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Donatella Versace:Chief Designer and Impressionistic Sister

inspiring muse



1946: Date of Birth = December 2 in Reggio Calabria, Italy (small underprivileged Italian town) 1972: Moves to Milan- brother Santo soon follows to help 1970s: By mid 70s Gianni gets his big break- Genny and Callaghan hire Gianni to design their leather and suede collections 1978: Gianni presents his first Versace signature collection at Palazzo Della Permanente Art Museum in Milan 1978: Opens first boutique in Milan at Via DellaSpiga 1982: Meets long time partner Antonio DAmico 1985: Introduction of InstanteVesa = conservative chic 1989: Introduction of Atelier Versace = custom made fashions 1989: Introduction of Versus Line - Donatellas venue = younger trendy audience 1991: Introduction of Versatile Line = specialized for full figured women 1991: Introduction of Versace Jeans Couture = casual based on jeans 1993: Introduction of Home Signature = tableware, bath & bed linens, lamps, etc. 1997: Introduction of Versace Makeup 1997: Assassination of Gianni Versace by Andrew Cunanan

TARGET SEGMENTATIONMilan by IPREX, the chairman of Gianni Versace Group & the Altagamma Foundation shared hisIn a meeting held in

thoughts on a strategy ( started in 1992 within his company) in order to strengthen the

global presence and growth of luxury brands, through consumers segmentation in 3 groups:-


luxury (brands such as Burberry and Tiffany & Co):

opinion formers need to be in constant contact with the target audience concentrating messages on product performance characteristics. One of the main communication tools is advertising, closely integrated with PR and events.

Aspirational luxury ( Gucci, Yves Saint Laurent):

a segment based on an imitative process from opinion leaders and trendsetters to the customer base. In addition to performance characteristics, the marketing messages are enriched by aesthetic, stylistic, artistic and design content. The goal is to re-create the emotional and creative world of the brand, containing the cultural and psychological references that justify the price. Here, the communication focus switches to PR and events, with advertising playing a supporting role.

Absolute luxury (brands such as Hermes and Brioni): a similar approach to the aspirational segment but with an even greater importance attached to building the brands emotional environment. Messages about product characteristics are now in the background, as aesthetic content dominates the positioning and the aim is to generate a perception of exclusivity. Advertising is not used with these products and communication programs are driven by PR and events.


There are several lines which make up Versace: Versace Couture Versace Jeans Couture Versace Home Collection Versus Versace Collection The Palazzo Versace

Versace Couturecontains high-end often handmade apparel Jewelry Watches Fragrances cosmetics, handbags, Shoes home furnishings Donatella Versace directly heads this line and designs a vast amount of the items.

Versace CollectionIt is the second high-end line of the group and is designed toward younger more fashioned people, the logo is discreet and consist in a hollowed V surrounded by the classic Greek frieze or is signed in all word with the word "collection" written smaller in black at the bottom line of the name Versace in hollowed letters or in white.

Versace eyeglassesVersace frames are smaller and rounded than other designer frames which increases their potential on the market. Almost unnoticeable frames made of metal or a composite material, looking like plastic but of much better quality. These eyeglasses come in simple designs and in more daring designs. Most of the Versace eyeglasses have thin frames made of metal and with a solid color. Versace eyeglasses add to the wearer's personality and image with their simplicity and elegance

Versace Jeans Couturea casual clothing line focuses on informal clothing and high-end denim and classic Versace print shirts. It is readily available and comparably affordable, but has been discontinued from the United States for the most part. This line is distributed through 56 boutiques and flagship stores, and 1800 multi-brand points of sale, including Internet-based shops.

Versace Sportencompassed active wear and accessories. The name was often printed on t-shirts.

VersusSTARTED IN 1989 Gift by Gianni Menswear, fragrances First Fashion show-Milan 2004 Shut down for menswear etc 2008-Relaunched

Versace Watches1998- Formed an individual company 2004- Linkup with Timex Italian Style Excellence Swiss Made Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility In conformity with United Nations resolutions and the Kimberley Process accord (KPCS), all diamonds mounted on Versace watches and jewellery originate in conflict-free zones and are obtained exclusively from authorised sources. Excellence Attention to detail and commitment to the finest quality co-exist in every Versace creation. The choice of materials is made with the utmost selectivity, reflecting the traditions and style of the brand. Each Versace creation exudes the spirit of sheer excellence.

VERSACE INDIABlues Clothing, which entered into an exclusive franchisee agreement with Versace mainline and Versace Jeans Couture (VJC) by Versace in 2007. Gianni Versace luxury apparel and accessories store at the Trident, Mumbai Gianni Versace store in Emporio Mall in Delhi in February 2009


high-end mobile phones will enter into the country with a price tag of up to Rs 425,000. The company has launched two variants of 'Versace Unique' mobile


Palazzo Versace Gold Coast was one of the first Fashion Branded Hotels. The main building was designed by chief architect Rocco Magnoli in Postmodern architecture style in a broad interpretation of Neoclassical architecture. In September 2000, Palazzo Versace opened its doors and created a new luxury address on a historic site in Southern Queensland on the edge of the Gold Coast Broadwater.

Palazzo Versace features three award-winning restaurants. Vanitas is the premier dining restaurant offering innovative cuisine and a wine cellar of rare quality. Guests can choose from the 6 course degustation menu or to dine ala-carte. Vie Bar + Restaurant overlooks the private marina and Broadwater. The chic bar and restaurant specialises in contemporary cuisine while offering a relaxed atmosphere. Barocco serves full buffet breakfast and a-la-carte lunch daily. Each evening there is a Seafood buffet dinner or guests can choose from the a-la-carte menu. Le Jardin is a distinctive bar, which serves as an idyllic meeting area perfect for Morning or Afternoon Tea or Champagne High Tea.