous invest-ments and the sellers of the east looked for potential buyers as well as investors from the west, concluding to be a state of appropriate global business practice. The exhibitions and conferences hence played a vital role in the business devel-opment practices and added to a boom in the world economy.

    The story did not conclude here, rather

    mice destinations

    conferences of the present. Meeting Incentives Conferences and

    Exhibitions (MICE) industry has dig its roots deep since then and have reached over a massive size of USD400 bil-lion (approx). The industry has shown a multi-fold growth in the last two de-cades. The era of 1980s exposed the world countries to each-other for better business and economic growth pros-pects. The niche concept of exhibitions and conferences of the MICE sector is

    The unavoidable concept of inconstant prevailed and the markets in the other side of the world were exposed to traders as destinations for meeting buyers and sellers. This scenario got a break through with East Asian, Asia Pacific, Middle East and Africa being invaded by the traders as land for opportunities and business development.

  • 5 Destination MICE July 2016

    destination for MICE as well as leisure in the world Tourism market.

    The last decade witnessed edifice struc-tures that were especially designed to ac-commodate larger groups and big busi-ness events. The MICE industry has grown quickly on the development staircase in the Asia Pacific region and it is now spreading its wings in countries like Thailand, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam and Myan-mar. Where China, Singapore and Hong Kong, were the primary stakeholders of the MICE events in Asia and Asia pacific region countries like Korea and Taiwan in the Far East are also expanding the size of their business and leisure travel industry. In the year 2014 the Government of Tai-wan invested a sum on US$680 million on the construction of Exhibition halls. Likewise Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia are now concentrating to invite organizers of Exhibitions and Conferences to their countries with venues like Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre, Pattaya Exhibition and Convention Hall, exhibiting state of the art architecture and technological fa-cilities.

    In the last decade Asia has developed and grown towards contributing one of the major share in the world MICE mar-ket. The government authorities of certain countries have made huge investments for developing infrastructure that could at-tract tourism as well as business events to their countries and now successfully host-ing big events.

    this was just the beginning. The destina-tions that used to hold such business ori-ented mlanges not only shared the trade benefits but the economies of the hosting countries were also benefited due to boom in tourism and travel industry. Such busi-ness events became major contributors to the economics around the globe.

    When the economies were growing ahead with dedication towards MICE tourism, the basic need for strong in-frastructure was felt by the developing nations. Understanding the require-ment for a physical infrastructure to hold such business events, countries started investing in formulating profes-sional Exhibition and Conference cen-ters to facilitate organizers for holding such events. As a result, the world saw a development of more than 1100 venues that have a large capacity to hold such events with UK holding nearly 469 over the total. These countries not just in-vested in venues for the events but also established a strong infrastructure to the travelers visiting their countries.

    Following the footsteps, the countries in Asia-Pacific and Middle East started growing aggressively and worked to-wards a developed infrastructural fa-cility. They concentrated to design new and highly equipped Exhibition and Convention venues. As their destina-tions were unexplored and were poten-tial markets to the world countries, they started picking up the pace in MICE interest. The one that established itself rapidly was Singapore, which today is one of the most advanced MICE desti-nations in the Asia Pacific region.

    Asia and Asia PacificAs a resource rich continent Asia attracts

    buyers from all across the globe with dif-ferent countries having versatile natural resources. This generates great business opportunities in this region that are either under exploration or yet to be explored. Having said that, the