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Topic: Reinventing BisleriGroup members:Manhar parmjot singhTarlochan SinghRavi kumarAnkur


IntroductionFirst company to start packaged drinking water in India. In 1967 Bisleri set up a plant in Mumbai.Parlebought over Bisleri (India) Ltd. in 1969 and started bottling water in glass bottles under the brand name Bisleri.Bisleri was synonymous with branded water market in early 1990s and had a market share of 70%.In 2000-01 Pepsi and Coca-Cola,Nestle entered the branded water market and positioned their products on the purity platform.

IntroductionMain reason for the boom in branded water was that people were becoming more health and hygiene conscious.Bisleri began to erode and felt need to differentiate and reposition itself, so in september 2000,it launched its Pure and Safe ad campaign.Bisleri tried to make quality and the purification processes they used as their unique selling proposition (USP) and tried to add a fun element to rejuvenate. Its aim was to increase turnover from Rs 4 billion in 2000 to Rs 10 billion by 2003.

Used tamper proof sealsDecided to penetrate every possible market by introducing more pack sizes with trendy packaging. Launched1.2 litre pack ,and avoid problems of leakages, loose caps and foreign particles at Rs12 with view of replacing its 1 litre bottel.Planned to spent margin resulting out from sale of its 1.2 litre on advertising and marketing.Launched 300ml cup targeted at marriages and convention

Marketing strategy

Major problems faced by Parle Bisleris Ltd.

Whenever people ask for bisleri and usually pickup brand whichever is available.The problem here is that 8 out of 10 times the customer asks for bisleri,but doesnt get in 50% situation and ends up accepting whatever brand he gets.Better distribution channels and superior advertising campaign of competitor i.e. coca-cola and pepsi which can break Bisleris hold on bottled water market. Bisleri says Play Safe and Kinley talks about trust and safety.The brand get lost when it tries to position the value it provide.

Solutions recommended to Parle BisleriThough the brand recall is stronger,Bisleri suffers when it is not available where it is required. In such an instance the competitors product is taken and that adds as a direct loss . To minimize such instances its needed to vastly improve distribution. The ways to do that are:- Investing more money in procurement of trucks and sales people Tie up with dominant local players Setting up of plants in the vicinity of places where market share is lower i.e the eastern part of India like Guwahati.Tie up with plastic manufacturing companies to sell the residual plastic. To source this residual plastic it need to give incentives to local municipalities to provide the residual plastic to distributor through whom it can be source back.This solves the problem of empty running of trucks after delivering the retail boxes as the residual plastic can carry back to factories.

The positioning of the brand can be differentiated by an ad campaign which says paani yaani Bisleri and focus on the concept that when a Bisleri is asked for ,a Bisleri should be delivered ,not any other product.It need to tie up with other companies to create a diversified product line. A tie up with Dabur would help using Daburs excellent Rural Distribution channel. Another important tie up would be hotels and food establishments. It could look at tying up with new hotel chains that have entered India i.e. Ista, Accor group of hotels, Pride hotels ,to name a few.Another concept for product diversification would be Bisleri Life where it can the mountain water that is sourced from the Zanskar Rangein Ladakh and market it by using different additions to create a life style water range that would have a product line that would suit skin, eyes,digestion etc.

StrengthsRange of pack sizes.Strong brand imageHigh quality standardKeeps updating its products.Wide network of plants almost all over India.WeaknessTransportation costs.Unable to fulfill demand(distribution channel)Reusable bottlesNo continuous innovation in the product

OpportunitiesGlobal market.Parle Exports can also enter the fruit juice industry.Growing industryIncreasing water pollutionHealth consciousness of customer is increasing .Introduction of premium packThreatsEasy entry Families- tap waterCompetitors like Aqua fina, Himalaya Bailley, & Other local & rural products.New enters in the market like AmulIf government ban on plastic use then company will be in troubleSwot analysis

ProductFor daily traveling consumption (250ml and 500ml bottles)For Long traveling consumption (2, 1.5 & 1 Ltr.)For Office, Home, Marriage or Meeting use (5 & 20 Ltr. Returnable packs)


Advertising Campaign

First Ad CampaignPLAY SAFESecond Ad CampaignThe Sweet taste of PurityThird Ad CampaignBisleri The Mountain WaterFourth Ad CampaignBisleri bottle falling from mountain

Business promotion - TVCPlay SafeMountain WaterMountain Water and Play Safe - Stay protected