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Report On : Jon Krakauer Report by : Amanda Kings 10/3/11. Jon’s early years. Jon was born in April 12, 1954 in Brookline Massachusetts He started mountaineering at 8 years old High school graduate in 1972 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Transcript of Report On : Jon Krakauer

In To Thin Air by jon

Report On: Jon KrakauerReport by : Amanda Kings 10/3/11

Jons early yearsJon was born in April 12, 1954 in Brookline MassachusettsHe started mountaineering at 8 years oldHigh school graduate in 1972Went to college in Hampshire Massachusetts and got a degree in environmental studies

Later in life

He started climbing more mountains and got a job at a magazine called the Outside1996 he convinced the Outside to send him to Mt. Everest

Climbing Everest :// Everest is almost 5 and a half miles tall. The men who climb it have to wear oxygen masks. The trip to the summit takes months. You start at base camp and work your way up. The dangerous accent has taken 142 lives. Many never even make it a of the way. Some of the dangers are avalanches, frostbite, and falling through weak spots in ice.Jon on EverestJon was part of a team going up to the summit. The leader of the expedition was Rob Hall. It was Robs first time going up on Everest. When Jon and the team started out at the bottom of the mountain. They stayed at a small camp before ascending Everest. There he and most of his team mates suffered from altitude sickness. Soon getting use to the thin air the set out for the top.

Welcome to Everests summit. Five minuet parking.WHAT?!The summitAfter months of continuous climbing the team reached the summit.Surviving the harsh conditions Jon made it to the top.That spring Everest took 3 more lives.

Jon Krakauer and Rob HallJons LifeRobs lifeStarted climbing at age 8.Climbed as many mountains as he could

First time climbing Everest Almost died on EverestStarted climbing mountains at age tenClimbed almost all the major mountainsFirst time climbing Everest as a leader and climberDied on Everest Perseverance Jon persevered in many ways on Everest. He lived on after three others died including Rob Hall who died of frostbite. He took it upon himself to write about the horrible events that happened on Everest. Thats how he came to write In To Thin Air