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  • Chippers’ ChatterChippers’ Chatter Newsletter of the Chesapeake Gem & Mineral Society

    Baltimore, Maryland

    Volume 60, Number 1 January, 2016

    Winter Weather Policy

    Program Notes from Tony Wilner

    In addition to being a favorite of mineralogists, mala- chite is a favorite cutting material for lapidaries. Chesa-

    peake member Our member Tony Wilner is no exception and over the years he’s accumulat- ed quite a collection of both fin- ished malachite cabs and amaz- ing pieces of rough.

    Malachite is opaque and of- ten forms as botryoidal, fibrous or stalagmitic masses deep un- derground. The material is a

    copper carbonate hydroxide mineral that has a formula of Cu2CO3(OH)2.

    Malachite is found worldwide, including here in Maryland (usually only as micro sized specimens or crusts on other minerals), but most notable occurrences are in the Ural Mountains of Russia, the Democratic Re- public of the Congo and in the Southwestern U.S. most notably in Arizona.

    At our January 8th meeting Tony will tell the story

    of the who, what, when, where, why and how of this wonderful material. He’ll tell us something about its composition, why some think it has metaphysical powers, how it’s formed, where it’s found and why royalty prized it. He’ll bring numerous samples from his col- lection for us to ogle.

    Tony has been cutting cabo- chons since the age of 14 and is ac- tive in the GLMS/DC and Patuxent clubs in addition to Chesapeake.

    As usual, our meeting will begin at 7:30 pm at the Westchester Community Center in Oella.

    Malachite Dem. Republic of Congo

    Photo: Dlloyd. Used under Creative Commons Attribution-Share

    Alike 3.0 license

    Fabergé Clock Gold & Malachite

    Moscow State Historical Museum.

    Used under Creative Com- mons Attricution-Share Alike

    3.0 license

    A Reminder by Steve Weinberger

    Just a quick reminder that club dues

    for 2016 are now due. Please fill out the renewal form on page 11 and sub- mit it along with your check (or cash) to me either at the meeting or by mail.

  • Page 2 Chippers’ Chatter – January, 2016

    Members of the Eastern Federation of Mineralogical & Lapidary Societies

    Affiliated with the American Federation of Mineralogical Societies.

    The Chesapeake Gem & Mineral Society was established in order to al- low its members to gain knowledge and skills in various phases of the Earth Sci- ence field. Through field trips, exhibi- tions, and cooperation with other soci- eties, we endeavor to further not only our own knowledge, but also that of the general public. Meetings are held on the 2nd Fri- day of each month except August at the Westchester Community Center, 2414 Westchester Ave; Oella, MD.. Meetings begin at 7:30 P.m. and visitors are al- ways welcome. Dues are $15 for individuals, $25 for family memberships.

    Officers: President - Barb Kays

    Vice President - John Buchleitner

    Recording Secretary - Carolyn Weinberger

    Corresponding Sec’y - Patty Lortie

    Treasurer - Steve Weinberger

    Past President - Richard Hoff

    Directors: 2016 2016-17 Jim Hooper Bob Farrar Richard Meszler Kathy Kaneda

    Editor: Carolyn Weinberger

    Deadline is the 15th of each month.

    Non-commercial reprint permission granted to non-profit organizations

    unless otherwise noted.

    Chesapeake Gem & Mineral


    A Few Words from Barbara by Barbara Kays, President

    Time for another “rambling commentary” from your president! We must start with comments on our Holi- day celebration. It was nice to see so many turn out for an evening of food, fun, and fellow- ship. The room lends itself to feeling as if we are sitting at one huge table; which, or course, is dec- orated by Dawn and her many elves. Have you noticed that she does something different every year? The dish markers for the main entrées added information in a most festive manner. Becky’s music added a pleasant back round. And, the Santa hats added laughs—especially when Kathy put hers on my head and IT MOVED as it played music. Once again set-up and tear down was done so efficiently by everyone that a stranger look- ing in would have thought it was all coordinated by a rigid planner with lists and diagrams. Our first time visitor, who arrived before 6, even pitched in and helped set out tables and chairs. We make a fantastic team! Congratulations to our newest Robinson award recipient. The committee is to be congratulated on taking the time to select the winner and compile so many facts on Steve Dyer’s “rock hounding life.” Life is good at Chesapeake Gem and Mineral Society. Looking forward to 2016: the program committee of Richard, Keith, and Tony would gladly welcome suggestions and ideas for programs. The auctions group lead by Bernie would appreciate quick responses when they open auctions for club and personal sales; so, start collecting what you want to offer in our winter auction. Steve Weinberger needs membership dues mailed as soon as possible so we can compile the 2016 directory. And, don’t forget the hospitality committee. Although they have every month with at least two people, extra food is always welcomed; just bring it in and tell me so we can your add points to the ongoing contest. January’s meeting will include awards for the 2015 participation con- test winners and a reminder of how the 2016 contest will run. Remember, the easiest way to earn points is to write articles for the Chipper’s Chatter. You can even talk to Carolyn to find how she wants you to send pictures to be included with the article. See you in January. Come prepared to have another fun year as we learn, share, and enjoy good fellowship.


  • Chippers’ Chatter – January, 2016 Page 3

    2015 Robinson Award Presented by Keith Kaneda

    Our 2015 Robinson Award winner hails from Mar- quette, MI and is a graduate of Michigan Technological University, thus making him an authentic Yooper. A long- time member of the Chesapeake Gem & Mineral Society, he has given generously of himself whether helping the club for many years at our annual show where he’s as- sisted with set-up and take down, helped man the silent auction and club information booth, and donated speci- mens for children. In addition he also volunteers at the Chesapeake information booth at the annual Gem Cut- ters Guild show each September. He has served as a club Director and continues to serve as our “Showcase” chair.

    An avid and knowledgeable field collector, he is a frequent attendee on club field trips in the Virginia, Pennsylvania and Maryland area as well as ranging far- ther afield to visit classic collecting areas in places such as Michigan and Maine.

    In addition, he is a skilled lapidary and frequently shares his work with us at meetings as a contributor to the monthly club showcase.

    The Robinson Award Com- mittee is pleased to present the 2015 Robinson Award to

    Steve Dyer

    Personals by Lynne Emery

    Thank you to Dawn, Johnny, and Karin Johnsson for

    another smashingly successful holi- day party.

    Get well to Richard Meszler, hopefully he has recovered from a nasty case of gout. Congratulations to Steve Dyer on being this year’s recipient of the

    Robinson Award. Well deserved !!! Please keep both Sydnee Berlin and Brenda Triplett in your thoughts and prayers as they continue their battles with cancer.

    Gary White continues his rehab following a mild stroke and is being moved from Kernan’s to a facility clos- er to home, probably at the end of the month.

    Hope you all have enjoyed the holidays with friends and family.

    Nibbles ‘N Noshes by Liz and Wendy Stanne

    The Holiday Party in December was a real treat for all of us. The tables were piled high with delicious entrees and desserts and our members proved once again, to be wonderful cooks! The food was certainly enjoyed by all in atten- dance, and our thanks go out to the Johnsson family for their hard work to arrange the food and decorations. It was a fabulous evening!

    The refreshments for our meeting in January will be provided by Laura Block and Sharon Landrum.

    Birthday Wishes

    Garnet and Rose Quartz are the birthstones for the month of January. Members celebrating this month are

    Alex Lastner (11) Becky Kays (14) Erin Baker (14) Jeri Cuffley (31)

  • Page 4 Chippers’ Chatter – January, 2016

    Spring and Fall at EFMLS Wildacres by Steve Weinberger, Wildacres Committee Chair

    Happy New Year. All of us associated with our EFMLS Wildacres Workshops hope that your holiday season was a pleas- ant one and that 2016 brings you nothing but health, joy, and many delightful and creative rockhound experiences.

    May and September are wonderful times of the year in the mountains of North Carolina and members of Eastern Federation clubs get a chance to experience all the won- ders spring and fall have to offer during the Federation workshops at the Wildacres retreat. Now is the time to register so you won’t miss out on the fun