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  • March 2016 Vol. 55.03 Austin Gem & Mineral Society

    Each one teach one

    THE AUSTIN GEM AND MINERAL SOCIETY, INC. (AGMS) is a member in good standing of the South Central Federation of Mineral Societies and the American Federation of Mineral Societies. Its editors are also members of SCRIBE. The club address is 6719 Burnet Lane, Austin, Texas 78757, and phone (512) 458-9546. The AGMS is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Visit our website at www.austingemandmineral. org Contact our webmaster for website updates at DiannH@

    PURPOSE The purpose of the AGMS is to promote interest and education in the various Earth Sciences and other related subjects.

    MEETINGS The society meets at 7:00 p.m. the fourth Thursday of every month except October, which is show set up day. The November meeting will be held on the THIRD Thursday. December is the Officers’ Induction Banquet held on a date to be determined. Board meetings are held the first Tuesday of every month. Show Committee meetings are held on the third Thursday of each month. All meetings are open to anyone. Society officers are listed on the second page of this publication. Please feel free to contact any of them for information

    Dues for 2015 Annual membership dues are:

    Adult-$30.00 Couple-$40.00 Junior--$4.00

    Table of Contents

    AGMS Meetings Schedule.................................Page 2 Board Meeting Minutes......................................Page 3 General Club Information...................................Page 4 Change the Newsletter!......................................Page 4 General Meeting Minutes...................................Page 5 Show Committee Meeting..................................Page 6 Whiskey Ridge Fossils.......................................Page 7 Hunts & Events................................................. Page 8 Robert Morriss’ Presentation.............................Page 10 Rockhound Roundup.........................................Page 10 2016 AGMS Swap Meet....................................Page 11

    The Stone Chipper

    President’s Notes:

    (Continued on page 2)

    Were you part of the last two meetings? If not, you missed two ENERGETIC speakers. Neither speaker really had a script, instead they fed off comments and questions from the membership. This allowed for further questions and comments from the membership, similar to the old ‘falling domino’ concept. A great INTERACTION between speaker and audience. As I watched this INTERACTION, it dawned on me that we as a club family need to broaden INTERACTION among AGMS. So I asked a member to stand and asked the membership to raise their hand if they knew the member. Several hands shot up quickly, a few rose hesitantly (unsure?) and many did not raise their hand. So what do we owe this to? Possibly, there just isn’t enough INTERACTION among us. True, the special interest groups (SIGs) and Wednesday night workshop users know their contacts well enough. However, do they know many outside their circles? There are many ways to broaden your INTERACTION within AGMS: attend SIG meetings, take or teach classes, use the workshops on Wednesday and/or Saturday, help with GEM CAPERS, be one of the mentors that help school groups and of

  • 2Stone Chipper March 2016

    Officers President—Laird Fowler

    1st VP—James Mercier

    2nd VP—Paul Bordovsky

    Treasurer—Craig Brandt

    Board Members Cindy Murphy–

    John Curttright –

    Richard Dorsey –

    Deborah Johnson –

    Jan Ozias –

    Gary Collins--

    Committee Chairs Annual Show - Chip Burnette

    Education/Classes - Joyce Hrapsky

    Field Trips - Sue Postlethwait and John Curttright

    Junior Advisor - Jackie Fisher

    Lead Librarian - Laird Fowler, Co-Librarians -Terry Barry and Roger Waguespack (periodicals)

    Webmaster – Diann Covill

    Building Chair - Craig Brandt

    Curator - Betsy Gager

    Federation/Conservation - Josie Middleton

    Historian - Cathy Brandt

    Hospitality - Sunny Sturgeon

    Membership -Susan Postlethwait

    Scholarship - Stretch Young

    School Programs - Wing Evans

    Sunshine - Fran Ellis

    Newsletter Editor - Carolyn Perkins

    AGMS Meetings Schedule Board Meeting--1st Tuesday--7:00 p.m.

    Minerals SIG Meeting--2nd Tuesday--7:00 p.m.

    Capers Show Planning Meeting--3rd Thurs.--7:00 p.m.

    General Meeting--4th Thursday--7:00 p.m.

    (Continued from page 1)

    Secretary—Pauline Denson

    course, attend the General Meetings. In addition, I am kicking off a NAME TAG initiative for the March meeting. As we learn one another’s name and interest(s), the better our AGMS INTERACTION will be. For those members who wear a NAME TAG a separate ticket will be given. I would prefer a AGMS NAME TAG, but any identifier will do. March’s item will be a thumbnail sized trilobite from Antelope Springs, Utah. Looking forward to seeing everyone March 24th. Let’s raise our INTERACTION. Let’s strengthen our club!


  • 3 Stone Chipper March 2016

    Board Meeting Minutes March 1, 2016

    Present: President, Laird Fowler, James Mercier, 1st V/P, Paul Bordovsky, 2nd V/P, Pauline Denson, Secretary, Craig Brandt, Treasurer, and Board Members John Curttright, Deborah Johnson, Cindy Murphy, Jan Ozias, and Richard Dorsey. Other members present: Cathy Brandt, Sally deGreffenried, and Joyce Hrapsky.

    Jan Ozias moved to approve the minutes of the January and February meetings. Craig Brandt seconded the motion and it passed.

    Craig Brandt reported (club balances).

    Laird Fowler said that the raffle at the general meeting is going to be high-graded, with fewer and better prizes. People who wear name tags will get different colored tickets good for better prizes. Joyce Hrapsky introduced Sally deGraffenried, who has proposed teaching both beginning and intermediate wire wrapping classes in three separate classes. The first class will be a beginning class on March 19, with the price to be advertised later. Samples of her work were passed around. John Curttwright moved to approve Sally to teach the class series. Richard Dorsey seconded the motion and it passed.

    Financial tax return status: The CPA has the Show Committee and club’s 2013 and 2014 bank statements. Jan Ozias offered to try to re-create the 2014 financial files.

    Laird said that Cathy Brandt will take Susan Postlethwaite’s place as Membership Chair while Susan is away for three months.

    Laird handed out the planning calendar previously prepared. James Mercier pointed out that most dates starting in 2016 are wrong because of leap year. Laird said the dates would be corrected. The auction will fall on Saturday, August 13. Deborah moved that it not replace the general meeting that month. John seconded the motion, and it passed.

    James handed out copies of the flyer for the swap meet, which is April 9 at the clubhouse. He said that five people had asked for booths so far. Craig said that we should charge for tables, which would encourage people to show up and would also raise some funds for advertising. After some discussion, John moved that we charge $5 per table or equivalent space. James seconded the motion, and it passed. The Board will consider alternative pricing next year. John Curttwright reported on building matters. Paint colors were discussed and a “paint party” will be scheduled. Outside cleanup for the swap meet is scheduled for April 2.

    Craig asked if we can pay for three years for web hosting instead of one year at a time, even though the budget authorizes only one. This will be less expensive. The consensus was that he go for the three years.

    Pauline commented that the newsletter still showed a Sergeant At Arms position, but there is nothing in the Operating Procedures authorizing the position. This was a position authorized by the Board as a trial several years ago, and no further action was ever taken. After some discussion the consensus was to drop the position.

    James suggested that we develop a working relationship with the Tech Shop, as they have some very expensive equipment that we do not have, and they get requests for lapidary equipment use that we do have. He will work on a club brochure that they can use and will explore costs for the club using their equipment.

    Several people moved to adjourn.

    minutes by Pauline Denson

  • Stone Chipper March 2016 4

    The Stone Chipper can now accept non-political AGMS Board-approved paid advertising. If you are interested in placing an ad or have questions about the process, please contact Stone Chipper editor Carolyn Perkins at

    You can choose from a variety of sizes for your print- ready a