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Emy Baker's Originals Spring 2012 Product Catalog

Transcript of 2012 spring catalog

  • 1. 2012 Spring Catalog Emy Bakers Originals, LLC 1918 Valentine Avenue Cleveland, Ohio 44109 440-941-3820 http://www.emybaker.com
  • 2. Table of Contents
    • Table of ContentsPg. 2
    • About Us..Pg. 3
    • Mission Statement.Pg. 4
    • Car TeasPp. 5-6
    • Dorm Teas Pp. 7-8
    • Kitchen Teas Pp. 9-10
    • Shoe Teas.Pp. 11-12
    • Massage Oils..Pp. 13
    • Body Scrubs Pp. 14
    • Interesting Facts..Pp. 15
    • Business OpportunityPp. 16
    • How To Contact Us..Pp. 17
  • 3. About Us
    • In 1998 our business began with an idea and a kitchen. Candles, lotions and other scented fresheners and personal care products became our signature. Through the years we worked on producing items that were more environmentally friendly and today we are proud to say we are an American green products company, committed to the green manufacturing process. We manufacture eco-friendly fresheners for cars, shoes, dorm rooms, kitchens and other areas.
    • Our products are suitable for the automotive, hospitality, real estate, retail, personal care, and burial service industries.
    • http://www.emybaker.com/About-Us.html
    Lake Isaac Waterfowl Sanctuary 2007 Marsha Walker Eastwood
  • 4. Our Mission Statement At Emy Bakers Originals, LLC, green isnt just a word , it is a way of doing business, but not business as usual. For us doing business means providing a safe and eco-friendly way to freshen your living spaces - be it your homes, cars, big rigs, RVs or boats. Doing business means manufacturing 100% biodegradable fresheners packaged in 100% recyclable materials that travel with you whether it is for work or pleasure, and personal care products that are safe and healthy alternatives to what is currently available in the marketplace. But most importantly our mission is to create partnerships with every consumer and business interested in reducing the carbon footprints that take their toll and change our environment forever. If my walks take me along the roads and streams , I see also the trash and junk, carelessly manufactured and carelessly thrown away ~Wendell Berry http://www.emybaker.com/Mission-Statement.html
  • 5. Car Teas Our signature 100% biodegradable tea bags are filled with our special blend of all natural lightly scented materials. Whether you drive a car, SUV, big rig, RV or captain your own boat, our Car Teas get the freshening job done!
  • 6. Current Car Tea Fragrance Offerings Apple Orchard Asian Teak Cheay Cheay Eddies Blues Hazelnut Cappuccino Honey Melon Sweet Sweet Sara Emy Bakers Originals is committed to reducing the carbon footprint one eco-friendly product at a time! http://www.emybaker.com/TheCarTeasCollection.html 3 pk $10.00 plus s&h
  • 7. Dorm Teas No matter what personality the dorm room has, there is an Emy Bakers Dorm Tea to keep it freshened. From the subtle Garden Mint to the refreshing smell of a Rainforest , the floral serenity of a Water Orchid to the peppery spice of Asian Teak, we have a tea that fits!
  • 8. Current Dorm Tea Fragrance Offerings Asian Teak Garden Mint Rain Forest Water Orchid We can do better! In 2009 for 243 million tons of trash generated, only 33.8% was recycled! http://www.emybaker.com/TheDormTeasCollection.html 3 pk $10.00 plus s&h
  • 9. Kitchen Teas Emy Bakers Originals Kitchen Teas are the natural fragrant freshening alternative for your kitchen, bathroom and other hard to freshen places.
  • 10. Current Kitchen Tea Fragrance Offerings Apple Orchard Apple Caramel Crunch Cinnabun Hazelnut Cappuccino Honey Melon 3pk $10.00 plus s&h
  • 11. Shoe Teas Emy Bakers Originals 100% biodegradable Shoe Teas are the natural way to freshen and deodorize your shoes, boots
  • 12. Current Shoe Tea Fragrance Offerings Clean Laundry Garden Mint Rain Forest Water Orchid 3pk $10.00 plus s&h
  • 13. Massage Oils Keeping things simple , natural, and eco-friendly is the standard for all Emy Bakers Originals products. That describes Emy Bakers Originals 100% all natural massage oils. Made from 100% grapeseed oil, pressed from cultivated wine grapes, it is naturally rich in vitamins and minerals, and non-comedogenic. They are excellent moisturizers that leave your skin feeling refreshed and your body feeling relaxed. The make excellent alternatives to aerosol shaving creams and are perfect for people who are allergic to nuts and nut by-products. http://www.emybaker.com/Personal-Care-Products.html Current Fragrance Offerings Black Amber - Chocolate Drizzle - Peppermint Vanilla - Water Orchid Garden Mint Rain Forest Retail Price $12.00 plus s&h 8 ozs. Net wt.
  • 14. Body Scrubs Emy Bakers Body Scrubs are the all natural way to gently exfoliate and soften your face, elbows, knees and feet. All of our scrubs are made from 100% all natural ingredients that are non-comedogenic and cruelty-free. Ingredients include sunflower or grapeseed oils, grain, honey, and botanical extracts. Our jars, lids and even the labels are 100% recyclable. Current Offerings Honey Lemon Meal Peppermint Meal - Peppermint Sugar Honey Vanilla Chamomile Sugar - Chocolate Sea Salt Drizzle, Organic Green Tea and Whole Grain Retail Price $8.00 plus s&h 8 ozs Net wt
  • 15. Interesting Facts
    • Millions of people use scented candles to add fragrance to their homes. During 2005-2009, U.S. fire departments responded to an estimated average of 12,860 home structure fires started by candles per year. These fires caused an annual average of136 civilian deaths, 1,040 civilian fire injuries, and $471 million in direct property damage. Candles caused 3% of the reported home fires, 5% of home fire deaths, 8% of home fire injuries, and 7% of direct property damage during this period.Homes include dwellings, duplexes, manufactured housing and apartments.
    • * Source NFPAs Home Candle Fires report by Marty Ahrens, December, 2011
  • 16. A Unique Business Opportunity
    • No one opportunity is the perfect fit for everyone and it goes without saying that selling a new product on the market is not without its challenges. However, if you possess the following attributes this may be the perfect business opportunity for you:
    • Vision, passion and belief in products that can change the way we freshen our individual environments while protecting the larger environment.
    • The ability to choose your own marketing program to successfully build your business. These can include group events, presentations for retail buyers and/or owners, trade shows, fairs, and flea markets that bring the public to your display. You can use your representative ID number to drive business to your website should you choose to do so**** or you can work the business one on one. This is NOT a MLM program nor is it a membership sales program.
    • There is no membership fee, but if your application is accepted you will have to pay $10.00 via PayPal to cover the cost of shipping and handling your sample package. There is no fee for the sample package itself.
    • In order to remain ACTIVE you meet the minimum sales quota of $150.00 per month.
    • For more information contact our National Sales Manager at jim@emybaker.com
  • 17. How To Contact Us To place an order please call us at 440-941-3820 between the hours of 9:00 am and 5:00 pm Tuesday, Wednesday, or Friday To place an order by e-mail or for questions regarding wholesale purchasing, fundraising opportunities or general inquiries please e-mail or sales office at [email_address] or [email_address] All payments are accepted through PayPal only.