Social@Ogilvy Briefing: Meerkat vs. Periscope

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Transcript of Social@Ogilvy Briefing: Meerkat vs. Periscope

  • Meerkat vs. Periscope Top Line Takeaways for Mobile Live Streaming April 2015

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    Live Streaming

    What Is Mobile Live Streaming? Live streaming video via your mobile device (smart phone or tablet) allows you to broadcast content to your audience as it happens. Various apps exist, with Meerkat and Periscope currently being the most prominent. What Makes It Special? Immediate shared experience: Much like live television, mobile live streaming

    allows the user and any followers to share the content as it is being created making it unique to Snapchat and Instagram, which only allow for uploading post-event.

    Media implications: If mobile live streaming takes off, it will become a necessary and indispensible aspect of content publishing for journalists and brands alike. Users appetite for raw, instantaneous content could increase with the rise in mobile live streaming.

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    Meerkat: What is it? Meerkat is a live video streaming app that debuted with much fanfare in March, 2015 at South by Southwest (SXSW) an annual music, film and interactive conference in Austin, Texas. Meerkat combines the anything-can-happen drama of live television with the user-created intimacy of YouTube. How Does It Work? Meerkat streams live video content to your Twitter followers. Open the app,

    log-in with Twitter, click the stream button, and the app tweets out a Meerkat URL to your followers linking to the live stream.

    Users can respond directly to tweets in the app, without having to switch

    to Twitter. When streaming through Meerkat, the user interface shows the video feed, a list of viewers, as well as a mini-newsfeed of Twitter replies.

    Once the live stream is over the video doesnt live anywhere online. Similar

    to Snapchat, content can be stored on the users phone and shared later.

    Sources:, Despite the Hype, Is Meerkat Really Worth Your Time? How Meerkat Conquered All At SXSW

    -The Verge

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    Periscope: What is it? Periscope is Twitters version of a live video streaming app that has also debuted this March. How Does It Work? Periscope streams live video content to the Internet. Similar to Meerkat, the

    user to prompted to log in with Twitter. Periscope has the same general functionality though, due to the interface, there is more of a focus on discovering other streams. Comments on Periscope stay within the app.

    Periscope features a map pinpointing the broadcasters location (optional).

    Upon selecting a stream, the user interface is again similar to Meerkat with options to comment or heart the stream. Swiping to the right reveals a map indicating the location of the stream.

    Video content is less ephemeral content is available for 24 hours

    afterward. Users have the option to make content available for replay after posting.

    Sources: The Daily Dot: Why Is Periscope Obsessed with Fridges? CNBC: Twitters Periscope Tackles Live Streaming, Meerkat

    -The Daily Dot

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    What Makes Them Unique?

    Content available for replay post-stream for 24 hours (optional)

    Comments stay within the app, not posted to Twitter

    Visual map of

    broadcasters location

    Users can make streams private or public

    Users can build a following on the platform

    Stream is only live; video able to be saved to users device

    Comments appear in

    app and on users Twitter feed

    Meerkat content is

    broadcast to all users followers

    Real-time video streamed within app

    Interactive features

    including likes and comments

    Leaderboard of apps most popular users

    Home page features feed of live stream videos from users worldwide

    Sources: Contently: Will Periscope Kill Meerkat?

    Scheduled streams alert users when to tune in

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    Meerkat | Periscope

    How can brands use it?

    These two live streaming apps offer vast possibilities for brands, media outlets and even amateur journalists. Interviews at live events: Mashable has been actively using the platforms, taking on

    the role of television reporter and asking a series of questions, both prepared beforehand as well as live questions taken from their viewers.

    Teasing Content: Jimmy Fallon and other entertainers have used Meerkat to show

    viewers a behind-the-scenes look at studio recordings and photo shoots. Celebrities Arnold Schwarzenegger and Kobe Bryant have reportedly been using Periscope.

    Breaking News: Digiday believes the true potential in Meerkat is that users from all

    over the world will be able to provide a live first-hand look at announcements, crises, or other significant moments in time.

    Visual Live Chat: Some social media influencers have turned the camera around to themselves, responding in real-time, as viewers get a sense of authentic conversation.

    Political Coverage: Similar to how Twitter had an impact on in 2012, These apps could

    do the same for the 2016 presidential election. Even the White House Press Secretary has already done a Meerkat interview.

    Sources: Digiday: What Brands and Publishers Need to Know About Meerkat Digiphile: As Meerkat Election Hype Grows, the Presidential Primary Winner is Twitter CNBC: Twitters Periscope Tackles Live Streaming, Meerkat

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    Meerkat | Periscope

    What are the potential pitfalls? Meerkat and Periscope face challenges ahead, including potential legal ramifications and risks. Privacy is a major concern and potential hurdle for users of the app. While broadcasting in

    public may not be illegal everywhere, some may be uneasy with the notion or being filmed. While it can be disabled, Periscopes map feature may be too detailed for some. Personal rights and the legality of profiting from a Periscope or Meerkat stream are also being called into question.

    Quality of content is another potential concern with live mobile video. As always, users

    individuals and brands alike will need to beware the content they produce is worthy and not clutter. Live stream video apps like uStream and have had a difficult time taking off, largely due to a lack of interesting user creative. Videogame-focused app Twitch, has seen some success by targeting niche audiences.

    Copyright Infringement will be an area of concern as live streaming sporting events, movies, concerts, and other live entertainment may become more prevalent. Corporations and artists will need to consider how to address a potential increase in users live streaming proprietary content and performances.

    Censorship will be another issue as users are able to comment on any public stream, making it particularly difficult to control the experience from a brand perspective.

    Sources: New Live Streaming App Meerkat Prompts Big Privacy Concerns Billboard: The Meerkat minefield: Legal Issues With Live-Streaming Apps

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    Whats the Verdict? Periscope is quickly emerging as a forerunner with potential to grow as a platform. Although it is not over for Meerkat (the company just raised $14 million in funding), the app is hampered by leaning so heavily on Twitter Meerkat was already restricted from accessing Twitters social graph. Meerkat has already dropped from its peak of #140 on the U.S. iPhone download chart to #523 after Periscopes launch. Among the few key differences between the platforms, these give Periscope a decisive edge: Videos can be saved and discovered later. This will give brands more capability to have their content

    viewed while still maintaining the allure of fleeting, exclusive content. Brands and influencers can develop a following natively on Periscope much like on Vine or YouTube.

    Sources: Contently: Will Periscope Kill Meerkat? Billboard: The Meerkat minefield: Legal Issues With Live-Streaming Apps

    This chart shows how, in just 24 hours, Periscope caught up to Meerkats


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    Thank you. Questions? Thoughts? Bryan Thomas, Strategist (Washington, DC) Robert Santos, Strategist (Washington, DC) Teresa Shiang, Strategist (Singapore)

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