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  • 1.Gianni Versace
    By: Krystial Cebe

2. Time Line:
1946: Date of Birth = December 2 in Reggio Calabria, Italy (small underprivileged Italian town)
1972: Moves to Milan- brother Santo soon follows to help
1970s: By mid 70s Gianni gets his big break- Genny and Callaghan hire Gianni to design their leather and suede collections
1978: Gianni presents his first Versace signature collection at Palazzo della Permanente Art Museum in Milan
1978: Opens first boutique in Milan at Via dellaSpiga
1982: Meets long time partner Antonio DAmico
1985: Introduction of InstanteVesa = conservative chic
1989: Introduction of Atelier Versace = custom made fashions
1989: Introduction of Versus Line - Donatellas venue = younger trendy audience
1991: Introduction of Versatile Line = specialized for full figured women
1991: Introduction of Versace Jeans Couture = casual based on jeans
1993: Introduction of Home Signature = tableware, bath & bed linens, lamps, etc.
1997: Introduction of Versace Makeup
1997: Assassination of Gianni Versace by Andrew Cunanan
Boring, I know, but a little needed information
3. A Beginning:
December 2, 1946
Reggio di Calabria, Italy
Originally an architect student
Siren style = beginning trademark
Palazzo della Permanente Art Museum
Seductively beautiful or charming women
Versace Boutique at Milans Via dellaSpiga
4. Early Works of the 80s:
A young, sexy, and bit aggressive women
Skin tight
5. Fall/Winter 1992 Bondage:
6. Spring/ Summer Collection Versace Classic V2:
7. Business Aspect:
Donatella = 20%
Donatella: muse and critic
Gianni = 45%
Santo = 35%
Santo: Chief Executive
Gianni: Fashion Designer
Donatella: Public Relations
8. Giannis Values:
Contrasts are the keys to my creations. Gianni
Antonio DAmico and Gianni Versace from a home album
Versace Family:
Donatella Antonio
9. Santo Versace:
Santo and Cristiana
Santo and Donatella Versace
10. Donatella Versace:
Chief Designer and Impressionistic Sister
inspiring muse
11. Donatella Versaces Work:2010 Collection
Spring/ Summer
Fall/ Winter
12. Donatella Versaces Work:2005 Collection
13. Donatella Versaces Work:2000 Collection
14. Runway
Spring/ Summer Collection 2010
Fall/ Winter Collection 2010
Versace Catwalk
Versace Collection 1991
Spring/ Summer Collection 1992
Fall/ Winter Collection 1992
Spring/ Summer Collection 1998
15. Bibliography:
All photos were used based off connections through Google Images