March 2014 Austin Gem & Mineral Society The March 2014 Vol. 53.03 Austin Gem & Mineral...

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Transcript of March 2014 Austin Gem & Mineral Society The March 2014 Vol. 53.03 Austin Gem & Mineral...

  • March 2014 Vol. 53.03 Austin Gem & Mineral Society

    Each one teach one

    THE AUSTIN GEM AND MINERAL SOCIETY, INC. (AGMS) is a member in good standing of the South Central Federation of Mineral Societies and the American Federation of Mineral Societies. Its editors are also members of SCRIBE. The club address is 6719 Burnet Lane, Austin, Texas 78757, and phone (512) 458-9546. The AGMS is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Visit our website at www.austingemandmineral. org Contact our webmaster for website updates at DiannH@

    PURPOSE The purpose of the AGMS is to promote interest and education in the various Earth Sciences and other related subjects.

    MEETINGS The society meets at 7:00 p.m. the fourth Thursday of every month except October, which is show set up day. The November meeting will be held on the THIRD Thursday. December is the Officers’ Induction Banquet held on a date to be determined. Board meetings are held the first Tuesday of every month. Show committee meetings are held on the third Thursday of each month. All meetings are open to anyone. Society officers are listed on the second page of this publication. Please feel free to contact any of them for information

    Dues for 2014 Annual membership dues are:

    Adult-$30.00 Couple-$40.00 Junior--$4.00

    Table of Contents

    Board Meeting Minutes...............................Page 2 General Meeting Minutes............................Page 3 April Presenter.............................................Page 5 Hunts & Events............................................Page 5 Harriet & Mac...............................................Page 6 Regular Features.........................................Page 6 AGMS Program Competition.......................Page 6 Pipestone (Catlinite)....................................Page 7 Minerals SIG Meeting ................................Page 9 AGMS Meetings Schedule..........................Page 9

    The Stone Chipper

    Presidential Message-- (Josie will rejoin us next month)

    Harding Mine Dixon, New Mexico

    The Harding pegmatite mine near Dixon, New Mexico, is the source of a variety of minerals, including bityite, eucryptite, fluorapatite, quartz, smoky quartz, gahnite, lepidolite, microcline, amazonite, microlite, albite, muscovite, lithian muscovite, piemontite, and spodumene. It was mined intermittently between 1900-1958 and is currently a protected geological site owned by the University of New Mexico. Limited collecting is allowed with prior permission. For information contact Gilbert Griego,

    photo by J. Perkins

  • 2Stone Chipper March 2014 Officers

    President—Josie Middleton

    1st VP—Les Postlethwait

    2nd VP—Kathleen Howard

    Treasurer—Charlotte Morriss

    Board Members Lou Pulliam --

    Dee Fly –

    Sian Schilhab –

    Cindy Murphy –

    Craig Brandt --

    Committee Chairs Annual Show - Susan Postlethwait

    Education/Classes - Joyce Hrapsky

    Field Trips - Chip Burnette

    Junior Advisor - Jackie Fisher

    Lead Librarian: Laird Fowler Co-Librarians - Terry Barry, Roger Waguespack(periodicals),

    Webmaster – Diann Hill

    Building Chair - Glen Gilbreath

    Display Cases - Jackie Fisher

    Federation/Conservation - Josie Middleton

    Historian - Vacant

    Hospitality - Vacant

    Membership -Harold Von Rosenberg

    Scholarship - Stretch Young

    School Programs - Wing Evans

    Sergeant-at-Arms - Jackie Fisher

    Sunshine - Fran Ellis

    Board Meeting Minutes February 22, 2014

    Secretary—Shawn McMahon

    Laird Fowler --

    Newsletter Editor – Carolyn Perkins

    Josie opened the meeting at 7:05 PM. A motion to approve the minutes from the January meeting was made, with the exception of one correction. The alternate scholarships recipient brought up by Charlotte was intended to be the Texas Memorial Museum rather than the Bob Bullock Museum. With that correction the motion to accept the minutes was passed.

    Our current bank balance as of JAN 31, 2014 is $8,504 (after the scholarships were paid out). The revised club’s budget is not competed yet for 2013. However, it is estimated our current yearly income is $11,329 and we should also be getting a check for $13,500 from our 2013 show.

    A complete updated inventory will be needed for insurance purposes by JUN this year. Current coverage on four buildings is for the estimated value of $284,000. The estimated value of our stock/material is approximately

  • 3 Stone Chipper March 2014

    $170,000, but needs to be re-evaluated to include newly added stock. We also need to include our equipment’s estimated value in our coverage. We may want do some research before renewing our insurance, to make sure we have the right coverage for the right price.

    It was decided that the Summer Auction will be held August 23rd, at the clubhouse between the hours of 10 AM – 6 PM (including setup and breakdown times). Members should participate in the Potluck.

    We need to decide on nominees for the nomination committee. No officers are eligible. We need two Board Members and two General Members. We will draw lots, if there are no volunteers. Hospitality host position is vacant, and will stay that way unless someone volunteers.

    Sue found a programmable thermostat compatible with our system for about $250. Charlotte motioned to buy it and Craig seconded. The motion was passed. Programmed temperature in the winter should be set at 60 degrees and summer temperature should be set at 85 degrees when the club house is not in use. It is estimated that this should save us at least 20% on our utilities during the year.

    We are in need of updating our computer and audio/visual equipment for guest speakers as well as our in-house presentations. Rather than exceed this year’s budget, Susan has volunteered the use of her computer on these occasions, with advance notice. Charlotte suggests that we use Susan’s for the time being. We can post our needs on our website, if Susan is unavailable. Tabled for later…

    Laird brought up options for scholarships and shared information about GEO of the

    Jackson School of Geosciences designed to encourage students in math and science curriculums and pursue higher education in these fields. Scholarships will be targeted to support the programs and not individual students. Additional information is available online at: sponsors Please, check it out and give us feedback from the club so that a follow up motion may be made. Charlotte needed help with drafting our members list and Susan volunteered. Susan will now be working on the membership directory. The club door has been fixed, Josie took care of it. Charlotte graciously donated her DVD the club has been using to the club. Karen has volunteered to help out with any projection problems.

    Josie indicated the agenda items were complete, Laird motioned to adjourn and Craig seconded the motion at 9:10 PM.

    Minutes submitted by Shawn McMahon.

    General Meeting Minutes February 27, 2014

    Josie Middleton presided over the meeting – opening the meeting at 7:05 PM. She announced Kathleen Howard who introduced the guest speaker of the month – Chip Burnette who is also a club member.

    Chip, an avid agate hunter himself, presented photographs of agate collections from across the US, but highlighted his collecting of the Kentucky Agate. With the photographs, he also set up a display of some of his collection that attracted a lot of attention.

  • 4Stone Chipper March 2014

    The Kentucky agate is known for its brilliant color and beautiful clarity when exhibiting details of plumes and moss held within its formation. Chip shared that most of these stones are found within a four county area and are different from most other agates. Most agates are found in igneous rock areas, whereas these are from limestone and often found in stream beds. About a seven on the hardness scale, these agates polish up nicely for cabochons with very solid with smooth interiors, not like the more fractured volcanic examples we often find in Texas. Chip also spoke about his last trip to West Texas and some of the wonderful agate specimens’ people have been finding on their latest trips to the Walker Ranch. A new section has been opened up and it is proving very productive.

    We had four new people become members of the club: Welcome Allan who is interested in minerals; Brianna who wants to check out some of our lapidary classes; and, Tom and Barbara Holmes who are both interested in collecting gemstones (and have a pretty good start).

    Along with the new members we had several visitors: Aaron and his son Diego who is a dinosaur enthusiast that likes to collect fossi