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Remembering Gaza. Friends of Palestine Society. Extreme violent and graphic material will follow. GAZA. Death. 1300 + 27/12/2008: Tamer Hassan Al-Akhrass Boy 5 29/12/2008: Samar Anwar Baaloosha Girl 6 30/12/2008: Haya Talal Hamdan Girl 8 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Transcript of Remembering Gaza

  • Remembering GazaFriends of Palestine Society

  • Extreme violent and graphic material will follow

  • GAZA

  • Death1300 +

    27/12/2008: Tamer Hassan Al-Akhrass Boy 5 29/12/2008: Samar Anwar Baaloosha Girl 6 30/12/2008: Haya Talal Hamdan Girl 831/12/2008 :Assaad Nizar Rayyan Boy 201/01/2009: Mohammed Al-Adham Boy 1

  • KechkoGirl10Ahmed Riad Mohammed Al-SinwarBoy3Ahmed Al-HomsBoy18Ahmed Rasmi Abu JazarBoy16Ahmed Sameeh Al-HalabiBoy18Tamer Hassan Al-AkhrassBoy5Hassan Ali Al-AkhrassBoy3Haneen Wael Mohammed DabanGirl15Khaled Sami Al-AstalBoy15alaat Mokhless BassalBoy18Aaed Imad KheeraBoy14Abdullah Al-RayessBoy17Odai Hakeem Al-MansiBoy4Allam Nehrou IdrissBoy18Ali Marwan Abu RabihBoy18Anan Saber AtiyahBoy13Camelia Al-BardiniGirl10Lama Talal HamdanGirl10Mohammed Jaber HoweijBoy17Nimr Mustafa AmoomBoy1029/12/2008Ismail Talal HamdanBoy10Ahmed Ziad Al-AbsiBoy14Ahmed Youssef KhelloBoy18Ikram Anwar BaalooshaGirl14Tahrier Anwar BaalooshaGirl17Jihad Saleh GhobnBoy10Jawaher Anwar BaalooshaGirl8Dina Anwar BaalooshaGirl7Samar Anwar BaalooshaGirl6Shady Youssef GhobnBoy12Sudqi Ziad Al-AbsiBoy3Imad Nabeel Abou KhaterBoy16Lina Anwar BaalooshaGirl7Mohammed Basseel MadiBoy17Mohammed Jalal Abou TairBoy18Mohammed Ziad Al-AbsiBoy14Mahmoud Nabeel GhabayenBoy15Moaz Yasser Abou TairBoy6Wissam Akram EidGirl1430/12/2008Haya Talal HamdanGirl831/12/2008Ahmed KanouhBoy10Ameen Al-ZarbatleeBoy10Mohammed Nafez MohaissenBoy10Mustafa Abou GhanimahBoy16Yehya Awnee MohaissenBoy10Ossman Bin Zaid Nizar RayyanBoy3Assaad Nizar RayyanBoy2Moaz-Uldeen Allah Al-NaslaBoy5Aya Nizar RayyanGirl12Halima Nizar RayyanGirl5Reem Nizar RayyanBoy4Aicha Nizar RayyanGirl3Abdul Rahman Nizar RayyanBoy6Abdul Qader Nizar RayyanBoy12Oyoon Jihad Al-NaslaGirl16Mahmoud Mustafa AshourBoy13Maryam Nizar RayyanGirl501/01/2009Hamada Ibrahim MousabbahBoy10Zeinab Nizar RayyanGirl12Sujud Mahmoud Al-DerdesawiGirl10Abdul Sattar Waleed Al-AstalBoy12Abed Rabbo Iyyad Abed Rabbo Al-AstalBoy10Ghassan Nizar RayyanBoy15Christine Wadih El-TurkBoy6Mohammed MousabbahBoy14Mohammed Iyad Abed Rabbo Al-AstalBoy13Mahmoud SamsoomBoy16Ahmed TobailBoy16Ahmed Sameeh Al-KafarnehBoy17Hassan HejjoBoy14Rajeh ZiadehBoy18Shareef Abdul Mota ArmeelatBoy15Mohammed Moussa Al-SilawiBoy10Mahmoud Majed Mahmoud Abou NahelBoy16Mohannad Al-TatnaneehBoy18Hani Mohammed Al-SilawiBoy1001/01/2009Ahmed Al-MeshharawiBoy16Ahmed Khodair SobaihBoy17Ahmed Sameeh Al-KafarnehBoy18Asraa Kossai Al-HabashGirl10Assad Khaled Al-MeshharawiBoy17Asmaa Ibrahim AfanaGirl12Ismail Abdullah Abou SneimaBoy4Akram Ziad Al-NemrBoy18Aya Ziad Al-NemrGirl8Ahmed Mohammed Al-AdhamBoy1Akram Ziad Al-NemrBoy13Hamza Zuhair TantishBoy12Khalil Mohammed MokdadBoy18Ruba Mohammed Fadl Abou-RassGirl13Ziad Mohammed Salma Abou SneimaBoy9Shaza Al-Abed Al-HabashGirl16Abed Ziad Al-NemrBoy12Attia Rushdi Al-KhawliBoy16Luay Yahya Abou HaleemaBoy17Mohammed Akram Abou HarbeedBoy18Mohammed Abed BerbekhBoy18Mohammed Faraj HassounaBoy16Mahmoud Khalil Al-MashharawiBoy12Mahmoud Zahir TantishBoy17Mahmoud Sami AssliyaBoy3Moussa Youssef BerbekhBoy16Wi'am Jamal Al-KafarnehGirl2Wadih Ayman OmarBoy4Youssef Abed BerbekhBoy1005/01/2009Ibrahim Rouhee AklBoy17Ibrahim Abdullah MerjanBoy13Ahmed Attiyah Al-SemouniBoy4Aya Youssef Al-DefdahGirl13Aya Al-SersawiGirl5Ahmed Amer Abou EishaBoy5Ameen Attiyah Al-SemouniBoy4Hazem AlewaBoy8Khalil Mohammed HellessBoy12Diana Mosbah SaadGirl17Raya Al-SersawiGirl5Rahma Mohammed Al-SemouniGirl18Ramadan Ali FelfelBoy14Rahaf Ahmed Saeed Al-AzaarGirl4Shahad Mohammed HijjihGirl3Arafat Mohammed Abdul DayemBoy10Omar Mahmoud Al-BaradeiBoy12Ghaydaa Amer Abou EishaGirl6Fathiyya Ayman Al-DabariGirl4Faraj Ammar Al-HelouBoy2Moumen AlewahBoy9Moumen Mahmoud Talal AlawBoy10Mohammed Amer Abu EishaBoy8Mahmoud Mohammed Abu KamarBoy15Marwan Hein KodeihGirl6Montasser AlewahBoy12Naji Nidal Al-HamlawiBoy16Nada Redwan MardiGirl5Hanadi Bassem KhaleefaGirl1306/01/2009Ibrahim Ahmed MaaroufBoy14Ahmed Shaher KhodeirBoy14Ismail Adnan HweilahBoy15Aseel Moeen DeebBoy17Adam Mamoun Al-KurdeeBoy3Alaa Iyad Al-DayaGirl8Areej Mohammed Al-DayaGirl3 monthsAmani Mohammed Al-DayaGirl4Baraa Ramez Al-DayaGirl2Bilal Hamza ObaidBoy15Thaer Shaker KarmoutBoy17Hozaifa Jihad Al-KahlootBoy17Khitam Iyad Al-DayaGirl9Rafik Abdul Basset Al-KhodariBoy15Raneen Abdullah salehGirl12Zakariya Yahya Al-TaweelBoy5Sahar Hatem DawoodGirl10Salsabeel Ramez Al-DayaGirl6 monthsSharafuldeen Iyad Al-DayaBoy7Doha Mohammed Al-DayaGirl5Ahed Iyad KodasBoy15Abdullah Mohammed AbdullahBoy10Issam Sameer DeebBoy12Alaa Ismail IsmailBoy18Ali Iyad Al-DayaBoy10Imad Abu AskarBoy18Filasteen Al-DayaGirl5Kamar Mohammed Al-DayaBoy3Lina Abdul Menem HassanGirl10UnidentifiedBoy9UnidentifiedBoy15Mohammed Iyad Al-DayaBoy6Mohammed Bassem ShakouraBoy10Mohammed Bassem EidBoy18Mohammed DeebBoy17Mohammed EidBoy18Mustafa Moeen DeebBoy12Noor Moeen DeebBoy2Youssef Saad Al-KahlootBoy17Youssef Mohammed Al-DayaBoy107/01/2009Ibrahim Kamal AwajaBoy9Ahmed Jaber HoweijBoy7Ahmed Fawzi LabadBoy18Ayman Al-BayedBoy16Amal Khaled Abed RabboGirl3Toufic Khaled Al-KhahlootBoy10Habeeb Khaled Al-KhahlootBoy12Houssam Raed SobehBoy12Hassan Rateb SemaanBoy18Hassan Ata Hassan AzzamBoy2Redwan Mohammed AshoorBoy10Suad Khaled Abed RabboGirl6Samar Khaled Abed RabboGirl2Abdul Rahman Mohammmed AshoorBoy12Fareed Ata Hassan AzzamBoy13Mohammed Khaled Al-KahlootBoy15Mohammed Samir HijjiBoy16Mohammed Fareed Al-MaasawabiBoy16Mohammed Moeen DeebBoy17Mohammed Nasseem Salama SabaBoy16Mahmoud HameedBoy17Hamam IssaBoy108/01/2009Anas Arif Abou BarakaBoy7Ibrahim Akram Abou DakkkaBoy12Ibrahim Moeen JihaBoy15Baraa Iyad ShalhaGirl6Basma Yasser Al-JeblawiGirl5Shahd Saad Abou HaleemaGirl15Azmi DiabBoy16Mohammed Akram Abou DakkaBoy14Mohammed Hikmat Abou HaleemaBoy17Ibrahim Moeen JihaBoy15Matar Saad Abou HaleemaBoy1709/01/2009Ahmed Ibrahim Abou KleikBoy17Ismail Ayman YasseenBoy18Alaa Ahmed JaberGirl11Baha-Uldeen Fayez SalhaGirl5Rana Fayez SalhaGirl12Rola Fayez SalhaGirl13Diyaa-Uldeen Fayez SalahBoy14Ghanima Sultan HalawaGirl11Fatima Raed JadullahGirl10Mohammed Atef Abou Al-HussnaBoy15

  • 6/1/09(P): killed in Chujaiya neighborhood of Gaza City with 4 siblings and mother

  • 1/1/09: Sisters, Lama, Haia, from Hamdan Family, killed at Baithanon. Israeli warplane attacked their house while playing.

  • Injured5300+Injuries include:

  • Missing Legs

  • Split skulls

    27/12/08 (p) After Israeli airstrike

  • Crushed Bodies

  • Burns

  • Missing Eyes

  • Skin peeled off

  • Missing faces

    27/12/08 (p) After Israeli airstrike

  • ...amongst many others1/1/09 (p): Al-shifa hospital, after Israeli airstrike in Gaza

  • Attacks on Clinics and HospitalsClinic in al-Meghazi area, completely destroyed, 9/1/09, 20 nearby houses damaged.Clinic by Christian Aid, demolished in air strike; 10/01/10- warned 15 minutes beforeAl-Aqsa hospital, Gaza City, Tel al Huwa neighbourhood Hit by shells four times according to international volunteers. Ash-Shifa Hospital, largest in the Gaza Strip, Israeli warplanes bombed the offices of the Health Committees, about 400 meters from the hospital. Al-Awda hospital, Jabaliya, northern Gaza, parking lot shelled by Israeli Forces,

  • Alberto Arce HospitalSpanish human rights worker at the hospital (): Two consecutive shells just landed in the busy car park 15 meters from the entrance to the emergency room of the Al Awda hospital. The entrance of the emergency room was damaged. At the time of the shelling Ambulances were bringing in the wounded that keep pouring in. Medical teams and facilities are being targeted. Nowhere is safe.

  • Sharon Locke, Australian volunteer, Al-Quds HospitalWhen one family approached the hospital, Israeli snipers started firing at the family:They shot a young girl in the face and abdomen. She is now being operated on. The father of the family was shot in the leg and fell to the ground,The mother was screaming that one of her daughters was still outside, behind a bush, too scared to move. Mohammed, a medic I have been working with, ran outside and carried her to the hospital,

  • Suffering in Gaza

  • Attacks on Schools and Universities28/12/08: Islamic University in Gaza bombed3 UNRWA schools attacked, Jabalia and Rafah, after IDF was informed of presence of civiliansAl-Fakhora school, Jabalia, 45 civilians killed, 100 injured. Israeli rockets exploded inside and outside the school. IDF claims response to mortar attacks. UN denies fighters were in the school35 public schools bombed, 24 completely destroyed.

  • MassacresPalestinian family, father, mother and their five children, killed by shells fired from Israeli Navy ships in the Al-Shati refugee camp.22 Palestinians from Shamalkh and Samouni families, killed under the rubble of their house, 35 were injured after bombing of mosque in the area.All members of Al-Daya family were killed. The victims: the father, the mother, their children Fayez, the daughter in law Rawan, Muhammad, aged 6 months, Sharaf Al-Din, aged of 5 years, Ala, aged 8 years, Rania, aged 12 and Doha, aged 3 years.

  • Zeitoun MassacreZinad Samouni:"We had been in our houses for days worried about the airstrikes when the soldiers came early on the morning of Sunday 4th January,'"There was shooting outside and we were all afraid so we all hid in this one room.''"We were