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  1. 1.
  2. 2. Overview This program aspires to enhance startups capabilities to check the acceleration and venture capital criteria through inviting external investment Consultant to implement the program "training, Assessment for the targeted startups then match rating" where the program will target 5 registered startups.
  3. 3. Overview (cont.) Aim: Access new markets and reach new financial opportunities Output: Growth in Demand for Local Products Scheme: Enhance startups capabilities extend to Palestinian and MENA region finance resources acceleration and venture capitals Success Indicators: 60% of 5 targeted women and men startups in ICT sectors have increased their profitability by at least 25% compared with baseline. At least 60 % of 5 targeted startups have forward contracts with agents from MENA region by the end of the project.
  4. 4. 1. Mapping 2. Need Assessment 3. Capacity Building 4. Matchmaking
  5. 5. Mapping ICT accelerators, incubators, startup studios, communities, media, contests, co-working spaces, missions, platforms and investors (venture capital, business angel syndicates, private equity, crowdfunding, corporate venture capital and family offices) MENA Region; Jourdan, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, EUA, Qatar, Bahrain & Palestine.
  6. 6. Need Ass. / Filtering Investment Readiness DANIDA I DANIDA II Other incubation programs (PICTI, UCASTI, BTI, GSG) TOP 5 Founders and team Unique Selling Point, Innovation/Product to Market Fit Business Model Financial Planning Scalability and Business Development
  7. 7. Need Ass. / Gap analysis Conduct a detailed needs assessment survey for five selected startups to identify the needs, capacities, capabilities and gaps based on the detailed set of criteria below: Team Problem-Solution Fit Product-Market Fit Scalability Competitive landscape Business Model (Revenue Streams) Operating Model (efficiency) Go to Market and Growth Strategy Traction and customer acquisition Financials
  8. 8. Bridging the Gap Conduct 32 hours of a series of building capacity workshops and trainings about acceleration and investment to fill the gaps which addressed by need assessment. Workshop may include the following topics: Product Development Business Development Business Modeling Fundraising
  9. 9. Matchmaking Networking events for top three selected ICT start-ups with national, regional and international investors based on making interest between MENA Ecosystem map and Startups growth/investment model
  10. 10. Time Line 1 week Mapping 3 weeks Need Assessment 3 weeks Bridging the Gap 2 week Matchmaking 1 June 31 Aug
  11. 11. Donor and Partners
  12. 12. Investment consultant Nidal Qanadilo Building the ecosystems necessary for entrepreneurs/enterprise/governments/academia to uncover, embrace & act on their 'Entrepreneurial Drive'. Propelling startups growth through targeted acceleration at Oasis 500, South Point & beyond. Worked with 2,000+ entrepreneurs & 140+ startups, to date. In depth expertise in: Ecosystem Development, the 'Entrepreneurship Process', 'Entrepreneurial Learning', 'Entrepreneurial Thinking' based innovation systems, Influence-based Leadership, Customer Experience Management (CEM)/Client Success (developing, deploying & operationalizing CEM strategies - Omnichannel approach to service and sales with focus on digital transformation & Social Media integration), 'Service Delivery' & Sales Models Transformation, Multi-layered Capacity Building programs, ICT Investments Policy & Strategy, Business Process Outsourcing, C-level Executive Coaching, 'Social' Contact Centre Industry, Employee Engagement, Content Industry. Experience over the last 28 years (Canada & MENA) spans: Strategic Management, Organizational Management, Change Management, Operations Management, Business Development, Sales Management, & Program Portfolio Management (driving growth of targeted industries).
  13. 13. Contact Abdallah Altahrawi Gaza Office Manager 00 972 59 7990280