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Guide to Destinations in Africa from TNT Magazine.Travel and Backpacking options brought to you by Travel Experts at TNT Magazine. Physical Copy Circulated: 50,000 Per WeekGeographical region: London

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2. 10% OFF Tours starting fromQuote TNT0112 89.00 Come explore with us& get a discount per dayoff your tourPEOPLEPLACES ANIMALSADVENTUREChoosing the right adventure company is just so With our unique tour linking system, almost anyimportant for the success of your visit to Africa. It combination of tours is possible. We have overcan be the difference between the trip of a lifetime100 different route options available for you andor a complete nightmare.most tours are available in either the campingversion (where you sleep in 2 man dome tents) orAdventure companies are not all the same. accommodated (you get to sleep in a bed). Singlesupplements are also available.African owned and operated, Nomad Tours, offersthe widest range of exciting and fun adventureBeing African based you can be assured that youroverland tours throughout Southern and East money is going directly into the continent. AddedAfrica, covering 15 countries including South Africa, to this Nomad is a major contributor to the NomadLesotho, Swaziland, Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe,African Trust, a non-prot charity organisation.Mozambique, Zambia, Malawi, Tanzania, Kenya,In addition, please consider buying a Green Seat,Uganda, Rwanda, Ethiopia and Madagascar.where you can offset the carbon cost of your trip. Nomad tours are perfect for free spirited people with a lust for adventureNomad - Big Enough To Count on, Small Enough To Care! Tel: +27 21 8456310 3. DESTINATIONS AFRICA > CONTENTS 05 TOP 5 SAFARIS No trip to Africa is completeWelcome without a safari. Heres the best places to do it and whyLetterWelcome to TNTsDestinations Africasupplement, in which webring you the very best ofwhat this mighty continenthas to offer.From bungee jumpingand skydiving in CapeTown, to spotting lion killsin Tanzania, weve got thelowdown on Africasbiggest thrills foradventurous travellers.Fancy something a bitmore relaxing? Then climbaboard a felucca with usas we slowly sail down the08 MARRAKECH 10 RELAXING EGYPT14 SHOESTRINGNile, or take to Lake MUST- DOSNeed some chill time afterSAFARIWhat you cant afford to the madness of Cairo? We How to bike, taxi and walkMalawi in a kayak andmiss in Moroccos capitalgo sailing down The Nile with the wildlife on a budget end your nights campingunder the stars.But if theres one thingyou absolutely cant missin Africa, then its goingon safari.And weve got loadsof tips on how to makesure your safari is one to18 BEST OF CAPE TOWN 24 ECO-MALAWI29 GARDEN ROUTEremember; whether itsWhether youre a thrillseekerLimit your carbon footprintCage dive with sharks, surfor a yellow-belly, youll be by kayaking and campingand slug port on SAs choosing the right country,bowled over by Cape Town around a sub-Saharan Edenanswer to Route 66or having a DIY adventureon foot or even by taxi!Happy travelling!The Destinations teamPhotos: Getty, Thinkstock, TNT. Cover: ThinkstockEditor Carol Driver Acting Travel Editor Laura Chubb Contributing Writers Alasdair Morton, Tom Sturrock, Frankie Mullin, Rebecca Kent, Clare Vooght, Jahn Vannisselroy,Adam Edwards, Amy Adams, Jennifer Carr, Lucy Corne Head Of Design And Production Jon Cooke Graphic Design Manager Justine Mackay Acting Picture Researcher Ruth BoardHead Of Digital Marketing & Development Syed Ahmad Social Media Coordinator Dan Thorne IT Manager Stephen DannCommercial Director David Alstin Sales Managers Jaqui Ward, Matt Syder Sales Executives Tyler Harrison, Eddie Clinton, Donovan Smith, Michael FairTNT Multimedia Ltd CEO Kevin Ellis Chairman Ken Hurst Publisher TNT Multimedia Limited Distribution Emblem Direct Ltd Printed By Wyndeham Peterborough LimitedNews AAP SAPA NZPA Pictures Getty Images, TNT Images, ThinkstockTNT Magazine, 10 Greycoat Place, London, SW1P 1SB tntmagazine.comGeneral Enquiries Phone 020 7960 6008 Fax 020 7960 6977 Email enquiries@tntmagazine.comSales Enquiries Phone 020 7989 0567 Email 3 4. Africa With GraceCreate your own Adventure Safari OR Kenya Gamendya aZim WHAT AN AWESOME POWER PUNCHED ADRENALIN THOUGHT:Ken meSafaris baba GaBundu bashing in Kruger or experiencing the breath taking sights that Rhiwe Tan zani$2100US noSaf surround our little city on a jaunt with Crazy Dave. No Budget blues ris arisSafa $1460Uhere! Our budget, deluxe & private safari options are incredible value 0USS for money. We offer a variety of choices for day and overnight tours!$290ALL TOURS INCLUDE MEALS, ACCOMM, ENTRANCE FEES AND TRANSPORTDAY TOURSKruger Park Day Tours from R1450pp Byde Canyon Day Trip from R1250pp Tours to Swaziland and Mozambique 2 days with 1 night Kruger Park Great Valu e 3 COUNTRIES / 8 DAYS Kruger,Mozambique and SwazilandBush, Beach and 3 Countries are as follows: Visiting Kruger Park ,the famous beaches of Mozambique and kingdom of Swaziland in 8 days R10 900/12900 per person Budget /en-suite accommodation. Please e-mail us for itineryGreat ValuTHREE DAYS KRUGER/BLYDE CANYON:e R4150pp sharing. Min two people. Comfortable budget accommodation. R4350pp sharing with en-suite.LUXURY TOURS 12 Impala Street, Nelspruit, South AfricaAVAILABLETel: +27 13 7440993 | or +61 404 238 209 amongst it! With the African specialists Absolute Africa 30 years overlanding in AfricaA whole range of trips incl. game drives in the Masai Maraand the Serengeti, gorilla trekking, guided game walks, rhino trekking, evening game drives and so much more.www.absoluteafrica.comPhone: 0208 742 0226Email: absaf@absoluteafrica.com4 5. AFRICA > BEST SAFARIS Stare out lions in TanzaniaAfricas bestsafarisIf youre desperate to see the Big Five and determined to spot all of the otherwonders of Africas animal kingdom, these are the best places to do itWORDS LAURA CHUBBG oing on safari is your essential African experience,and spotting the Big Five will be high on everytravellers agenda. A term coined by white hunters, it factors. However, there are some countries and parks that give you a better chance than most. Heres our pick of the best places to go on safari in Africa.refers to the ve most difcult animals in Africa to hunton foot, and comprises the lion, African elephant, Cape1 Kenyabuffalo, leopard, and rhinoceros. And theres all manner STAR ATTRACTION Wildebeestof other African animals that youll thrill to see up close: Africas most popular safari destination, Kenya might bezebra, giraffes, hippos, cheetahs ... the list goes on.having some PR problems right now, but nothing can take But safari is a gamble. The beasts you get to see willaway from the might of its Masai Mara Reserve. Govary depending on the time of year and all sorts of otherbetween July and October and bear witness to the >> 6. DESTINATIONS AFRICASA for cheetahsjaw-dropping migration of millions of wildebeest and zebra.Set in the Rift Valley with Tanzanias Serengeti Plains runningalong the southern end, you are pretty much guaranteedto spy the Big Five.2 BotswanaSTAR ATTRACTION ElephantThe Chobe National Park is home to tens of thousands ofThe black rhinoelephants, so youre unlikely to miss the big-eared fellowswhen you visit. In fact, youre likely to see hundreds. Gobetween April and October the cooler winter months to see herds of zebra, buffalo, giraffe and wildebeest, too.Because the land dries up, the animals tend to congregateby the river banks, making them easier to spot.3 South AfricaSTAR ATTRACTION CheetahThe Kruger National Park is renowned for boasting the mostA zebra herddiverse range of wildlife to see on safari, from lions, rhinoand leopards to hippos, crocs and cheetahs. Theres arange of accommodation, from self-catering bungalowsto luxury lodges, and you can even do a self-drive safari.4 TanzaniaSTAR ATTRACTION LionOffering what many call the classic safari experience,Tanzanias Serengeti National Park offers great grasslandsfor spotting lion kills (if thats your bag). You can also geta more exclusive-feeling view of the wildebeest and zebramigration that makes its way through Kenya, as there arefewer tourists in Tanzania. Photos: South Africa Tourism, Getty, Thinkstock5 NamibiaSTAR ATTRACTION Black rhinocerosThe Etosha National Park in northern Namibia is home to theendangered black rhinoceros declared extinct in westernAfrica last year. As well as spotting this increasingly rarebeast, youll likely see giraffes, elephants, lions and oftenBotswana is best for elephantseven cheetahs and leopards. n6 7. 7 8. DESTINATIONS AFRICAA snake charmer in Djemaa el-fnaXxxxxxxxxxxxx GETTING THERE Fly direct from London Gatwick to Marrakech with easyJet from 108 return. ( the citys souks MARRAKECH MOROCCO8 9. Morocco > MarrakechMarvellousMarrakechMarrakech is full of colour and the potential for adventure. From losing yourselfin its huge souk to unwinding in a hammam, heres what you cant afford to missWORDS JAHN VANNISSELROYTreat yourself to a journey to Morocco this year. Its only a short plane ride away, meaning a weekendbreak in Marrakech is perfectly within reach.water thrown over you, then youll be left to sweat it allout in the sauna. The experience is topped off witha soothing massage, so you leave feeling rejuvenatedand super-clean.Why Marrakech?Little more than a three-hour ight from London, this Dinner timeimperial Moroccan city is gloriously exotic. Its known Tagine, both the name of the stew and the dish in whichas The Red City to the native Berber community, but its cooked, is a hearty blend of vegetables, fruit, nutsits atmosphere is hardly monochromatic. Marrakech isand meat slow-cooked over a bed of charcoal andhome to bustling street markets, or souks, relaxing spas, devoured with a heap of