ROCKETEER IWV Gem, Mineral Society show SHOWBOAT opens 11/19/1976 ¢  Indian Wells Gem and...

ROCKETEER IWV Gem, Mineral Society show SHOWBOAT opens 11/19/1976 ¢  Indian Wells Gem and Mineral Society
ROCKETEER IWV Gem, Mineral Society show SHOWBOAT opens 11/19/1976 ¢  Indian Wells Gem and Mineral Society
ROCKETEER IWV Gem, Mineral Society show SHOWBOAT opens 11/19/1976 ¢  Indian Wells Gem and Mineral Society
ROCKETEER IWV Gem, Mineral Society show SHOWBOAT opens 11/19/1976 ¢  Indian Wells Gem and Mineral Society
download ROCKETEER IWV Gem, Mineral Society show SHOWBOAT opens 11/19/1976 ¢  Indian Wells Gem and Mineral Society

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Transcript of ROCKETEER IWV Gem, Mineral Society show SHOWBOAT opens 11/19/1976 ¢  Indian Wells Gem and...

  • CROWD PLEASER - Mrs. Virginia Boyd, a local rockhound of 10119 stan· ding, will be on duty to cut geodes for visitors at the 20th annual show of the Indian Wells Gem and Mineral Society this weekend at the Community Center. Many of these strange round rocks usually have hollow centers lined with crystals, agate and jasper. and will be available at the club's sales booth, along with a variety of lapidary materials, jewelry and mineral specimens.

    Presentation by noted mountaineer set Tues. at BHS

    Renowned mountaineer Kurt Dlemberger will present a slide sbow on biB climbing ezperlences and a film about the Peuteret Ridge In the French Alps on Tuesday at 7:30 p.m. at the Burroughs HIgh School lecture center.

    Dlemberger, an Austrian, has made many first ascents around the world. He has cllmbed the great north faces of the Elger and the Matterbom, and was on the swnmit team which finally conquered Dbaulagirl- the sixth highest mountain In the world- after seven previous expeditions had failed.

    Tickets, priced at $2.50 for adults and $1 for children under 18 years of age, are available at the Gift Marl in Ridgecrest and the Station Pharmacy at China Lake. They will al!o be on sale at the door Tuesday night. Proceeds will go to the CbIna Lake Mountain Rescue Group.

    Tryouts scheduled by drama gp. for 'Yet They Endure'

    Tryouts for the five roles to be fI\led in the alknale cast of the CbIna Lake Players' production of "Yet They Endure" will be held from 2:30 to 5:30p.m. Sunday and from 7:30 to 9:30 p.m. on Monday and Tuesday at 236 W. Drummond Dr., Apt. E., Ridgecrest.

    a.o8el\ one of the ten best one-act plays of 1940, "yet They Endure" was written by Clyde Irvine and will be directed by his son, Clyde Irvine, Jr. The play deals with the story of the surviving members of an arctic expedition air crash.

    Persons interested In the position of technical director or serving on the stsge crew are invited to attend the tryouts or contact Don TIlford, the assistant director, by calling 37>2654. The play is scheduled to open Jan. 14 at the China Lake Player's hut, with repeat performances on Jan. 15, 20, 21 and 22.

    COM to be closed Sot. Because of the MarIne Corps Ball, the

    Conunissioned Officers Mess will be closed on Saturday to all except those wbo have been Invited to attend this gala affair.

    The COM will be open for business during its regular hours of operation at other times during the week.


    IWV Gem, Mineral Society show

    opens Sat. at Community Center The 20th annual sbow of the Indian Wells

    Gem and Mineral Society will open tomorrow at the China Lake Community Center featuring a variety of displays, working demonstrations and field trips.

    The free public show will be held between the hours of 10 a .m. and 10 p.m. on Satur- day,andl0a.m. and6p.m. on Sunday.

    Visitors will have the opportunity to view approximately 60 display cases containing hanckrafted jewelry, cut and po\isbed stones, lapidary specialties such as spberes and bookends, uncut minerals, fossils and local Indian artifacts.

    Special Demonstrations From 2 to 4 p.m. on both Saturday and

    Sunday, local artist and teacber Ramona Orton will demonstrate jewelry smithing techniques, while Ed Wagner will alternate biB demonstrations of arrowhead chipping and black light painting throughout Saturday evening and Sunday afternoon.

    In addition, field trips have been scheduled for both days, beginning at 10:30 a.m.

    On Saturday, one trip is planned to the lava Mountains to look for sagenite agate and petrified wood. Four-wheel-drlve vehicles are required, and digging may be Involved. The other trip that day is one destined for Honey HlIl, famous for Its honey onyx. Conventional automobiles will be satisfactory for this expedition (altbough some desert dirt roads will be encountered) and good digging tools will come in handy.

    of $1 will be requested from each person who takes part In these outings for the purpose of collecting gem 81)d mineral specimens.

    Further information may be obtained by phoning either Peggy Murphy, at~, or Craig Rae, at 446-5893.

    Tickets on sale for local Scout Action fair slated Dec. II

    Tickets are now on sale for this year's local Scout Action Fair, which is scheduled to be beld on the afternoon of Dec. 11, altbough the exact location has not yet been decided upon, according to Norm W~, scout district executive.

    The tickets, priced at $1, are being sold throughout the community by Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts and Explorers wbose units will receive a percentage of the proceeds raised.

    lI.{aIn purposes of the sbow, said Wtseman, " are to give each Scout an 0p- portunity to demonstrate what he has gained from the program and to allow him to demonstrate skills to be used throughout life. "

    The Deserl Scout District 's annual business meeting and recognition dinner will be held at 6 p.m., Saturday, at the Naval Weapons Center's Youth Gym- nasium.

    DistrIct officers for the 197&-77 year will be installed and awards for adult volunteers will be presented at this time, as each unit

    Trip Slated to Rainbow Lodge supplies its potluck dinner and furnishes Its Field trips on Sunday will be made to the own table service and decorations. A fee of

    local club's claim at Rainbow Ledge and to 25 cents per person will be charged to cover the UIst Chance Canyon area. Rainbow the cost of punch, coffee, tea and cups. Ledge is known for Its colorful jasp-agate, More information may be obtained by and some of the best materials are found by phoning WISeIIl8II at 37a.8792 or 446-0094. digging. Locations In the Last Chance Enlisted Club dances set Canyon area have long been known for The Harmony Band, a rock group from agate, jasper and petrified wood. Pomona, will entertain at Enlisted Club

    Those participating In any of the field dances tonight and tomorrow night from 9 trips, which will leave from the Community until 2 a.m. Center, should bring a lunch, water and Tonight's dinner special will be lobster have their vehicles fueled and prepared for and tomorrow night's will be Surf and Turf. desert travel. Warm clothing and sturdy Both will be served from 6 until 8:30. sboes are advisable and, if bammering or The Enlisted Club is now serving a . heavy digging is anticipated, eye protection Sunday Brunch - a ham and turkey buffet and other safety gear is in order. A donation - every Sunday from 12:30 until 3 p.m.

    final performance of 'The Crucible' set Sat. The Cerro Coso Community College

    production of Arlhur Miller's "The Cruclble," which opened last weekend at the college lecture hall, will be presented again tonight and tomorrow night.

    Admission for this drama dealing with witchcraft and beresy In 17th century Salem is $2.50 for the general public and $1.25 for student body card holders. Tickets can be obtained from members of the cast and at the college business office, the Gift Mart in Ridgecrest and tbe Station Pharmacy at "

    China Lake. Remaining ducats will be sold at the door prior to each performance.

    Florence Green is directing the production and also is In charge of costumes, while Robbie Robbins is tbe student director. Assisting are Erick Green, technical direttor ; Sherry Brubaker. student technical director; Anne Maltby, prO)!!!; Sue Gardner, tickets; Steven Green, lights; and Bonnie Irvine, make-up.

    This play will be Cerro Coso's entry in the American College Theater Festival IX.

    STERN AND GRIM - These court officials are involved in the Salem witchcraft trials as presented in Arthur Miller'S stage play, "The Crucible." They are (I.-r'> Rus Stedman, who will appear as Ezekiel Cheever i Galen White as Judge Hathrone, and Doug Ross as Herrick. The drama , which opened last weekend, is to be presented tonight and tomorrow night at the Cerro Coso Community Coillege lecture hall. Curtain time is 8:15.

    November 19 1976


    The objective of the ratings is to inform parents about the suitability of movie content for viewing by their children .

    (G) · ALL AGES ADMITTED General Audiences

    ( PG) . ALL AGES ADMITTEO Parental Guidance Suggested

    (Rr· RESTRICTED Under 17 requires accompanying Parentor Adult G ... rdian

    CS - Cinemascope STO - Standard Movie Screen

    Regular starting time-7 : 30 p.m .

    Prognm subject to ch~nge without notice - pleue check




    (101 Min.)

    JoanneWoodward, Nell Potts (M.lodr~m~) The widowed, neurotic, slovenly

    and often ill·tempered mother 01 two girls makes no effOrt 10 improve her lot. When she decides to make an appearance at an awards ceremony for one of her daughters, she proves to be an em· barrassment to everyone. ( PG ) SAT. 20 NOVEMBER

    "PSYCHIC KILLER" (90Min.)

    Jim Hutton, Paul Burke Drama) A young man is wrongly accused of

    murdering 1he dac10r who refused to treat his ailing mother. Hutton is found guilty and placed in a mental institution. While there he meets a fellow who has mastered the art of "out 01 body travel." He masters this occult power and is released from the hospi1al after his innocence is proven. ( PG)


    "THE RIVER NIGER" (108 Min.)

    James Earl Jones, Cicely Tyson (Drama) (icely Tyson is a w ife and mother

    dy ing Of cancer. James Earl Jones is a failure as a husband, father and w