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Logistics for my final major project where I will create a book on the Versace brand.

Transcript of Sempre Versace

  • Contents

    5. VisionLocation of sales

    6. Email preview code8. Musical stimuliAdvertisements11. MagazineBillboards

    Youtube & Facebook12. Video production


    Printing & binding15. Images & interview rights

    Text & new fontProduction numbers16. Events company

    Event InvitesCatering staffGuest list

    Managment & security18. Entertainment & fashion shows

    Goodie bagsMaterials & design layouts

    Staff19. Event video production

    After launch20. Total costings21/22. Timeline

  • VisionSempre Versace meaning always & forever is a new publication from the Versace brand. It will be exclusive to the brand as it will only

    be sold via their websites, retail stores and boutiques. The concept of the book is to give the dedicated Versace customers a keepsake of the brands history, enabling them to access the story behind the brand and its innovative business ventures as well as a catalogue of beautiful

    imagery from previous collections and the Gianni years.

    The book will serve as a tool to describe the excitement of the brand, the hustle and bustle of their back stage shows, it will depict the short but fascinating life of the brands founder Gianni Versace, and create a shrine of his visionary statement. The reader will be intro-duced to the creators of Versace with chapters containing personnel photos and past interviews with the family. The exciting thing about this book is that it will be like no other publication already created for the brand, it will feature many ideas previously uncombined for the company within a publication and will also mark the anniversary of Gi-annis untimely death sixteen years ago. The book will rival other lux-ury brand publications and will be the newest release dedicated to the

    Versace in brand since 2009.

    Location of salesThe book will be sold online via a number of Versace websites, home-ware and tourism will play a role within the books chapters so the book will be sold via Versace Home and Palazzo Versace websites meaning sales can be increased, this will tie together a varied range of Versace custom-ers. A sales page will be created once the book is set up for purchase where customers will be able to make procure the book, this will be via a link on the website where selected customers can preview the book

    before its release. License fees for the website are paid for annual-ly by Versace, however the design and layout for the new purchase page will be created by Toronto based web designers at studio. The company will produce a webpage that will be interlinked via all

    Versace websites and will cost 656.00 to design and set up. The compa-ny will also be designing a email page that will be sent to members who have signed up for a preview code either in store or online, and will enable them to have a sneak peek at pages from inside the book and view the video presentation created for the book 4 weeks before it goes live

  • Email preview code In the run up to the release of the book customers who have shopped via the Versace website or in store, as well as those who book rooms at ei-ther of the Palazzo hotels will be asked to fill in a form with their email details, in order to receive a code which will allow them to view the preview pages, and the video launch. Every code is personal to each customer and will be individually attached to the designed email sent out, the books launch page will then be exclusive to those own the

    code. As well as the above mentioned, in the run up to the full length video launch, customers will be able to exercise their codes for four weeks prior to release in order to preview short 30 seconds snippets of the full video, this will help build up momentum and create an exciting

    buzz for Versace customers.

  • Musical stimuli Music has always played a big part in the Versace brand, with Gi-anni Versace once stating that if he were not a fashion designer he would have been a musician. The ambience surrounding the brands de-signs changes from year to year but always has a dramatic in put when the catwalk shows go live in Milan. Both in store and online via the

    books website page and preview page a series of musical numbers will be played on loop to create a moment and a feeling surrounding the mood

    the book intends to project.

    As the books is marking the anniversary of Giannis death many celebri-ty friends and customers of the design house have donated the rights to their music free of charge. All of those who have donated their music have of course received invites to its launch night and have received recognition via the websites page. As well as this each celebrity will receive a personalized copy of the book before its release with a pri-vate thank you note from both Donatella and Santos on behalf of the company. The video will also serve as promotion to the artists musi-cal talents, it will promote sales of their albums with connections to

    their music via an itunes link on the Versace website.

    The following music will be looped as a playlist:

    Pavarotti - Nessun DormaAndrea Bocelli - Time To Say Goodbye

    Captain Corellis Mandolin - Pelagias SongPrince - Musicology

    Elton John - Sad SongsREM - Radio Song

    Kanye West - RunawayMadonna - Dress You Up in My Love

    Massive Attack - Unfinished Sympathy

    AdvertisementThe book will be advertised in a number of ways prior to its distribu-tion. It is important that those who are follow Versace are aware that the book will only be sold exclusively via the brand. Mass advertise-ment will create a huge buzz around the book, and the knowledge of its limited copies will make it more sought after globally. In or-

    der to remain loyal to those customers who have purchased from Versace and received the email code for the preview, only selected images and video footage will be used within advertisements, meaning code holders

  • MagazinesIn the June edition of Vogue, Vogue Living, W, Cosmopolitan, Elle, Elle Decoration and Harpers Bazaar a double page advertisement space will be purchased, five historical Versace images will be selected for publish-ers to choose from, these images will include the Versace logo and the date the book will be released along with website links and the code

    313,710 in the top left hand corner, which indicates the number of cop-ies set for purchase. The cost for the advertisement space for each

    magazine, for the three months required comes to a total of 1,0000,00Total = 1,250,00

    BillboardsAs well as magazine advertisements, billboard space will be rented at three famous landmarks. The three acquired spaces will be consist of Times Square, Piccadilly Circus and Shinjuku Japans main shopping dis-trict, the advertisements will take place four weeks prior to the books release. The five images that have been promoted within the magazines will also appear on the billboard commercials as well as snippets from the promotional video and indicators of the launch date. The three lo-cations were selected as they are sought after tourist attractions and over 600 million people will be able to view the advert over the course of a month. It is acknowledged that 600 million copies of the book will not be available for purchase, however the advertisement itself will bring massive brand awareness, and may boost record sales. The cost of renting these spaces over the four weeks will total at 254,385.84

    Total = 100,185.84

    Youtube & FacebookAs well as advertising through billboards Versace will also use Face-book and Youtube as tools to spread awareness of the books release.

    Advertisement space can be purchased for the home page of Facebook, as well as individual site pages. Companies are able to advertise their products where every user who uses the website logs on, meaning Ver-sace will have the potential of making over 750 million people aware of the books launch, and the brand.The same advertisement scheme is

    used by Youtube as well as the capability to advertise through the back drops of viewers selected video streams. This means that when anything from cookery lessons to Oscar speeches is being viewed on a world wide

    scale, a companys advertisement can been seen in the background

    Advertisement space will be secured for the same length of time as the billboards - four weeks prior to release, which totals a cost of 4,875

  • Video Production Production on the video for the launch of the book will be executed well in advance of its release date, due to code holders having access to 30 second snippets of the video four weeks prior to its full release. Bill Cunningham, close friend of Gianni Versace and one of the only film mak-ers allowed inside Casa Casuarina before his death will be responsible for the production of video, he will conduct all interviews and source all music and selected images himself. As a guideline he has advised that production will need to begin nine months prior to its release and that

    the total cost of all his services will total 2,985Total = 2,985

    Publishing The publishing company responsible for production will be Thames and Hud-son. Their services also include sourced book binding and print company Barnard and Westwood, as well as paper handling via Shepherds Falkiners. Distribution of the book will then be taken care of as per their company service. The total cost of publishing and sourcing comes to a total of

    5,275 for the 313,710 books that will be produced.Total = 5,275

    Paper Shepherds Falkiners are a Bloomsbury based luxury paper merchants who have been sourced on behalf of Thames & Hudson to take care of the pro-ductions material needs. The company have suggested the best weight of paper for