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Referron referrals you can trust

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  • Referronreferrals you can trust

  • Value of ReferralsA loyalist is your best customerA referral is your second best customerReferrals provide the highest close ratio of any sales lead

  • Trust in recommendations1008467If buyers receive a personal recommendation, will trust itwill act on it 2013 Nielson Trust in Advertising Report

  • 100278If buyers see ads on social networks, will trust itwill act on it 2013 Nielson Trust in Advertising Report Trust in social advertising

  • The Problem with ReferralsPeople drop the ball and dont make a connectionConnectors dont link both parties effectivelyData on the referral isnt tracked by anyoneBusinesses dont reward connectorsReferrals dont scale for four reasons:

  • Introducing ReferronReferron enables you to easily refer, track, measure and reward your referrals

  • Download and signupUpdate your profileSMS or email connectionsRefer within groups or from external contactsThe app

  • Connect people

  • Track relationships

  • Manage the referral process in the app or on the websiteCustomize website status labels for each stageManage the process

  • Reward your loyalists

  • Measure KPIs through dashboardIdentify your most active referrersTop level analytics for group administratorsLink referrals to accounting and CRM systemsExport data to CSVThe Engine

  • Access your data via a documented APIMeasure intra-group referral activityManage OrganizationsGrouping of users for organizational insights

  • Shaping & Scaling with ReferronEffectuate the referralTrack the life of the referralRewardthe referralShape consumer behavior and scale referrals

  • Referronreferrals you can trustAustraliaIvan [email protected]+61 413339888USADouglas [email protected]+1 (781) 325-3414