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The Spring 15 Catalog for Mountaineers Books

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    N E W : 9 1 C Y C L I N G R O U T E

    M A P S F O R T H E U S A N D

    C A N A D A , P A G E 3 1

    F I N D I N G S A S Q U A T C H ,

    P A G E S 8 A N D 7 1




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  • M O U N T A I N E E R S B O O K S phone: 800 .553.44532

    It's al l about the outdoors.

    Mountaineers Books is an independent, nonprofit publisher

    MoUntaineerS BookS creates outdoor recreation titles for activities ranging from nature walks to bicycle tours to climbing adventures and much more. Our owner, The Mountaineers, is a nonprofi t membership organization that has been a leader in outdoor education for more than 100 years. Mountaineers Books publishes regional activity guidebooks, sports instructional texts, and nonfi ction adventures designed to inspire and also to preserve the history of achievements by those who pushed the boundaries of our sports before us.

    M O U N T A I N E E R S B O O K S

    r e c r e a t i o n l i f e s t y l e c o n s e r v a t i o n

    RIDE WITH US! Mountaineers Books is now the world-wide distributor of bicycle-touring maps produced by the nonprofit Adventure Cycling Association, with 47,000 members.

    Bicycle touring enthusiasts have relied on these maps for 35 years to reach all corners of the United States and parts of Canada. See all 91 of these high-quality maps beginning on page 31.

  • www.mountaineersbooks.org fax: 800 .568.7604 3

    Our conservation titles are published by Braided river, which uses the emotive power of books as key tools in advocacy campaigns. These are lush, photo-driven books, typically with insightful essays presenting the environmental, social, and scientific issues related to a critical ecosystem. Each book is accompanied by educational outreach and is usually matched with a traveling museum exhibit. We work with well known nonprofit partners and reach millions of passionate citizens with messages for solving problems that will make the world a better place for present and future generations.

    SkipStone is our imprint for people striving to live a sustainable lifestyle, which for us means digging in your garden, thinking about what you eat, treating all creatures with respect, and finding ways to reduce your carbon footprint. Skipstone books are for people who want to live life deliberately, finding joy in the nature just outside their back door.

  • M O U N T A I N E E R S B O O K S phone: 800 .553.44534

    avaiLaBLe in MaY

    A graphic adventure narra-tive that delves into why we pursue the wild outdoors

    Companion book to the lm Drawn, now showing in the traveling Banff Film Festival

    Captures the emotion of adventure through the soulful vibe of visual art

    Authors art is among the most in uential in the world of climbing

    Includes two removable postcards created by author

    Shivering in a cave beneath Mount Fitz Roy in Patagonia, artist and rock climber Jeremy Collins had an intense and anxious vision, both geographic and artistic, about his life and what he was doing with it. As a result, he left Argentina and commenced on a four-year journey that took him in the four cardinal directions from his home in Kansas Citynorth, south, east, westto create art in the wild, climb new routes, and live out his own map. Drawn: The Art of Ascent shares his exploits, his art, and what he discovered about balancing wilderness adventure with peace at home.

    At home, Jeremy has a wife and two children whose existence leave him constantly asking himself, Why am I here on this mountain instead of with them? The answer is gradually revealed through his heartfelt journey, an intimate visual exploration of how one reconciles family, career, and personal passion. Based on Jeremys sketchbooks kept over the course of pursuing and achieving four different summits, Drawn is not a snow, ice, gloom-and-doom or cut-the-ropes adventure; rather, it is about a contemplative dad with dreams he desires to share with his family in a way that both honors them and remains true to his personal goals. With climbing as a catalyst, he fi nds a more fully-realized approach to life.

    Jeremys art is a rich and textured mixed media of pencil, charcoal, watercolor, torn paper, and photographs; he often features pages from his in-situ sketchbooks and hand-written text. Some of the photographs he uses were contributed by climbing partners, who include Corey Rich, James Q Martin, Tommy Caldwell, Hayden Kennedy, Mark Jenkins, and Mikey Schaefer. Each of the four fi rst ascents also features a hand-drawn topo map.

    As an illustrator, storyteller, fi lm director, and exploratory rock climber, Jeremy Collins maintains a vast repertoire of skills. His illustrative art is frequently featured in Rock and Ice and Alpinist magazines, in numerous books, and on a variety of outdoor-adventure products. He is also an accomplished climber, having pioneered more than 300 new routes in the United States. Jeremy lives with his wife and children in Kansas City. Visit him at www.jercollins.com.

    160 pages, 10 x 734, 120 color illustrations, hardback, $24.95, ISBN 978-1-59485-958-8. SPORTS/CLIMBING. Rights: World.




  • www.mountaineersbooks.org fax: 800 .568.7604 5

  • M O U N T A I N E E R S B O O K S phone: 800 .553.44536

    avaiLaBLe in apriL

    Long before instant media, Eric Shipton wandered off the grid, only to re-emerge from the wild with new information that subsequent adventurers would build reputations upon One of the greatest explorers of the 20th century

    Shiptons Everest explorations set the stage for its conquest by Edmund Hillary

    Eric Shipton was an adventurer when adventure meant traveling to places for which no maps existed, scaling mountains whose heights were uncalculated, and encountering people whom no westerner had ever met. That Untravelled World, originally published in 1969, is his autobiography, written near the end of his career, when the passing of time had deepened his re ections on his many accomplishments and companions.

    Shiptons story begins with his early childhood, his fi rst climbs in the Alps, his decision to be a coffee farmer rather than attend university, and his early climbs in Africa. He recounts his introduction to Bill Tilman, through a letter Tilman sent asking for advice about climbing Mount Kenya. This introduction led to one of the most famous climbing partnerships in historyas bonded in pursuit of adventure as Holmes and Watson were in solving crimes.

    In 1951 Shipton led an expedition to explore the south side of Everest. His small party of four (plus Sherpas) explored Everests Western Cwm to determine if the South Col could be climbed from there. In 1952, unable to get a permit to climb Everest, Shipton and his team climbed eleven mountains between 21,000 and 23,000 feet, and a number of smaller peaks. Shipton was expected to be named the leader of the momentous 1953 British Everest expedition but, surprisingly, John Hunt was chosen instead. Of the slight, Shipton wrote, I had often deplored the exaggerated publicity accorded to Everest expeditions and the consequent distortion of values. Yet, when it came to the point, I was far from pleased to withdraw from this despised limelight; nor could I fool myself that it was only the manner of my rejection that I minded.

    Shipton soon redirected his disappointment into new adventures in the Americas, never to return to the Himalaya.

    eric Shipton participated in fi ve Everest expeditions, made the fi rst ascent of Mount Kenyas Nelion Peak, and with Bill Tilman he reached the Nanda Devi Sanctuary. With Frank Smythe he climbed to the summit of Kamet (25,447 feet)at the time, the highest summit ever attained. He wrote six other mountain travel and exploration books that Mountaineers Books has published in an omnibus edition.

    Other titles from Eric Shipton and Bill Tilman

    on pages 50 & 51




    304 pages, 6 x 9, 19 B&W photos, 11 illustrations, 3 maps, paperback, $19.95, ISBN 978-1-59485-897-0 (ebook: 978-1-59485-898-7). BIOGRAPHY. Rights: North America.

  • www.mountaineersbooks.org fax: 800 .568.7604 7

    avaiLaBLe in MarCH

    The colorful and exciting life story of a forgotten alpine climber of the 20th century Biography of a seminal, but often unheralded, gure in high-altitude


    Written by his son, Tony; Frank Smythe was himself a proli c author

    Important addition to Mountaineer Books Legends and Lore series

    Frank Smythe, like Eric Shipton, is associated with early Everest explorations and was a member of three expeditions to the mountain. At a time when it was ungentlemanly to make a living by climbing, Smythe wrote more than a dozen popular books based upon his travels to high placestravels that included making the fi rst ascent of Kamet (25,447 feet) in 1931, which was the fi rst time any climber had reached so high a summit. Two years later, he reached the highest point climbed on Everest (28,200 feet). He also climbed in Britain, the Alps, Canada, and Alaska. He and Graham Brown established two new routes on the Brevna face of Mont Blanc. In short, he has serious climbing credentials.

    As the title hints, this is a biography by Franks son Tony, but it isnt based solely on personal memories; Frank was away from home for long periods and died when Tony was only fourteen. Instead, this book is based on thirteen years of research: Franks pa