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A complimentary for Sansanook Tridhaksa school family

Transcript of Sarn SAN-SA-NOOK Feb2009

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    , why knowledge

    does not free

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  • My very first time in Bangkok. When I had to get on the plane in Amsterdam I was very

    nervous. I did not know where I would end up and I was afraid that I would get lost in a big,

    HUGE city like Bangkok.

    When I finally arrived after a long flight together with Nienke, I was much calmer already.

    We had 5,5 months in Thailand ahead of us! My nerves were then replaced with excitement!

    Via Sabine de Raaf, who is an art therapist and has been a volunteer for Tridhaksa, I came in

    touch with the school. I am an Art Therapy student in the Netherlands and for my fourth and

    last year I had the opportunity to do an internship abroad. When Nienke and I heard about

    this school in Thailand we immediately wanted to go! For a long time it has been my dream

    to do an internship or volunteer work in a foreign country. I think it is a great opportunity to

    develop myself as an art therapist as well as a person.

    My time here has been amazing. I learned so much from giving therapy to the children. At

    first I found it hard because I could not speak with them. Soon I discovered that it is not

    always necessary. Some children asked me questions in Thai. Of course I did not know how to

    answer but I just answered in Dutch. It was really fun because it was like we understood each

    other quite well. I think that it also helped to create a bond between me and the children.

    I loved the atmosphere of the school. Everybody is happy to help each other. We also re-

    ceived a warm welcome. We could stay with our host mother Mui, who was happy to take

    care of us. I enjoyed teaching Mic English, I am sure he will get really good at it!

    I am very thankful for the opportunity to come to this school and have my internship there. I

    would love to come back and travel around more. Have the heat, the traffic, the Wats and

    the big shopping malls to amaze me again!

    Floor de Jong

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  • When I think about Tridhaksa, I think about a warm, colorful, and friendly place. And the place

    where Ive done my internship as an art therapist, what I really enjoyed! I love the kids, and

    I will miss all of them. Although we couldnt talk, we understood each other and had a special

    connection. We did some sign language, and expressed ourselves through art; a picture says

    more than 1000 words! Besides that, I learned some Thai words like see deang/ fah/ leu-ang

    (the colors), don mai (tree), bahn (house), and kohn (person). And of course: Sawadee Kaa,

    and Khop Khun Kaa.

    In general I had to get used to the way they communicate in Thailand. It is not as direct as in

    my home country Holland. But we made some good appointments, so everything was clear.

    Now that I am comparing Thailand to Holland, another thing that is different is the religion. In

    Holland, most of the people believe in God. In Thailand the main religion is Buddhism. So as

    they have different religions, they have different festivals. Like Loy Krathong. We made beau-

    tiful Krathongs of flowers and leaves, and gave them to the water. They gave me a beautiful

    Thai custom to wear, which made me feel like one of you.

    Though the school is Buddistic, they want to let the children know about different cultures

    and religions as well. So we (me, Floor and Kai) made a Christmas play, for the children,

    performed by the teachers. We wanted to show them what Christmas means for us, next to

    the Christmas tree, presents, and the blinking Christmas decoration you can see everywhere.

    It was a lot of fun directing it, and the result was great.

    Another thing I really liked was the camp in the summer holiday. I gave some art workshops

    to groups of children. It was fun seeing them working together.

    In my last days I will go on camp with class 6 to Nakhonnayok. We will play games and sing

    some songs with my guitar. So they can practice English with us.

    And then its over.. the 6 months I was here, were going faster than I would ever imagine.

    But Im sure I will come back someday. I would love to take another seat on the farang

    table (like we named it), and have some delicious rice with Thai omelet for lunch, what we

    have called egg day. And see how the children grew up, and how the school has developed.

    Thanks to all the children, teachers, and parents.

    Khop Khun Kaa!

    Nienke Berghuis

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  • why knowledge does not free

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