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  • 1. BISLERI THE SWEET TASTE OF PURITY Prepared By: Chandani Ganganiya: 13030241150 Mili Shah: 13030241157 Milin Kapoor: 13030241158 Siddharth Khurana: 13030241180 Shantanu Rai: 13030241177
  • 2. INTRODUCTION Bottled water industry $ 1.5 Billion current estimation (CAGR) The competition and increasing demand Major players in Indian market History: Journey until now Evolution: BISLERI as a Brand Still Leading Indian Market Successfully following their Mission You just have to do a good job, a better job than the others, and automatically you will rise above the rest and become the best
  • 3. PRESENT SITUATION Currently BISLERI is trying to maintain its hold with 40% market share. BISLERI has tough competition from their competitors. Their competition comes across with Aquafina and Kinley. BISLERI brought up the 20 L bulk water packs to target institutional organizations and home segment BISLERI still manages to be the leader by a long margin in a market where beverage powerful brands like Coca-Cola (with Kinley) and Pepsi (with Aquafina) have been flexing their strengths In the bottled water segment, BISLERI has a dominant market share of close to 40 per cent. Comparing this with Kinley, this holds nearly 10 per cent, or Aquafina, which has close to 15 per cent
  • 4. COMPETITIVE STRATEGY The competitive strategy used by BISLERI was product differentiation. BISLERI further decided to penetrate every possible segment of the market by initiating more pack sizes and to establish the brand strongly with trendy packaging. BISLERI further launched smaller packs like the 300 ml cup. This 300 ml cup was targeted especially at large gatherings like marriages and conventions. BISLERI launched its Play Safe advertisement campaign. This advertising campaign saw a change in positioning from "pure and safe" to "play safe." BISLERI had brought up packaging as a technique to differentiate their products, for that it had introduced a tamper proof seal in the 500 ml bottle.
  • 5. VALUE PROPOSITION To provide the highest quality product, keeping in mind all aspect including freshness purity and safety and also making it easy available to the consumer at very affordable price Customers Target audience and main customers: Individual buyers, Health and hygiene conscious people. The customers are accessed through the various advertising campaigns, like play safe targeted their customers and made BISLERI as a hygienic purified water brand Product Developed 8 unique pack sizes to suit the need of every customer or individual Presently have 250ml cups, 250ml bottles, 500ml, 1L, 1.5L and 2L, which are the non-returnable packs and 5L, 10L, 20L that are the returnable packs. Price Price is directly related to: Demand Competition Break-even Point BISLERI had no competition, so the price of BISLERI was high, gradually the promoters dropped the price To make quality and the purification processes of water as their unique selling proposition (USP)
  • 6. POSITIONING OF BISLERI Variety Based Positioning Niche form of positioning Only Distilled Packaged Water and Plain Soda Health Conscious Consumers not having liking for flavor Need Based Positioning How thirsty are you? A range of products that suits all the occasions BISLERI Mountain Water - 250ml, 500ml, 1L, 2L, 5lL, 10L and 20L in returnable and non returnable packs BISLERI Vedica (launched in 2010 as Premium brand) - 1L, 500ml and 250ml for office, home, marriage or meeting, long travelling consumption and daily consumption
  • 7. POSITIONING OF BISLERI Need Based Positioning Bisleri Target Segment Retail Bulk Access Based Positioning Geographic City Size: Mostly Major Cities & Sub Metros Climate: Hot & Humid Cities with population over 1 million Diversity in Channels (Reach Based): Manufacturer Distributor Retailer Franchisee Direct selling to end customer office/home delivery
  • 8. TRADE OFFS BY BISLERI BISLERI, never entered flavored water industry, although being into packaged water industry to avoid inconsistencies in image and reputation Unlike, its two major rivals and also providing fizzy soda, BISLERI never entered Indian Cola market to avoid the risk of confusion In its distributive channel, BISLERI does not offer any incentive to salesman of the distributors, as there is no target fixed for the salesman and the entire distribution works on general market demand, that is on Pull strategy Scenario would have been completely different if Parle had not sold Gold-spot, Limca and mainly Thumps Up to Coca-Cola in 1993
  • 10. FIVE FORCES Our biggest competition, is our own incompetence Ramesh Chauhan (Chairman BISLERI International Pvt. Ltd.) Who's eating BISLERIs cheese? Five forces include: Possible new entrants: Entry Barriers Suppliers power Buyers Power Substitutes Rivals
  • 11. RIVALS AND SUBSTITUTES List of Rivals The main rivals of BISLERI (Parle) with 36% market share are : Kinley (Coca-Cola) with 25% Aquafina (Pepsi Co) with 15% Other brand such as: Himalayan water, Parle-Agro Bailley, Oxyrich (Manikchand), Rail- Neer and Kingfisher Premium (United Breweries)with 24% market share Market Share as per year 2013 Kinley (Coca-Cola) Bisleri (Parle) List of Substitutes The list of possible substitutes are as follows: Normal water, Tap water, Filtered water, spring water (originates from aquifer), carbonated water Water Purifier such as Aqua-guard and Reverse Osmosis machine, Eureka Forbes Beverages like Soda water, Fresh Lime Water, Soft Drinks, Fruit Juice, Health Drinks, Flavored Milk, Indian Drinks Lassi, Butter milk, yogurt etc.
  • 13. CONCLUSION BISLERI has become the perfect synonym of mineral water in the minds of the Indian customers The distribution channel and marketing strategy of BISLERI is by far the best in the industry The reason why BISLERI has done so well in the Indian market is because of its availability BISLERI was in trouble because of its production related techniques BISLERI has a lot of opportunities which can be exploited in the future and will give BISLERI huge profits
  • 14. THANK YOU