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oBjectives of the project

1. The project will helped us to understand how different departments in production process works. 2. We will come to know how to do effective management of inbound logistics and outbound logistics, which in turn helps in bringing down the cost for the organization. 3. With the help of this project we would come to know different stages of production. i.e. inputs, conversion subsystem and finished goods stage. 4. To understand how and what types of machines are used while production 5. To understand what are the factors which is to be considered while selecting the plant layout. 6. To do the ABC analysis of Bisleri inventory.


Table Of Content

Sr.No 1. 2. 3. 4. 5 6 7 8 9 10. 12.

Particulars About the Industry About Bisleri

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Departments in M/s Parle Bisleri Pvt. Ltd. Production System Model Production Process Planning for production function Plant Location Plant Layout Principles of Plant Layout ABC AnalysisConclusion


About the IndustryCorporate control over water and water distribution in India is growing rapidly: the packaged water business is worth Rs 1,000 crore, and it's growing at a huge 40-50% annually. Around 1,200 bottling plants and 100 brands of packaged water across the country are battling over the market, overdrawing groundwater. Bottled water, one of India's fastest-growing industries, is a business built on the foundation of bad governance, inequity and exploitation. It is Hard to believe, but its true. Around 1.2 billion people worldwide lack access to clean drinking water. Today, there are more people in the world's hospitals suffering from waterborne diseases than any other ailment.. Providing safe drinking water is the responsibility of the state. That they are failing miserably is evident from the fact that over 1,600 Indians reportedly die every day because of waterborne diseases. Despite these astounding figures, the Indian state has literally washed its hands of the responsibility of providing clean drinking water to its citizens. Multinational corporations would have us believe so. And the reason is not hard to find: along with imported water treatment technology like activated carbon and ultra violet (UV) disinfection (Aquaguard), reverse osmosis (Reviva) and resins (Zero-B), the water treatment market is estimated to be worth around Rs 700 crore. According to the Bureau of Indian Standards, there are 1,200 bottled water factories all over India (of which 600 are in the state of Tamil Nadu). Corporate control over water and water distribution in India is rapidly growing. As globalisation opens up opportunities for private players, investing in water and/or manipulating water scarcity makes increasingly good business sense for corporations.


About Bisleri

Mineral Water under the name 'Bisleri' was first introduced in Mumbai in glass bottles in two varieties - bubbly & still in 1965 by Bisleri Ltd., a company of Italian origin. This company was started by Signor Felice Bisleri who first brought the idea of selling bottled water in India. Parle bought over Bisleri (India) Ltd. In 1969 & started bottling Mineral water in glass bottles underthe brand name 'Bisleri'. Later Parle switched over to PVC non-returnable bottles & finally advanced to PET containers.5

Presently we have 8 plants & 11 franchisees all over India. command a 60% market share of the organized market. Overwhelming popularity of 'Bisleri' & the fact that we pioneered bottled water in India, has made us synonymous to Mineral water & a household name. When you think of bottled water, you think Bisleri.

Bisleri has developed 8 unique pack sizes to suit the need of every individual. They at present have 50ml cups, 250ml bottles, 500ml, 1L, 1.5L, 2L which are the non-returnable packs & 5L, 20L which are the returnable packs. Bisleri Water is put through multiple stages of purification, ozonised & finally packed for consumption. Rigorous R&D & quality controls has made us a market leader in the bottled water segment. Strict hygiene conditions are maintained in all plants.

Departments in M/s Parle Bisleri Pvt. Ltd.M/S Parle Bisleri Pvt. Ltd. It is a medium scale company and it manufactures and sells Packaged Drinking Water The different departments of this company are: 1. Filler Department: -

This is the plant in which the bottles are filled and packed under strict levels of hygiene and safety as per the EU norms.2. Plastics Department: -

Caps Section Preforms Section

This is the Department where pet material is processed to make preforms using 6 Ekou injection moulding machine of 180 and 330 tonnes as per the requirements of the preform. Preforms are available in various sizes according to the size of bottle.6

Bottle Sizes 1 ltr 500 ml 250 ml 1.5 ltr 2 ltr 5 ltr 20 ltr

Preform Sizes 21gms 17gms 15gms 32 gms 34 gms 75 gms 710 gms

Caps are made from a mixture of HDPE and LLDPE using 4 Cincinnati Milacron and 2 Windsor injection-moulding machines.

3. Water Treatment Plant: -

Over here the Raw water from the bore wells is treated in several stages before it is filled thus making it very pure for human use.

4. Blowing Department: -


Over here the preforms are blown into bottles. This department has various manual and fully automatic stretch blow moulding machines.5. Water Testing Laboratory: -

The water-testing lab ensures that the water safety standards are maintained as per the BIS and EU norms.6. HORAI Department (Grinding Department): -

All rejected bottles, caps, jars and lumps of plastic material are sent over here for grinding in order to re-use it. Before it can be grinded it is very carefully segregated in different groups. They also buy plastic bottles from outside and grind them for resale. It is a fully automatic plant7. Stores Department: -

All the stock of finished, semi-finished goods are stored over here and are dispatched as per the orders. Up to 50 tonnes of stock are dispatched in a day.





Environment Legal FDA, BIS, BMC Technological automatic inj. Mldg. m/c, auto blow mldg. m/c. Market Bisleri Bottles


Manufacturing Locational Services

Competition with Aquafina, Kinley etc. Customer Desire 50 m.l., 100 m.l., 25 Resources Primary litres and low priceMaterial: -

Transportation Exchange

Water from bore wells HDPE, LLDPE, PET.

Services Wholesaler Refill Other Private Services

Personnel: -

Plastics Engineering, Production Managers.


Capital Assets: Auto Filling Machine, Blow moulding machine, recycling machine

Control Subsystem

Sealed bottle, FDA, QualityControl 9

Production System ModelInputsEnvironment 1) Legal: Parle Bisleri being a company involved in selling water which is fit for consumption it comes under the FDA, it also follows the standards of BIS. Therefore ensuring its quality and the public perceive the right image of being 100% safe. 2) Technological: Parle Bisleri believes in keeping up with times and they are trying constantly to increase their share market. This is the reason Bisleri has automatic Injection Moulding Machine in order to increase their production capacity 3 folds. Bisleri already has 2 automatic Blow Moulding Machines. Market1)

Competition: -

Parle Bisleri Pvt. Ltd. 1992 at that time Bisleri enjoyed almost a complete monopoly. Recently however, companies like Pepsi and Coco cola have entered the market to give tough competition to Bisleri by introducing brands like kinley and Aquafina.2)

Customer desire:-

Bisleri has become a household name to the extent that people instead of calling it packaged water are calling it Bisleri. -

Primary resources: 10


Material: The raw water is obtained from bore wells. The bottles are made from polymers such as HDPE, LLDPE and PET.


Personnel: Bisleri requires mostly skilled and semi skilled labourers. The skilled labourers include production and plastic engineers.


Capital assets: Bisleri has got 14 injection moulding machines, 2 automatic blow moulding machines and 4 semi automatic blow moulding machines. It has also got 2 plants located side by side for production purposes.

Conversion Subsystem1) Physical: Parle Bisleri Pvt. Ltd is considered to be a manufacturing unit as it manufactures the semi finished product i.e. bottles and caps and also produces the finished products. 2) Exchange services: The distribution network of Bisleri is maintained by its distributors and wholesalers. To supply to big corporates they have their own distribution network. 3) Outputs: The final output of whole manufacturing process is we get clean pure drinking water in bottles of different sizes according to the needs of the consumers. Quality control subsystem11

The motto of Bisleri is play safe and Bisleri has implemented every measure to produce the safest product possible. It has employed measures such as:1)

The quality of every single raw material that goes into the products are minutely inspected in order to ensure optimum quality standards. The caps of all the bottles are tamper proof so when the consumer buys a Bisleri product he ensures that the product is untampered. The production process of Bisleri is such that a human hand never touches a Bisleri product. There is 24 hours quality checking so that no defective product reaches the consumer.





Production Process1) The raw material (HDPE, LLDPE, PET) that is st