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    Murraylands Gem & Mineral Club News

    President's Report Weekend at Berri, South Australia

    Diary Dates Hi everyone,

    Welcome to the first issue of the new look Murraylands Gem

    & Mineral Club news letter.

    Firstly, I thank Mel for all the time and effort he has put into developing the new format. I think he has done an excellent

    job and it looks great.

    Secondly, I acknowledge Kym for all the past years he has spent as president of the

    club and all the personal

    time and effort he has put in to make the club what it

    is today.

    Kym, we all appreciate what you have done and

    what you have achieved,

    and for that we thank you.

    Thirdly, as the club's new

    president, I look forward

    to working with the committee and interested

    parties to further promote

    the club and grow our membership.

    I want to see the club flourish not only as an active gem and

    mineral club, but also as a social centre for members. While

    meetings, workshops and field trips are key elements of club activities, I believe the opportunity just to get together and

    enjoy each other's company is important too.

    The Committee and I seek your ideas and interest in how we can achieve this. Let's all work together to make Murraylands

    an active and engaging club that people want to become

    members of.

    Kind regards

    Ian Thorley(President).

    Janet and Mel attended the biennial "Gem, Mineral, Crystal, Jewellery Show and Sales" in the Berri Town Hall over the

    Australia Day weekend (Saturday 25th and Sunday 26th

    January, 2014) put on by the Riverland Gem and Mineral Club Inc. (RGMC)

    Their main task was the

    management of the MGMC mineral sales stall.

    However, there was time to

    spare to visit, socialise with and record the activities of

    others in the hall. So hereafter

    this article is devoted to activities in the hall...

    To the left, Janet is assisting

    some children in their selection of specimens. The

    "Kid's Grab Bags" proved

    popular again at this show with over a third of the stock on hand being sold.

    To the right, Janet and Bob take a

    moment away from their stations to have a look-over RGMC's club

    stall. There was plenty to choose

    from or chat about, including mineral specimens and members' craftwork.

    To the right, Bob and Bev

    helping the Riverland club out by filling in as "wire-wrapping"


    They were located in the foyer of the hall so the entering public

    would be made aware of their presence and function to

    demonstrate their skills. The

    snapshot of wire-wrapped jewel-ery, to the right, bears this out.

    Chris (trader) and Dennis

    (RGMC's show convener) are engrossed in a serious conver-

    sation. It's all part of ensuring that

    the show runs smoothly and meets the needs of the public, the

    traders and the host club.

    Janet and Mel enjoyed themselves and both believe the RGMC's goals were well met and so were MGMC's despite the

    trader competition with Mt Gunson gypsum and atacamite.

    Ian Ev. made a nice Arkaroola Bore purchase - "Smoky Quartz

    on Feldspar with Magnetite".

    Unfortunately, the snapshot to the left does not show it at its best.

    By the way, Janet won 2 of the 27

    raffle prizes offered by RGMC. Their next show is in 2016.

    April 5th & 6th 2014 Canberra Rock Swap

    Wagtail Way, EPIC -

    Exhibition Park, ACT.

    April 18th - 21st 2014 50th National Gemboree Gatton Showgrounds, Qld.

    May 2nd, 3rd & 4th 2014 Rockarama "Crystal and Craft

    Fair" at Collier Park, Palmer,


    May 4th 2014 Rockarama "South Australian

    Metal Detecting Champion-ships" at Collier Park, Palmer,


    June 21st & 22nd 2014 Tea Tree Gully Gem and

    Mineral Club Inc. Exhibition Tea Tree Gully Primary School

    Hall, SA.

    August 30th & 31st 2014 Enfield Gem and Mineral Club

    Open Day at the Enfield Community Centre, 540

    Regency Road, SA

    October 3rd, 4th & 5th 2014 The Broken Hill Mineral Club

    "Rock-on Gem and Mineral

    Show", Penrose Park, Silverton, NSW.

    October 11th & 12th 2014 Adelaide Gem and Mineral

    Club Exhibition.

    November 1st & 2nd 2014 Southern Rockhounds Gem and

    Craft Fair, at the "Log Cabin"

    17 Gerald Ct., Christie Down,


    In this edition...

    President's Report.

    Weekend at Berri, SA.

    Craft, Workshop, Competition Reports and Other Bits.

    Mineral Matters - Gypsum.

    Extracts from Jeff's Fossil Journal.

    Club Committee and Meeting schedules.

    Members Notice Board.

    From The Club Archives.

    Photo tribute to the retiring captain

    Useful Internet Links.

    The Murraylands Gem & Mineral Club Inc. is not and cannot be held

    responsible or liable for any personal injuries, loss or damage to property at any

    meeting, fieldtrip or activity organised by or on behalf of the club.

    Murraylands Gem & Mineral Club Incorporated, Collier Park, Palmer, South Australia.

  • Craft, Workshop, Competition Reports and Other Bits

    Faceting in the Murraylands

    Faceting is one way a gem is created from a

    piece of translucent material by grinding and

    polishing flat surfaces to allow light to reflect

    or refract through the stone causing flashes of

    brilliance. The faceting machine enables the

    cutting of the gem by use of various angles and

    indexes. Faceting is rather like following a

    knitting pattern. You have a set of instructions

    to follow and with a little time and patience

    you will end up with a stone that will be

    admired for years to come.

    The Murraylands Gem & Mineral Club has a

    long history of faceting.

    Don Lymn was the first Murraylands member I

    met who faceted, albeit, for a short time before

    selling his machine.

    Don and Nancy were living at Nildottie at that

    time and had his wonderful mineral collection

    and workshop under his house.

    Over the time several other Murraylands

    members have purchased machines, tried and

    introduced the art of faceting to others. Rex

    Schultz showed several members how to facet

    on a machine that is still cutting a nice stone

    today. Brad Wilby, last years National

    Champion facetor and winner of numerous

    Gold medals in the National competitions also

    had his first faceting experience on Rexs


    Member Justine Chambers acquired the

    machine and is one of the active facetors who

    come along to the monthly workshop at the


    Justine Chambers at the MGMC clubrooms

    Faceting was recently introduced to the

    monthly workshop to give members the

    opportunity to regularly cut together and allow

    others to learn how to facet. The workshop is

    held on the third Saturday monthly and starts

    from 10.00 am and finishes mid-afternoon.

    At the workshop there are several facetors who

    bring along their faceting machines to cut

    stones, share their knowledge and enjoy the

    company of the members. One of the members

    has a spare machine available for others to

    learn on.

    The committee is also looking at getting a club

    machine and are currently looking at the pros

    and cons of new versus second-hand. A club

    machine will allow more members to enjoy the

    art of faceting.

    To highlight some of the benefits of

    membership to the public at the next

    Rockarama the Club will be opening and

    showcasing our workshop and have a facetor

    demonstrating over the weekend.

    For me one of the things I like about gem

    cutting is the enjoyment I get when I am able to

    go out and find, dig, cut and polish a stone and

    turn it into a piece of jewellery.

    Doug Hughes.

    Doug and Maurice


    John and Maurice

    Never lend a geologist money, they consider a

    millions years recent!

    Summer Competition Results

    January 8th 2014


    Junior - no entries

    Novice - 1st Sonya - 2nd Courtney - 3rd


    Open - no entries

    Micromounts - 1st Sonya


    1st Sonya - 2nd Courtney

    Field trip:

    No entries

    Metal detecting:

    No entries


    1st Courtney - 2nd Angie


    1st Angie

    February 12th 2014


    Junior - no entries

    Novice - no entries

    Open - no entries

    Micromounts - 1st Don


    1st Tahlia - 2nd John - 3rd Cloe

    Field trip:

    No entries

    Metal detecting:

    No entries


    1st Tahlia - 2nd June - 3rd Don


    1st David R - 2nd Jeff - 3rd Angie

    Here's a photo from the archives - Brenda,

    Rubein and Mel - Judging the Mineral

    Competition at a club meeting. Any ideas

    when? I estimate it's probably around 8:30pm.

    Also, from the archives - no, not Janet, the

    photo! This is the club stall at a club meeting

    and guess who is looking