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Sports Marketing Profile Define sports marketing. 1. Sports Appeal and Marketing. People spend time and money on sports they feel excitement and are entertained by the competition Sports marketers sell sports, games, and services to these fans. 2. Marketing vs. Sports Marketing…. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Transcript of Sports Marketing Profile Define sports marketing

  • Sports Marketing ProfileDefine sports marketing*

  • Sports Appeal and MarketingPeople spend time and money on sportsthey feel excitement and are entertained by the competition

    Sports marketers sell sports, games, and services to these fans.*

  • Marketing vs. Sports Marketing Marketing: the process of developing, promoting, or distributing products, or goods, or services, to satisfy customers needs and wants.

    Sports Marketing: all the marketing activities designed to satisfy the needs and wants of sports consumers*

  • Two Components Sports Marketing The two major components of sports marketing are:*The marketing of sports

    Marketing through sports

  • And the difference is *The marketing of sportsPromotion of the Super Bowl, the Indy 500, and the Olympics through TV and radio advertisement

  • And the difference is *Marketing through sportsNike, Gatorade, Goodyear, etc. promote their products by using a connection to sports Example: using an athlete as a spokesperson

  • A Brief HistoryThe longest running endorsement deal in sports history: 1923, Wilson Sporting Goods signed professional golfer Gene Sarazen to a deal that lasted until Sarazen passed away in 1999 (97 yrs old)


  • Who is Gene Sarazen?He is one of five golfers to win all current major championships in his career, The Career Grand Slam! U.S. Open in 1922, 1923PGA Championship in 1922, 1923, 1933British Open in 1932The Masters in 1935Can you name the other four?

  • Grand Slam WinnersGene SarazenBen HoganGary PlayerJack Nicklaus Tiger Woods

  • A Brief HistoryWilliam Bill Veeck Key to marketing sports Get people interested in watching the game as well as the activities that surround the game

    Introduced player names on jerseys, ballpark giveaways, exploding scoreboards, etc.

    Inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame for his innovations in sports marketing.


  • A Brief HistoryMark McCormack 1960 developed the idea of linking athletes to corporations

    Founder of International Management Group (IMG)

    Client and friend, Arnold Palmer, was one of the first professional athletes to associate with corporations*Mark McCormack & Arnold Palmer 1965

  • Studying Sports MarketingSports marketing takes a simple game and turns it into an interesting and exciting event.

    Monday Night Football is based upon the principles of sports marketing.

  • MNF Commercials

  • Athletes & Celebrities

  • Careers in Sports MarketingExamples of jobs in sports marketing include:*ScriptwriterProducerTicket agentLuxury-box sales representativeFood and merchandise sales representativeGroup-ticket salesperson

  • Profiles in Marketing

    Marketing the Team pg. 56Read and answer case study questions.

    According to the author, what is the most important skill in a sports marketing position?

    Explain the statement, you must also be a student of your business.

    What role does the author, Gruber, feel that education plays in a successful career in sports marketing?